Ready for the Cold

The cold weather is here!  And it arrived just in time for our last Stroller Strength exercise class.  It’s a good thing I finished sewing this blanket for Corinne last night.  It’s a double layer of fleece with a fleece binding.  I added some straps that can be used to tie it to her car seat or stroller.  It worked out really well in class this morning since it was soooo windy!  I didn’t have to worry about her blanket falling off.  Since coats aren’t safe in the carseat this is our plan for keeping Corinne warm this winter!

Scragly Hair!

Corinne was born with a good deal of hair on her head.  The pediatrician told us not to get attached as it would likely fall out.  Well, it didn’t fall out, but I think it thinned out.  And it definitely got lighter in color.  And now it looks all scraggly!  It’s long on top, she’s mostly bald on the back with a little bit near her neck.  Some of the pieces of hair are really long, though, and they just kind of fly around!  It’s unmanageable!  Her daddy thinks she has a come-over!  Even though it’s a mess she’s still adorable!!

Belly to Belly

First she was rolling back to belly and getting stuck.  Now that she’s figured out belly to back it sometimes ends up as a continuous roll and she’s right back where she started.