Sew Caroline’s Magnolia Shorts

Last week I did a little more pattern testing for Sew Caroline.  Her new Magnolia Shorts pattern is now live and on sale through the end of month.  Sew Caroline's Magnolia ShortsI made this pair in a very flowy rayon spandex knit I found at Joann’s.  This pattern is designed for flowy fabrics, such as voile, rayon, or guaze.  Something with a great drape. That’s what makes these shorts look more like a skirt!

Sew Caroline's Magnolia ShortsI wore these to IKEA one day and a friend thought it was a skirt.  She was surprised to learn I was actually wearing shorts.  And since I was wearing shorts I was super comfy! 

Sew Caroline's Magnolia ShortsThese are a wonderful addition to my mom wardrobe!  I feel put together wearing them, but comfortably so!  I can keep up with the kiddos without worrying about flashing an audience. 

I’m hoping I can find some time to whip up another pair soon! Probably something in a solid color fabric to pair with fun tops.  So if you’re looking for a fun addition to your wardrobe pick up this pattern while it’s on sale!


Behind the scenes.  Pumpkin wanted in on the photoshoot, too.

Sew Caroline's Magnolia Shorts

Friday Fitness: I’m Going to Tri

Happy Friday!!!  This was the first full week of school for my big kid and my little one had a few half days.  And I think I can get used to this new routine!

Friday I headed to the Y for Group Power.  I was tired from previous days’ workouts, but I pushed through and got my lift on.  My legs were quite worn out in the end!

Saturday I met up with my MRTT girls for our long run.  I haven’t run more than 5 or 6 miles since the She Power Half Marathon in June, but my girl Lindsay had 8 on her agenda, so I tagged along.  It was crazy humid outside, which made it hard to breathe.  It was definitely a rough run (10:04 min/mile).

Saturday Group Run

Sunday was a rest day.

Monday I would normally go to Group Power, but Pumpkin had her preschool screening, so I squeezed in a T25 video between getting Cupcake on the bus and taking Pumpkin to school.

Tuesday I went for an afternoon run while Cupcake was at an appointment.  Pumpkin stayed home with daddy, so I was able to run stroller free.  But not rain free.  Most of the 4 (8:49 min/mile) miles was run in the rain, particularly mile 2. It was hitting me right in the face.  But the cooler temperatures that came with the rain were very welcome!

Running in the rain

Wednesday I headed to CSI (Cardio Strength Intervals) after dropping Pumpkin off for her first day of preschool.  All the legs. It was a great workout.  But I somehow managed to  run 4 trail miles later that evening.  There was lots of mud after 4 days of rain and we had a great time.  We were also having some fun with a Wacky Wednesday theme and got a little funky with our outfits. 

Wacky Wednesday

Thursday I joined my girl, Lindsay again for a morning run and MRTT chapter leader meeting.  She was pushing the double stroller through the very hilly neighborhood, so we took it at a nice easy pace.  It was a great social run and just what my sore muscles needed. 

This weekend I have big plans.  We have our MRTT Summer Virtual race on Saturday and on Sunday I’m going to do my first triathlon!!!  I signed up a bit on a whim and I’m super excited, but also super nervous.  I’ve been wanting to do a tri, but wasn’t sure I was ready.  My swimming still needs some work.  Well, this isn’t a swimming tri.  It’s a paddle tri!  So I’ll be kayaking, running and biking.  I made sure to get some kayaking practice in the last time we were at the lake and I think I can handle this.  I’ve got a few other friends participating with me, so I’m looking forward to cheering each other on.  I’ll be sure to give you the recap next week!

Back to School Dresses

It’s hard to believe but school has started around here!  My Cupcake is a first grader this year!  She goes to school all day!  She’s loving it so far.  Though I think lunch is her favorite part of the day.  And my Pumpkin headed off to her first day of preschool yesterday!  I can’t even believe it!  Though it should come as no surprise as she is almost 4!  So, in preparation for their big days momma got sewing!  I found the cutest pencil fabric and knew I had to have it for first day of school dresses.  And it was the perfect time to finally try out the Harper Dress from Made for Mermaids.

