Friday Fitness: Summer Routine

Guys, summer break is in full swing here and the girls and I have been having some fun!  We wrote out a summer bucket list (cute printable from Eye Candy Creative Studio) and we’re doing a great job of checking things of so far!  We’ve had playdates with friends, gone bowling, seen a movie, went swimming, and Cupcake is learning how to machine sew! 

Having both kids home makes running a little trickier for me.  Cupcake is too big for a stroller (and I wouldn’t want to push her plus Pumpkin anyway!), she’s too young to run and she doesn’t have the patience to bike that long either.  And she can’t keep the pace.  Last year I did a lot of my running in the evening, but I much prefer morning running.  Luckily I’ve been able to make that work so far this summer as our YMCA allows outdoor running while the kids are in child watch! 

Friday was National Donut Day, so a group of MRTT moms and kids got together for a donut dash!  We met at our local bike path and ran a mile, then headed across the street to a great little local donut shop. 

20160603_075221Usually I would run on Saturday morning, but we had a class at the zoo, so I skipped it as I didn’t want to feel rushed.  I wouldn’t call this a rest day, though because we walked around the zoo all day!

I got my run in on Sunday.  Just 5.25 miles.  Since I’m not training for anything I just ran what I felt like running.  Stopped when I felt like stopping. 

20160605_082701Monday we headed to the Y in the morning for my favorite class, Group Power.  After the Y we headed to the arboretum and went on a hike (or as Cupcake prefers to call it, a nature walk).  I hiked with a toddler on my back the whole time.

Tuesday I hit the streets for a run, but my Garmin battery was low, so I cut my outdoor run short (after 1.5 miles) and went inside and did a fast mile on the treadmill, for a total of 2.5 miles.  I then spent 30 minutes in the weight room.  Also, my left eye was super duper red and scratchy so I had to wear my glasses.  Wearing my glasses while working out is the pits!


Wednesday I squeezed in 30 minutes of strength training including lots of abs and push ups before the girls’ swim lesson at the Y.  And then it was trail run night!  It was a gorgeous night, too!!

trail runThursday morning I met up with an MRTT buddy to hit the road again and break in my new shoes (3.5 miles).

new shoes 

I’ve got a 5K farm race coming up this weekend, but I’m running that one for fun.  It’s supposed to be super hot on Saturday and the race starts pretty late.  I’m looking forward to the milkshake at the end!!

What have you got on tap this weekend?

Sewing for Summer

Cupcake has grown like a weed!  And when the warm days arrived I was scrambling to find her something to wear.  Luckily it got cool again, so I could do some sewing for summer.  Warm temperatures are back!  Just in time for summer break!  Speaking of summer break, today is the first day of break and we’re stuck at home waiting for a dishwasher repair man.  But back to sewing.  I had a chance to sew up a few things to add Cupcake’s wardrobe for summer, so I wanted to do a fashion show for you!  Though, my model is somewhat uncooperative, so a bear with me.

Flutterby Top and Skip-a-long Skort #peekaboopatterns #sewingFirst up is this adorable set.  A Flutterby Top and Skip Along Skort.  Both patterns are from Peek-a-Boo Patterns.  This is the second Flutterby I’ve made her for the summer and she loves the ruffle sleeves.  I loved this butterfly fabric from and she picked the green coordinating fabric, which is from Purple Seamstress.  Can I just brag on my hems for a moment?

Flutterby TopLook at that gorgeousness!  I seriously love how clean and professional my hems look by using my coverstitch machine.  If you sew a lot of clothing, especially with knits you need a coverstitch machine!!  You’ll have beautiful hems that can withstand the stretching of a 6 year old who likes to tuck her legs into her shirt.  😉

Flutterby Top and Skip Along Skort #sewingI made the knee length version of the skort, which is a tad long on her, but I’m hoping that way it’ll last her the whole summer (and maybe a bit of next summer, too!).  She wore this outfit earlier in the week and looked adorable and was comfy all day.  Even playing on the playset in the backyard (for two hours!). 

