My sweet Pumpkin is 6 months old today!  And 6 months means one thing!  OK, maybe two.  A photo session!!! And solid food.  Let’s start with the photos!  I did a photo shoot with Cupcake when she was 6 months and those are some of my favorite photos of her.  At the time I was still using a point and shoot camera and didn’t know much about photography, but they turned out so cute!  Of course now I’m using a DSLR and I’ve completed a photography course and I am much more enthusiastic about photography so I had to step up my game this time around.  Due to this very un-springlike weather the photo session had to be indoors.  I needed a photo studio.  So I made one in my living room with a DIY PVC photography backdrop stand.

PVC Backdrop StandI made a trip (by myself!!) to Home Depot over the weekend and picked up a few pieces of PVC.  I grabbed (4) 1/2″ pipes (10 ft length), 2 corners and 2 t’s.  I hadn’t really decided how big I was going to make my stand, so I erred on the side of too many pieces of pipe.  It’s cheap.

PVC Photography Backdrop StandI ended up cutting one of the pipes in half so two 5 ft pieces.  Then I cut two of them at 6′ and then cut the remaining 4′ in half.  So I ended up with two 5′ pieces, two 6′ pieces and four 4′ pieces.  The 6′ piece is probably overkill, but if I want adults to stand in front of the backdrop they’ll work.  I also have one piece of pipe left over.

Since I’m working with a baby I used the 2′ pieces as my upright pieces, the 5′ piece across and used two 2″ pieces is the back support and the 6′ pieces as my front support.

PVC Photography Backdrop StandI didn’t glue anything in place, so I can mix and match and so I can easily store the pieces when the stand is not in use.  As you can see it’s in the middle of my living room!  I also picked up 3 clamps to hold my backdrop in place.  The total cost for all the PVC (including the piece I didn’t use) and the clamps was less than $15!  It was so quick and easy to make, too.  The hardest part was getting the pipes home!  They fit in my new car, but not without getting a little dirt on my brand spankin’ new upholstery!

Now, who is ready for some baby pictures?!?!?!?!

First my test subject.  This one was supposed to be napping like her sister while I was setting this up, but she kept using the “I have to go potty” excuse to get out of it.  She insisted on playing on my backdrop, but not really letting me take pictures.  Stinker.


Here’s my 6 month old toe grabber!  She loves her feet!

Grabbing her toes -

I often have to pry her little feet out of her hands in order to change her diaper (speaking of diaper – don’t you love this BumGenius Lovelace diaper?).  She’s tried to get those feet in her mouth once or twice, too!

The belly shot.  This is how she spends of most of her play time so she’s got this pose down!

On her belly -

She kept getting distracted, though.  She was looking every which way thanks to this photobomber!

Dachshund photobombI brought Cupcake’s bean bag chair down from her room to help prop her up for a few shots.  Here’s her Blue Steel.

Pose for a baby who doesn't sit well -

Her hair is getting lighter!  Will she be a blondy like big sister, too?

She’s getting better at sitting, so I was so happy to get some shots of her sitting up, too.  (Cupcake’s 6 month photos were in a tutu and pearls sitting up)

Sitting up - www.whatdoesshedoallday.comI want to nibble on that double chin!!!

Tutu and pearlsShe just can’t resist trying to nom on everything.

I can’t resist the cuteness!!

Tutu and pearls -

Sweet girl.  She’s so close to crawling.  She gets up on all fours and rocks back and forth and as soon as she tries to move and arm or a leg she belly flops (and usually gets mad).  She’s turned into a belly sleeper.  As soon as you lay her down in her crib she rolls right over.  Thankfully she started taking a bottle (and a pacifier) so we’ve been able to leave her with a baby sitter and I can leave her with daddy when I have Thirty-One business to attend to.  She’s so sporadic with sleep.  Some nights she gives me good long stretches of sleep and others not so much.  She’s got the funniest cackle and when she gets going Cupcake starts it and the two of them just cackle and cackle and cackle.  They love each other and it melts my heart! <—total mom moment there


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