How about a little crafty inspiration for the weekend?  Know anyone having a baby soon and need a gift?  How about a self binding blanket?  I just whipped one up for a baby on the way and of course wanted to share.  So let’s get started.

Self Binding Blanket Tutorial #sewing #baby #blanket #gift #tutorial

I picked up 1 yard of minky fabric for my backing (remnant score!) and 1 yard of cotton.  You could also use flannel for one or both sides or minky for both sides or even cotton for both, but it wouldn’t be nearly as snuggly.  After doing a little online shopping I learned that 30″ x 40″ was a pretty standard blanket size, so I planned for a blanket of that size.

I cut my (prewashed) cotton to 28″ x 38″ and my minky to 36″ x 46″.  I found the center of all 4 sides of the fabric by folding it in half and marking with a pin.  Do this for both fabrics.

Self Binding Blanket Tutorial #sewing #baby #blanket #gift #tutorialWith the right side up lay your minky fabric down.  Then with the right side down line up one side of the cotton with the coordinating side of minky, using the center pins as a guide.  Pin in place (use lots of pins if you’re using minky – it’s slippery).

Self Binding Blanket Tutorial #sewing #baby #blanket #gift #tutorialRepeat for the opposite edge and stitch with a 1/2″ seam allowance, starting 1/2″ inch from the end of your cotton…..

Self Binding Blanket Tutorial #sewing #baby #blanket #gift #tutorialand finish stitching when you are 1/2″ from the end of the cotton.

Self Binding Blanket Tutorial #sewing #baby #blanket #gift #tutorialSew the opposite side, then repeat for the third side.  And for the fourth side leave a 4-6 inch opening for turning.

Your corners will look a little something like this.

Self Binding Blanket Tutorial #sewing #baby #blanket #gift #tutorialNow we’re going to finish off our corners. This is the part that can be a tad confusing. You want to pull our your corners.

Self Binding Blanket Tutorial #sewing #baby #blanket #gift #tutorialThen take a ruler and line it up at the end of your stitching and lining the stitching up on the diagonal.

Self Binding Blanket Tutorial #sewing #baby #blanket #gift #tutorialMark this line.  Then stitch down this line.

If you want to double check that your corner looks good, now is the time to do it.  If you are satisfied with your corner, trim the excess.

Self Binding Blanket Tutorial #sewing #baby #blanket #gift #tutorialRepeat for the other 3 corners and turn your blanket right side out.

Self Binding Blanket Tutorial #sewing #baby #blanket #gift #tutorialYour blanket is bound!  But there’s still work to do.  We need to close up the opening and keep the blanket from shifting.

Self Binding Blanket Tutorial #sewing #baby #blanket #gift #tutorialPin your binding in place all the way around the blanket, making sure your seam allowances go toward the binding.  If you are using flannel now would be a good time to press your blanket, but you can’t press minky.  It will melt and the dots will flatten.  Pin all the way around.

Self Binding Blanket Tutorial #sewing #baby #blanket #gift #tutorialTime to stitch.  You can straight stitch all the way around or try out a decorative stitch.  I went with a zig zag.

Self Binding Blanket Tutorial #sewing #baby #blanket #gift #tutorialAnd you’re done!  You have a cuddly, comfy blanket.  Perfect for covering a little one in the carseat or stroller on a chilly day.

Self Binding Blanket Tutorial #sewing #baby #blanket #gift #tutorialThis blanket will grow into toddlerhood, too.  What kid wouldn’t want to snuggle with that minky fabric?  I want to snuggle with that minky fabric!

Oscar wants to snuggle on the cotton fabric.  He’s weird.

Self Binding Blanket Tutorial #sewing #baby #blanket #gift #tutorialSo, run, don’t walk to the nearest fabric store and pick up some fabric for a self binding blanket!  And if you make one I’d love to see how it turns out!

p.s.  I used some of the scrap minky to make a wonky elephant to go with the blanket.

Have a great weekend!

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12 comments on “Self Binding Blanket Tutorial”

  1. So….i just tried to make this, and im not sure what happened, but when all was said and sewed and cut…it doesnt lay flat! The corners cup like a fitted sheet.have you runinto this or can you tell mr where i went wrong?

      • I had the same problem with one corner and it was the corner that I just eyeballed and did not mark. You have to make sure that the folded edge of your corner fabric lines up with the straight edge of your ruler. Does that make sense? A good video to watch is the Missouri star quilting co. on youtube, just search for their self binding tutorial

  2. Hi there, I am trying this tutorial but I am having trouble. do you have an email address I can contact you on, I am not even sure how to describe the issue!

  3. You need to use a walking foot. Minky is too slippery to sew like this without it. The gal in the fabric store warned me!

  4. How do you get the seam allowance on the corners to face the minky fabric? Do you need to cut the corner seam open?

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