Every Friday night I make a pizza, we pile up on the couch and watch a movie together as a family. Friday pizza movie night is our tradition.  Sometimes we like to have a little snack during our movie as well.  Popcorn is a favorite, but last week I whipped up this S’mores Snack Mix and the girls went crazy for it!

DSC_9280-EditThis is such a quick and yummy snack! You only need 3 ingredients, there’s no cooking involved and it’s s’mores!  I love s’mores!  This is also a great recipe for getting kids involved in the kitchen.  They can measure, stir and drizzle.  Well, maybe do the drizzling yourself.  😉

S'mores Snack Mix #dessert #smores #recipeIt can get messy! 

The hardest part of making this delicious snack is waiting for the chocolate to firm up so you can dig in!  But once you dig in, yum!  It was a big hit with Cupcake who dug right in.  Pumpkin is a tricky one and she picked out marshmallows. 

S'mores Snack Mix #dessert #smores #recipeNow here’s the silly part where I give you a recipe that is hardly a recipe.  But you need it to whip up a batch of this S’mores Snack Mix!!

S'mores Snack Mix
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  1. 4 cups Golden Grahams cereal
  2. 2 cups miniature marshmallows
  3. 1 cup chocolate chips
  1. Combine cereal and marshmallows in a large bowl.
  2. Spread evenly on a wax paper lined baking sheet.
  3. Melt chocolate in the microwave at 50% power for 1 minute. Stir and continue to microwave at 30 second intervals until the chocolate is completely melted.
  4. Drizzle chocolate over the cereal marshmallow mixture.
  5. Let chocolate harden for about 3 hours before breaking into chunks and serving.
  6. Store in an airtight container.
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Behind the scenes:

S'mores Snack Mix #dessert #smores #recipe

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