Twinsies for the Fourth

Every year we have a family reunion around the 4th of July.  And I usually like to dress the girls in matching outfits.  Last year I made them adorable “twirly” dresses.  They were a quick sew from adorable knit.  This year I wasn’t on my game.  I had no plans to sew them outfits.  I suppose they could have just worn their matching watermelon dress from H&M, but I got a crazy idea the day before we left town.  I needed to make them matching outfits! 

Open Back Top and Potato Chip ShortsTie Dye Diva released the Open Back Top and Potato Chip shorts earlier in the week and I’d been on the fence about getting them because I usually prefer to sew with knits.  But I just thought they were so cute!  But I didn’t have any fabric so……

I went to Joann hoping to find the elusive berry fabric, but alas my store never has it in stock.  But I did find this adorable floral and some tiny red and white polka dot fabric.  I picked up the required yardage, ran home and threw it in the wash.  Then purchased and printed the patterns.  While the fabric was drying I assembled and traced the sizes I needed and did a bit of packing. 

Open Back Top and Potato Chip ShortsI got the fabric cut before dinner and started sewing after the girls went to bed.  And 48 minutes after my usual bedtime I had two Open Back Tops and two Potato Chip Shorts.  And hadn’t packed my own bag for the week long trip. 

Open Back Top and Potato Chip ShortsThe tops sewed up very quick, especially since I used a snap press instead of a button closure for the back.  The shorts took a tad bit longer with having to finish the raw edges, create faux pockets and real pockets and finish the waistband.  The waistband gave me a little trouble, but I think it’s because it’s the second to last step and I was nearing the end of my sewing marathon!

These were the first patterns I’ve ever sewn up from Tie Dye Diva so I was a little nervous about sizing, but once I put them on the girls on reunion day I was smitten!  They turned out better than I’d hoped and the girls looked adorable.  And they were comfortable, too.  They played, ran, ate, and had a ton of fun at the reunion.  (and Pumpkin didn’t even complain that it wasn’t a skirt or dress!)


Amazon Prime Day

Hey!!  Happy Amazon Prime Day!  If you’re not familiar with Prime Day it’s a day of deals for Amazon Prime members only.  So, go check it out! Here are a few deals that caught my eye.

Silhouette Cameo Starter Bundle – guys, I’m loving my Cameo and this is a great deal to get you crafting!

Singer Heavy Duty High Speed Sewing Machine – this is the machine I use for work.  It is nice and heavy, with a good amount of stitches and it’s fast!  It’s a great basic machine.

Peanut Butter Powder – I love this for smoothie making!

Coconut Oil – This is great for cooking!

Kidizoom Camera – my girls love this camera.  It doesn’t take amazing quality photos, but it is a real camera.  They take pictures, videos and play games. 

Magformers Dinosaur Set – don’t just build dinosaurs!  Kids can use their imagination and create all sorts of neat things with these magnetic toys.

Baby Stella Doll – this is Pumpkin’s favorite doll.  The magnetic pacifier is so cute.  And she’s a soft and cuddly doll.

Paderno Spiralizer – this is perfect for making zoodles and sweet potato fries!

Nuby Popsicle Mold – these are great for toddlers!!

Fire Stick – this is how I binge watch Netflix and Amazon while I’m sewing.  🙂


I hope you find some good deals!!!!


*post contains affiliate links. When you make a purchase using these links I receive a small commission though your price remains the same.  Thank you for your support.

Friends Welcome No Soliciting – Silhouette Studio Cut File

Back in the spring I finally got the Silhouette Cameo machine I’ve been wanting for a long time!  I’ve had a lot of fun playing with it and learning the software that goes with it.  I’ve made quite a few heat transfer vinyl items, cut some cardstock, done some sketching and cut temporary and permanent vinyl.  It’s been great!  I still have a lot to learn and I’m hoping to share some of the fun with you. 

One of my recent creations is a no soliciting sign for our front door.  Even though the new windows we put in this winter has decreased the number of rings at the doorbell we still get quite a few people trying to get rid of our weeds, find us a better deal on gas, and subscribe us to the newspaper.  I’ve been wanting to put up something to tell people to please leave us be, but I didn’t want it to be tacky. 

Friends Welcome No Soliciting #silhouette #craftingSo I made this Friends Welcome No Soliciting file in Silhouette Studio and cut it with permanent vinyl.  And I’m going to share it with you!

Friends Welcome No Soliciting

If you’ve got a solid space near your doorbell you could apply this right on the house.  Or put it on the front door.  But if you want something a little less permanent find a scrap of wood or a piece of cork like I used above, then hang that.  Whatever you decide I’d love to see what you do with it!

Friday Fitness: Back from Vacation

So, I’m back from vacation.  Both a small vacation from the blog and a vacation away from home.  I guess it’s also a staycation as we went to the family lake house.  Along the way we stopped off for some fun at the Columbus Zoo and then it was lazy days!  It was great to get away for a bit even if I’m still trying to unpack and catch up on laundry post trip.