Talor Tank and Bonny Leggings #sewingThe Talor Tank was a popular piece in last year’s summer wardrobe and it is making an appearance this year, too.  I love this pattern for slinky rayon spandex blend fabric, which is what this cute heart fabric is.  Also purchased from  The shorties are Bonny Leggings made from a jegging material I found on clearance at Hobby Lobby.  The stretch/recovery of the fabric isn’t the best so I added some elastic in the waistband so she doesn’t lose her britches..  Both patterns are from Made for Mermaids

Simplicity 1023This outfit was the last one I made. I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to do with this grey animal print fabric other than pair it with pink.  I asked Cupcake what she wanted and she said a dress.  So she got a dress.  It’s Simplicity 1023, which is a Project Runway pattern.  I loved the combination of raglan sleeves (sporty) and dress (girl) as well as the waist detail.  And another pair of Bonny Leggings to go underneath because, well, modesty.  And the ability to go down the slide. 

Simplicity 1023Seriously, though, isn’t she the cutest?  I love, love, love the way this outfit turned out!!!  And she loves it, too!  Of all the things I made her she picked this one to wear first. 

Beachcomber ShortsI also took the scraps of fabric leftover from making my Parkside Shorts to make Cupcake some cute shorts, too.  I had just enough fabric leftover to get this pair of shorts sewn up for her.  These Beachcomber Shorts (Peek-a-Boo Patterns) were a super quick sew (especially because I skipped the optional piping) and they’ll be great comfy shorts this summer.  Paired with a basic tee she’ll be ready to hit the playground.  I think I need to make a few more of these!

Brooklyn DressLast up is this Brooklyn Dress and Bonny Leggings combo (all dresses need a pair of Bonny Leggings to go underneath!).  I usually stick to a print/solid combo, but I’ve been wanting to venture out and try some print/print combos.  I love this stripe/flower combo!  Both fabrics are Riley Blake and the floral fabric is nice and soft!  (and on sale on through 5/30)  She wore this for the last day of kindergarten yesterday and she was so cute!  And as a surprise I woke up early and made a matching dress for her new American Girl doll.  She was so excited!

Brooklyn DressI could just eat her up! 

I’ve also whipped up another pink/green/blue striped Flutterby Top and a few pairs of Coastal Craze Baggies to help round out the dresser drawers.  I picked up a few basic tees from H&M to pair with her fun shorts. 

Not that I’m leaving Pumpkin out, but she has all of big sister’s hand-me-downs and they’re all in really good shape.  Though if you ask her she thinks there aren’t enough dresses in her closet. I did made one thing for her, though…..

Mermaid Hair Don't CareI had a basic tee from H&M waiting for this vinyl (that I cut on my Cameo), but since she’ll only wear dresses I sewed up a quick Li’l LDT to iron it onto.  And she was pretty darn happy about that!

So, I think that’s it!  Well, and some pajamas, but I didn’t get a pictures of them. 

So are you sewing for summer, to?



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Sew Caroline’s Parkside Shorts and Skirt

Despite having a lot to do to get ready for Cupcake’s birthday party last week I volunteered to test Sew Caroline’s new pattern, Parkside Shorts and Skirt.  And I was really glad I did!  This pattern is a quick sew and perfect for summer!

Parkside Shorts and SkirtWho doesn’t love comfy shorts with pockets?  Right?  I mean you have to have pockets.  These shorts have in-seam pockets with great topstitching detail. 

Parkside Shorts and SkirtYou can use a medium or heavy weight fabric for these shorts, including cotton, so the possibilities are endless.  You can keep them simple with a solid, have a little fun with some dots like I did or get really crazy with a bold print.

Parkside Shorts and SkirtThere’s also a skirt option, which has the same pockets and topstitching.  I had been holding on to this fabric for quite some time, not sure what to do with it, and I’m glad I had it for this skirt!  It’s going to get a lot of wear this summer!

