Fall break is in full swing around here so I’ve been trying to give Cupcake some fun, new things to do.  Her favorite?  A sensory bin.

Sensory Bin

How do all kids know to go through the cheese face stage?

We started by making our colored rice.

Coloring Rice for sensory bin

Cupcake had a lot of fun deciding on colors, adding drops of color to make our desired shade, and shaking, squishing and mixing until all the rice was covered.  And then we waited for it to dry.


Once dry we filled up a lidded box I had down in the basement.  It used to hold my cookie cutters, but I recently upgraded to a larger box, so I had this one just hanging out empty.  And we added some digging and scooping items.

Sensory Bin with colored rice

If you don’t have these things lying around you can pick them up cheap at the dollar store (well, except maybe the eggs right now).  She was so ready to dive in!

Sensory Bin with colored rice #preschooler

Of course she went for the eggs first.  Girl loves playing with plastic Easter eggs.  We relocated to the playroom table so she could get a better look into her bin (also in the hopes that she would play in the box).

Spilled Rice from sensory bin

Quite a bit of rice hit the floor.  I continued to encourage her to keep it in the box, but it wasn’t a big deal.  It vacuums up easily.

Sensory Bin with Colored Rice

She had so much fun digging, scooping, and mixing the colors.  This is such a great activity for independent play.  I loved watching her decide what to do with all her tools.  I’m planning on digging around the house to find other fun things for her to use in the box so we can switch out tools from time to time.

Want to make a sensory bin with colored rice for your preschooler? Here’s how.

Colored Rice for Sensory Bins

1 cup white rice
1 tbsp white vinegar
liquid food coloring
essential oil to make it smell pretty (optional) (I used lemon)

Combine rice, vinegar, and food coloring in a resealable bag.  Seal bag and shake and squish the bag to evenly distribute the color.  Open the bags to dry, stirring occasionally.


So easy and cheap!  And you can get your preschooler involved in the prep and play.  I made 2 cups of each color and it was the perfect amount to fill the bin we had.  OK, I’m off to dig through the house to find some more items to play with in the bin!


Have you made sensory bins for your kids?  What were some of their favorite items to play with in them?

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2 comments on “Sensory Bin Fun”

  1. Hi Heather! Cupcake is so pretty! Love those baby blues! I hope to get a sensory bin made this week for my great-niece! I have set up a preschool ‘classroom’ at her home and this is one of the last things for me to do. I will let her ‘help’ me do this after seeing Cupcake helping you! Preschool age is so much fun! Thanks for sharing! Blessings from Bama!

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