Made for Mermaids Harper DressI let the girls pick out what color fabric they wanted for the bodice and they both picked pink.  I was kind of hoping one of them would pick a teal blue, but they said pink.  So pink it was!

Made for Mermaids Harper DressCupcake loved how full the skirt was.  She’s not usually a girly girl, but she loves this dress!

Made for Mermaids Harper DressAnd I added a fun pop of color with the buttons.  So cute!

Made for Mermaids Harper DressAnd the twirl factor! Cupcake approved!

Made for Mermaids Harper DressExcuse the seriousness of Pumpkin, but she wasn’t too sure about this school thing.  She was very slow to get moving yesterday morning.  She hid from me when she woke up.  And well, it was raining, so that didn’t help.  But those cheeks!  Those are some kissable cheeks.  Back to the dress.

Made for Mermaids Harper DressThe flutters and the pintucks are such sweet details!  And even though the pintucks take some extra time they are so worth it! 

Made for Mermaids Harper DressPumpkin approves of the twirl factor as well.  And coming from her that means a lot!  She is the twirly dress expert! 

Both girls had great starts to the school year and they both looked adorable! 


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1 Fabric, 3 Ways

So, Cupcake likes dinosaurs.  Like really likes dinosaurs.  Do you need more proof of dinosaur love? I’ve got plenty!  So, when I saw a preorder for this adorable dinosaur fabric I bought way too much!  The great thing about it, though, was that it was white fabric, which opened up lots of possibilities. 

Dinosaur shirtPlease ignore my need for a pedicure.  One of the items I made for her was this cute tank. And then I dip dyed it in the color of her choice.

DInosaur shirtShe thought the effect was pretty cool.  And frankly I thought so, too.

Dinosaur shirtShe also chose the color for her skort.

Dinosaur skortAnd while we were dying the skort purple I added a few pieces of her tank dress.

Dinosaur DressThis one I dyed before sewing it so I could do two colors.  She wanted it two colors.  And I love the way it turned out.

Dinosaur dressThese have been on regular rotation in her summer wardrobe.  Any time they are clean she wears them right away!  The good news is I have plenty more of this fabric, and it’s easy to pick up some fabric dye, so I can make her some new outfits for fall and winter! 

Her Name Was Lola

And now that song will be stuck in your head all day.  You’re welcome.  Happy Monday!!!  How was your weekend?  Ours was fun.  I stopped at a native plant sale to pick up some pretties for the yard, then did a lot of cleaning up of my flowerbeds while the kiddos ran around.  I cut some fabric and I sewed a bit.  And Cupcake had her first soccer game.  The one item I finished sewing was a Lola Top by Violette Field Threads.

Lola Top #sewingI picked up this gorgeous Moda fabric when I was shopping in Amish country earlier this month and I knew it would make an adorable girly outfit for my adorable girly girl.  And I love the result.  The ruffles, the full, gathered skirt, and pink!  Pink isn’t her favorite color (it’s purple) but I just loved this pink!

Lola Top #sewingThis was my first time sewing a Lola, or a Violette Field Threads pattern for that matter!  The pattern was easy to assemble, the instructions were clear, and overall it’s a great pattern.  I had a little trouble with the elastic casing on the back, so I may try to approach that a little differently in the future.  Pumpkin thinks the big bow on the back is fun.

Lola Top #sewingOnce I had the top sewn up I was stumped about what to put underneath.  Leggings maybe?  I looked through my stash and I have a purple knit that is a pretty close match, but like I said, I love this pink. I dug through my patterns (both PDF and paper patterns) and found a basic shorts pattern (old Butterick pattern, no longer in print) that fit on what fabric I had left, so I went with that.  Except I wanted them girly, so instead of a standard hem I made them bubble shorts by sewing a casing and threading elastic through.  And I love the result!!

 Pumpkin was so happy with her new outfit she did a little dance.

Lola Top #sewingShe loves dancing.  I love her!  I foresee a few more Lola Tops in our future.  And I’m going to have to take a closer look a more Violette Field Threads patterns!  I usually prefer to sew with knits, but cuteness like this is making me branch out.