Cupcake goes to preschool 4 days a week.  She attends our city’s primary school as a typically developing student among some children with developmental delays.  I love that she gets to be an example for these students and is learning in an environment of acceptance.  And I really love that they have small class sizes!

She seems to be learning a lot.  She’s discovered some new favorite books, sings a lot of new songs, and has become very helpful with chores.  She likes to be the line leader and weather checker.  She has to take turns with those jobs at school, but at home she pretty much always gets to be line leader and weather checker.

This week I had my first parent teacher conference!  It was pretty much an opportunity for me to see what the long term goals are and where she stands right now.  She’s an ace at identifying shapes.  She knows a good number of capital and lower case letters.  She knows some letter sounds.  She can count to 16 in English and 12 in Spanish.  The best part about the conference was it gave me some ideas on what I can work on with her, so I came up with a few ideas I thought I would share.

AB Pattern

Her teacher said she’s pretty good at repeating a pattern of 2, but needs a little help with patterns of 3 and creating her own pattern.  So we’ve been using her Melissa & Doug Lacing Beads to create patterns.  We’ve been focusing on colors, but you could also focus on shapes.  I tie a knot on one end of the string to keep the beads from falling off and  she threads the beads on according to the pattern.

Sorting Blocks

We’ve also been having fun sorting blocks.  If you don’t have a set of blocks you really need to get a set.  They are such a great toy!!  Here she’s showing Pumpkin how to sort based on size.  We also sort by color.

Sorting Blocks

And sometimes we dress up like Cinderella and sort by small, medium, and large.

Counting with blocks

We also use blocks to practice counting and identifying numbers.  I took a chalk marker and wrote the numbers on small blocks so she can stack and count.  We’ll get all the numbered blocks out, jumble them on the floor and then she’ll start stacking.  Because I used a chalk marker I can wash the numbers off when we’re done with them or if I wanted to change to letters.  I also numbered them in a pattern so we can identify that as well.

Paint Swatch Book

I’m still using what I’ve got and dug out this paint swatch book out and discovered if I took the back cover off it had 26 pieces of cardstock in it.  Perfect for making an alphabet book!  So I flipped it over and started writing letters.

Paint Swatch Letter Book

You could pick up two of these and do one for uppercase and one for lowercase letters.  It’s like flash cards, but neater.  And letters won’t go missing.

Sorting beads

She’s still a big fan of her sorting beads and always wants to get them out when Pumpkin is napping.  She’ll often sort them by colors when she plays independently, but when we’re working together I like to give her a challenge.  I sort them by number and have her count as she removes the beads from each cup (starting over at each cup).  She tends to count faster than her finger moves when looking at a picture, so even though she only points to 4 things for example she counts faster and often ends up at 6 or 7.  So this is a good way to keep her counting slow.

Counting beads

She takes them out one at a time and drops them back into the storage bucket.  So it’s also a self cleaning task!


And last but not least we get to have a little creative fun.  I let her pick the colors of paint she wants to use, but she has to identify them for me while I fill up her pallet and then I let her go to town.  This is another “while Pumpkin is napping” activity so she always gets excited to get messy!

I hope you like some of these ideas!  If you try any of them out and really like them or think they’re helpful let me know!  And if you have any other good ideas I’d love to hear them!  Cupcake is on fall break next week so I might just have to come up with more activities to keep her busy!  Have a great weekend!!!


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