It’s here!  The moment you’ve all been waiting for! I know you’ve all been sitting at the edge of your seat just waiting to see the painted kitchen cabinets after I showed you the first bit of the process 2 weeks ago.  Except maybe for Joanna because she saw them in person this weekend.  My kitchen cabinets are no longer orange oak.  They have been painted!  And the doors are hung and everyone is happy!

One more time for funsies, the before.

Kitchen BeforeAnd then I painted the walls.

Grey kitchenAnd I think painting the walls grey made me despise the cabinet color even more.  I didn’t know that was possible!

Entry viewMan was I tired of this view every time I walked into my house.  Those cabinets just jumped out at ya!  Not a happy welcome.

Close upAnd the wood was quite worn.  No amount of cleaning made these look good.

So I removed all the doors and hardware.  I put all the all the drawer pulls and their screws in a storage container for safe keeping.  I threw all the tarnished brass hinges and their screws in a gallon sized bag.

I scrubbed the doors, drawers and boxes with TSP to get the grime off.  And then I hit everything with some 150 grit sandpaper.  I cleaned up all my sanding dust and primed with Zinsser primer (because I had just bought a new gallon of it a month or two ago).  And I sanded again.  This time with 220 grit sandpaper.  And then I got painting!

Wait, I lied.  Before I primed I drilled new holes for the new hinges I bought!

New holes for hingesThe middle hole is for the old hinge.  The other two are for the new hinge.  And I used the world’s weakest drill for the job and it was not easy!  (and then hubby bought me an awesome new Ryobi drill and driver!!)

I used a small foam roller for the the job, rolling whenever possible, but using the angled brush to cut in.

Cutting in

You can also see where I patched some holes.  Bye bye baby proofing!

After rolling

I used one coat of primer.  Two coats of paint (Benjamin Moore Advance) on the lower cabinets.  Three coats of paint on the upper cabinets?  Why the differing numbers?  Because I went with two colors!

Kitchen After - painted cabinets grey and white #DIY

There it is!  OMG I love that the oak is gone!  I won’t declare this a true after photo because there’s still stuff to be done in here.  New light fixture, new countertops, new floors, new oven.  But most of these things won’t be happening any time soon.  Unless of course I find a money tree.

Kitchen After - painted cabinets grey and white #DIYThe view from the living room.  When I had this floor tiled a few years ago I really wanted a black and white floor, but I was afraid to go too bold and went with bland.  And I really wish I would have gone bold.  But man, how about those cabinets?

Kitchen After - painted cabinets grey and white #DIYThis room gets so much sun light and I love how bright it is in here.  Especially now that the oak isn’t all up in my face.  I would have loved an all grey kitchen (the color is Kendall Charcoal by Benjamin Moore), but I was afraid it would be too dark.  I didn’t want an all white kitchen either because I have two young, messy kids.  And kids and white don’t mix.

Kitchen After - painted cabinets grey and white #DIYA much better view as you enter the house now.  Just ignore the vining hops blocking the light from my sink window.

Kitchen After - painted cabinets grey and white #DIYThere is some definite wood grain still going on with the cabinets, but I’m OK with that.  I knew that going in.  And I wasn’t trying to hide the fact that the cabinets are wood.  I was just trying to disguise their ugly color.  And I think I nailed that!

It feels so good to finally have this project checked off my to do list.  I’ve been wanting to paint these cabinets for so long.  And I know why I waited so long.  It was quite an undertaking, especially since I did all the work myself (hubby did reattach one cabinet door and 5 drawer pulls).  Honestly, though, I’m surprised I got the job done as quickly as I did.  But it pretty much was the only thing I did in my spare time for almost 3 weeks!

And did I mention that this transformation only cost about $180!?!?!?!  Seriously!  That’s a much better price tag than new cabinets!

Now, who doesn’t love a little side by side (or up and down) comparison?

Painted Kitchen Cabinets Before and After #DIYOK, I feel like this is already a long post, so did I forget anything?  Any questions?  Do you like it?  (please say you do!)



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19 comments on “Painted Kitchen Cabinets: Before and After”

  1. This post is perfect timing and kinda funny because my husband and I were just looking at homes for sale and one kitchen had white cabinets and I way saying how cheap and ugly they look and then I pulled up this post in my RSS feed. I really love it. I guess its the gray and white combo but it looks very nice. I don’t think we will move from our current house but we are talking about redoing the kitchen and I really love how the two colors came out. Good job we both really love what you did.
    Dawn recently posted…Walking WeatherMy Profile

  2. WOW! I am in love with this. Totally didn’t realize you were doing grey on the bottoms – looks FAB!!! So jealous as I would love to do this to mine. Great job girl!

  3. I love it! I am about to paint my light maple cabinets BM white dove (uppers) and either BM Whale Gray or Kendall Charcoal (lowers)! I can’t decide on the gray so I am just going to start on the uppers and I plan to use BM Advance also. I am so glad I found this and saw your finished project-I love the white and gray combo!

  4. I love the new look of your cabinets! You did a great job. I am going to be painting my kitchen cabinets soon. I painted them a beautiful sage green color about 12 years ago but now I have decided that I am ready for a new look for my kitchen. My top cabinets will be a light color (probably tan) and the lower cabinets will be a chocolate brown. Since you changed your top cabinets from oak to white, I am wondering if you painted the entire inside of the cabinets also?

  5. If you still have the ceiling fan…paint the blades of that too!! We got rid of our ceiling fan when we remodeled, and even with the AC we wish we still had a fan in the kitchen.

  6. this looks very nice but I would be concerned with how the pain will chip with wear and tear.
    And how do you clean them when they get dirty. Time will be a factor in how long this look stays the same.

  7. These look great! We are getting ready to do this to our honey oak cabinets! We bought a kit from Lowes and I am dreading taking my cabinets off and it looking crazy for a long time. How long did your process take you start to finish? Did you have help or did you do it all yourself? Any extra tips?

  8. Love this look! You did an amazing job. I am painting my oak cabinets light gray. I am using Valspar cabinet enamel in granite. I hope it turns out as great as yours!

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