I had a little fun this weekend with an old shirt of hubby’s.  He busted through the elbow and was going to toss it. Of course I snagged it and tossed it in my sewing room. Men's shirt turned dress #sewing

I finally dug it out from the pile it was lost under and chopped it up.

Men's shirt turned dress #sewingI cut the sleeves and the neck off.  Then I cut down the sides so I had two pieces.  And I carefully removed the pocket (and the year’s worth of pocket lint that was caught in the corners) with my seamripper.

I decided I wanted some shirring on the dress, so I wound my bobbin with some elastic thread and ran 10 rows across the top of both the front and back pieces.

Men's shirt turned dress #sewingI then made a template for my dress.  I used a dress that fits Pumpkin, by the way, did I mention I’m sewing for Pumpkin?!?!?!  I think the only think I’ve sewn for her in her 20 months of life was the circle skirt I made when she was a newborn (and I made Cupcake a matching one).  I’m always sewing for Cupcake.  This time it was Pumpkin’s turn.  Anyway, I used one of her dresses to make a template for the new dress.

Men's shirt turned dress #sewingI used my new pattern piece to cut out Pumpkin’s new dress.  And I cut some sleeves.

Men's shirt turned dress #sewingAnd it was time to assemble.  I started by attaching the front and the back at the shoulders.

Men's shirt turned dress #sewingThen I attached the sleeves.

Men's shirt turned dress #sewingThen I lined up the front and back and stitched from the sleeves down to the bottom.

Men's shirt turned dress #sewingJust for fun I tried it on Pumpkin to see how long it was and it was so very long (and cute).  I marked how long I wanted it to be and then used the dress as a guide to cut a curved hemline along the bottom.

Men's shirt turned dress #sewingI hemmed the bottom, the sleeves, and the neckline by double folding and stitching with my twin needle.  Because I shirred the top I had some stretch to work with and didn’t need to add buttons to get it over her head.

Men's shirt turned dress #sewingAnd then I remembered I kept the pocket.  So I added it back on.

Men's shirt turned dress #sewingAnd then it was time for my model to show it off.

Men's shirt turned dress #sewingIsn’t she cute?  She loved her new little dress.  And I’m happy with it.  For my first attempt.  I kind of wished I had shirred further down the dress so it was a little more fitted up top, but it’s OK.  It’s an easy breezy summer dress for her.

Men's shirt turned dress #sewingShe had fun twirling.  And putting her hand in the pocket.  Though every time her hand went in the pocket it became dress up day.

Now I’m secretly hoping hubby ruins another shirt so I can try another one!!

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  1. OMG! The dress is so cute! It makes it even more special since it was her daddy’s. I wish I had a little girl to make this for. (I have two boys).

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