Parkside Shorts and SkirtThis pattern will be a summer staple in your wardrobe!  I already have plans to make a few more pairs of shorts.  You’ll want to pick up this pattern soon because it’s on sale through the 22nd.

To see more great tester photos check out Sew Caroline’s blog

Cupcake’s Rainbow Craft Party

Yesterday Cupcake turned 6!  I don’t know how that happened.  She has grown so fast!  Two inches in the last year!  She is such a funny girl.  She’s so smart.  I love listening to her read.  She’s getting so good at it!!  And she’s a little mathematician.  She’s very energetic and can often be found bouncing off the walls or the couch.  She has a big heart and loves everybody.  She especially loves her little sister, which melts my heart.  And she’s happy!  She typically wakes up in a very good mood, my little sunshine.  A bright girl like her needed a bright birthday party!  We settled on a rainbow craft party because she loves crafting.  And the party was a hit!

DSC_9459I sewed her up a Brooklyn Dress with circle skirt modification and Bonny Leggings to coordinate in the brightest, rainbowest fabric I could find.  And I love how it turned out!!

Rainbow Craft PartyRainbow colors of crepe paper made great, easy and cheap decorations!  And I found great rainbow plates and cake banner at Hobby Lobby.  With traveling last weekend I didn’t have a chance to make cookies, like I love to do.  So I feel the dessert table was a little sad.  But it left room for the favors.

Rainbow Craft PartyFor favors I found these great paint buckets and I added a notepad with “color swatch” covers, a rainbow twist lollipop, a stackable crayon and rainbow stickers.  I used my Silhouette to cut a letter for each guest.  The kids loved them!

Rainbow Craft PartyBut back to the cake.  I went with an easy but messy method for decorating.  I just frosted it with buttercream and pressed sprinkles to the side.  I read a tutorial that told me to roll the cake in the sprinkles, but I was terrified to try to pick this thing up and roll it!  I put the turntable on a baking sheet to help catch the sprinkles that didn’t make it onto the cake.  But quite a few bounced around the kitchen……

Rainbow Craft PartyOh, and Pumpkin got into the rainbow fun, too.  She got a pair of Bonny Leggings with circle skirt and a Flutterby top to match.  She was disappointed it wasn’t purple, so I had to bribe her to wear it.  #threenager

Rainbow Craft PartyI served up BBQ pulled pork and mac and cheese.  Then made a rainbow platter of fruit and a rainbow platter of veggies.  And for some extra crunch I added some Terra chips. 

Rainbow Craft PartyIt was a cold, windy day, so my plan for an outdoor craft got moved to the garage, again.  Each kid got an apron with their name on it to wear while the painted a masterpiece.

Rainbow Craft PartyWe let them pick what colors they wanted and let them have free reign of design.  It was great to see all the different ideas and creations!

Rainbow Craft PartyThe girls can’t wait to hang up their creations in their rooms! 

I also cut out paint splatters from colored cardstock and taped them in random places around the house.  But I don’t think I got a picture of them.  But back to the cake……

Rainbow Craft PartyCupcake kept changing her mind about what kind of cake she wanted.  This girl loves chocolate, but we finally settled on…..

Rainbow Craft Partya rainbow cake!  I love how it turned out!  It was hard to cut, though.  6 layers is tricky.  I think the best way to cut is start with the top 3 layers first.  By cutting through all 6 layers (and then giving each person 3 either the top 3 or bottom 3) the cake got very wobbly and by the time I was done serving it tipped over.

Rainbow Craft PartyCupcake was showered with amazing gifts from very thoughtful and amazing friends and family.  The kids sat and watched for all of 5 seconds and then they couldn’t resist jumping up to get a closer look! 

Rainbow Craft PartyThat’s one happy girl. 

Rainbow Craft PartyI really had fun with this party theme and I’m so glad she chose it.  It fit her perfectly and the kids and adults all enjoyed it.

