With negative temperatures again today we are stuck inside and climbing the walls.  Cupcake does not like to be cooped up!  She was not happy about not having school again today.  She needed a new messy hands project, so I made her some cloud dough.Sensory Play - Cloud Dough #sensoryplay #preschool

I’ve had a bottle of baby oil in the closet waiting to be opened for this project, but I kept forgetting it was there!  #mommybrain  So I finally dug it out and Cupcake and I set to make a mess!

Cloud DoughAs always I think part of the fun is letting her help me make the activity, so that’s just what we did.  She scooped the flour.

Cloud Dough

She poured in the baby oil.

Cloud Dough

The ratio of oil to flour is 1:8, so we used 1/4 cup oil and 2 cups flour.

We also took some sidewalk chalk and smashed it to add color.

Cloud Dough

I loved Growing a Jeweled Rose’s idea of making it a calming activity by adding lavender essential oil.  We are stuck in this house all day after all.  Calm is good.

Cloud Dough

She mixed and then she played.

Cloud Dough #sensoryplay #preschoolWe borrowed some tools from the rice box so she could dig and scoop and bury treasure.

Cloud dough #sensoryplay #preschool

The cloud dough has such a fun texture.  It’s very soft, but is also moldable (is that a word? spell check says no).  She’s had a lot of fun playing with it while Pumpkin naps.  She can hardly contain her excitement.

Cloud dough messSee?  If you’re making this an indoor activity (you know, because it’s so very cold outside) I highly recommend sticking to a table with a hard surface underneath for easy clean up.  When you’re done for the day put a lid on it and save it for next time.

Are you stuck inside, too?  What are you doing to keep busy?


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