Cousin Landon

Corinne’s cousin Landon (technically second cousin I guess) came to visit us at the lake house over the holiday weekend.  Landon was born 6 weeks after Corinne (and a few weeks early) so he was a peanut the first time the met (at one week old), but boy has he grown.  They are just about the same size!!  What a difference 9 weeks makes.  They had fun  playing together.  And it was so cute to hear them baby talk.  I’ll upload a video in my next post!

Baby Mover

A baby and a Beetle don’t mix!  We were able to fit the carseat in the car, but the passenger seat had to be all the way forward and fully upright in order to fit the carseat behind it.  AKA, the passenger was very uncomfortable!  Also, the stroller doesn’t fit in the trunk.  It fits behind the driver’s seat, but it’s not safe to have it back there.  It also narrowly fit in the front seat, but most the time I couldn’t get it back out without injuring myself (or breaking a nail).  So with reluctance I listed Ribbit (my Beetle) for sale. I didn’t get any takers, yet, but we went ahead and got a new baby mover.  A new Honda CR-V!! 
It feels so different than the Beetle.  I sit higher, it’s bigger, and there’s not as much head room.  But so far I’m loving it!!  The driver’s seat has an arm rest!  The stroller fits in the cargo area!  It has super A/C!  It has new car smell!!  It’s shiny!  The passenger seat isn’t on top of the dashboard! It has 4 doors!  I’ve never owned a 4 door car before.  I will miss the heated seats (it was only available with leather), but I think I’ll survive.
And just for nostalgia sake, here’s a picture of Corinne in the Beetle when she was about a week and a half old (after a trip to the pediatrician’s office).

Little Ears

We had a rough weekend.  There was a lot of crying involved.  That crying turned into screaming and we took a trip to the pediatrician’s office.  My little Cupcake has an ear infection.  Apparently ear infections hurt most when you lay the little one down.  Well, she spends a lot of time laying down, so it’s no surprise she was so unhappy.  Some acetaminophen and some amoxicillin later and we’re all happier and sleeping better!  The big issue is trying to get all that medicine in her without making a mess!  I especially don’t like that it’s pink!  We now have some pink medicine on her pjs, on a burp cloth, and even a drip of pink on this cute polka dot outfit.  But at least she’s smiling now!!