I LOVE birthdays and I’m so happy to spoil my kids with a great party on their special day. 


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Friday Fitness: Indy Mini Marathon Recap

Last Saturday was the 500 Festival Mini Marathon in Indianapolis.  A sizeable group of MRTT ladies made the trip to run the race together.  We had experienced distance runners, a gal who has run the race before, semi-experienced half marathon runners and a handful of first time half marathoners.  And we had a lot of fun.

Indy Mini #mrtt #indyminiWe lucked out with hotel rooms right at the start line, so we could just stumble out of bed, get dressed and head out to see our gal Trudy who was doing the 5K.  Then we were able to head back up to our room to make sure we had everything, put on some sunscreen, go to the bathroom in a a real bathroom, not a port-a-potty!  And take a picture in our cute matching outfits!

Indy Mini #mrtt #indyminiThen we made our way to our corrals.  The race started at 7:30, but our corral didn’t take off until 8:00.  So we had quite some time to hang out, dodge the beachballs that were bouncing around and take selfies.

Indy Mini #mrtt #indyminiKatie and I were in a corral together, with a goal time of 2:10.  I was hoping for a 2:07 finish time to beat the Colts cheerleaders.  There were a lot of people hanging out in our corral who shouldn’t have been.  And once we started running it became more obvious they were in the wrong spot.  We spent a lot of time early on trying to get around people.  But in mile 2 we found our stride.  And things were going good.  We passed the aid stations (which there were PLENTY of) because we both were carrying water.  Despite the forecast it turned out to be a pretty overcast day, though it seemed like it could rain at any minute and depending on our direction and location we had to battle some wind.

Indy Mini #mrtt #indyminiThe part of the race I was most looking forward to was running on the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.  It is just a unique feature of this race and even though I’m not a race fan the idea of running where cars drive 200 mph seemed fun.  Unfortunately I didn’t actually find running on the track all that fun.  Even though my smile and the abundance of pictures I took of the experience might make you think otherwise.

Indy Mini #mrtt #indyminiWe went from great crowd support to nothing.  It was actually pretty boring on the track.  The best part about it was that it was very smooth.  No dodging potholes!  It was also narrower than the road so we suddenly became very condensed.  Particularly where the two water stops were.  And you had to look for people to suddenly stop when you crossed the bricks.  The miles on the track were the slowest splits of the race.

About a mile after exiting the speedway Katie and I got separated.  I was now on my own.  I was feeling good, though.  I picked the pace back up for a bit and checked in with my Garmin to attempt some math while running.  I figured if I could keep the 9:30 min/mile pace I was cruising at I could beat that 2:07 finish time.  Unfortunately that’s not how the last 3 miles went down. 

It got very humid, then it got very windy, then it rained.  It wasn’t a heavy rain (while I was running) but the wind that came with it was coming right at us.  I was so happy to make the turn for the last mile of the race to get out of the headwind, but I knew it slowed me down too much and I was really struggling to breathe in the humidity.  (I’ve had some breathing/sore throat/coughing issues ever since I had strep)  I just kept chugging along and eventually made it to the finish line.

My Garmin said 13.26 miles with a time of 2:13:14 (10:03 min/mile).  Faster than the half marathon a few weeks back and I knew it was a PR.  Chip time was 2:13:09.  While it wasn’t the time I was aiming for (or have been training for) it is 49 seconds off my PR, so I decided to celebrate it.  The conditions were a lot different than my winter training runs, there was a large crowd and I did the best I could that day. 

Ringing the PR Bell at the #indyminiI waited for Katie at the finish line, we posed for a picture together, grabbed all the snacks at the end and made our way to our group meet up spot.  We drank our chocolate milk, ate our cookies and celebrated with those who finished before us and those who finished after us.  I really enjoyed having so many MRTT ladies at that race and it was great celebrating everyone’s accomplishments together.  And it was great having a girls weekend away in Indy.  Even if we ended up being to tired on Saturday night to paint the town.  It was a great runcation. 


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