The first day at the lake I hit the road after breakfast.  It was a muggy morning for a 5K (9:27 min/mile) and I forgot what it was like to run rolling hills.  20160630_091859On Friday I tried something new!  We now have a kayak at the lake.  Despite never having kayaked before I took it out for a spin.  It was a lot of fun! It was such a peaceful morning on the lake and the wind felt good on my face.  I went out for about 30 minutes and made it about 1.3 miles.  And it was a great arm and shoulder workout!

kayakingSaturday was a busy day.  We had a family reunion, so I got up early to get some miles in before breakfast.  It was a cooler morning and it felt great. I had no big plans for how far to run since I’m not really training for anything, so I just went out for 6.2 miles (9:35 min/miles).  It was foggy, there were lots of rabbits out, there was a snake (dead) on the path, and those rolling hills again.

20160702_061739Sunday morning I was on the lake again after breakfast.  This time I went out for about 45 minutes and covered 2 miles.  I passed a lot of early morning fishers and a few other kayakers. 

I don’t typically run on Mondays, but I knew I wouldn’t get a chance to run on Tuesday, so I laced up (and wore the same stinky running clothes for the third time on my trip!) and headed out.  I was hoping to run 4 or the 4th, but I just wasn’t feeling it so I stopped after 3.1 miles (9:12 min/mile).  I’m going to blame it on the dead skunk in the road. 

20160704_084207Tuesday hubby and I had a day date!! We did some fabric shopping in Amish country, ate way too much food and hiked Cuyahoga Valley National Park. 

Hiking Cuyahoga ValleyIt was back to reality on Wednesday as we headed home.  Luckily I had running to look forward to.  I skipped trail run group in favor of a Pub Run with the local running store that didn’t actually take place at a pub.  They had a summer cookout instead.  A bunch of my MRTT crew showed up so there was lots of chatting while we ran (3.1 miles at 9:45 min/mile) and burgers at the finish.

Thursday I hit the gym in the morning since the girls had swim lessons and did a total body strength training set and some ab work.  Cupcake had an appointment after lunch, so I loaded Pumpkin up in the stroller and we hit the road.  It was an overcast day except for that 29 minutes I was running!!  3 stroller miles at 9:57 min/mile. 

20160707_092432So despite being on vacation it was a very active week!  I didn’t take my usual rest day, but I enjoyed it.  I liked the change in routine and the change of scenery.  But now it’s back into the swing of things and hopefully that includes more blogging, too.  Have a great weekend!!!

Friday Fitness: Summer Routine

Guys, summer break is in full swing here and the girls and I have been having some fun!  We wrote out a summer bucket list (cute printable from Eye Candy Creative Studio) and we’re doing a great job of checking things of so far!  We’ve had playdates with friends, gone bowling, seen a movie, went swimming, and Cupcake is learning how to machine sew! 

Having both kids home makes running a little trickier for me.  Cupcake is too big for a stroller (and I wouldn’t want to push her plus Pumpkin anyway!), she’s too young to run and she doesn’t have the patience to bike that long either.  And she can’t keep the pace.  Last year I did a lot of my running in the evening, but I much prefer morning running.  Luckily I’ve been able to make that work so far this summer as our YMCA allows outdoor running while the kids are in child watch! 

Friday was National Donut Day, so a group of MRTT moms and kids got together for a donut dash!  We met at our local bike path and ran a mile, then headed across the street to a great little local donut shop. 

20160603_075221Usually I would run on Saturday morning, but we had a class at the zoo, so I skipped it as I didn’t want to feel rushed.  I wouldn’t call this a rest day, though because we walked around the zoo all day!

I got my run in on Sunday.  Just 5.25 miles.  Since I’m not training for anything I just ran what I felt like running.  Stopped when I felt like stopping. 

20160605_082701Monday we headed to the Y in the morning for my favorite class, Group Power.  After the Y we headed to the arboretum and went on a hike (or as Cupcake prefers to call it, a nature walk).  I hiked with a toddler on my back the whole time.

Tuesday I hit the streets for a run, but my Garmin battery was low, so I cut my outdoor run short (after 1.5 miles) and went inside and did a fast mile on the treadmill, for a total of 2.5 miles.  I then spent 30 minutes in the weight room.  Also, my left eye was super duper red and scratchy so I had to wear my glasses.  Wearing my glasses while working out is the pits!


Wednesday I squeezed in 30 minutes of strength training including lots of abs and push ups before the girls’ swim lesson at the Y.  And then it was trail run night!  It was a gorgeous night, too!!

trail runThursday morning I met up with an MRTT buddy to hit the road again and break in my new shoes (3.5 miles).

new shoes 

I’ve got a 5K farm race coming up this weekend, but I’m running that one for fun.  It’s supposed to be super hot on Saturday and the race starts pretty late.  I’m looking forward to the milkshake at the end!!

What have you got on tap this weekend?