Welcome to our first link party for Kids’ Reads!  I know we’re always looking for new books to check out and what better way to find new books than to get suggestions from the experts, the kids!  So share with us what books your kids love to read!

I’ll start!

Cupcake is 2 (turned 2 in May).  She’s willing to hold still for long books these days.  And she’s starting to get attached to characters.  One cast of characters that she loves to read about are Elephant & Piggie by Mo Willems.  He’s probably best known for his Pigeon series, which we also love, but I figured you already knew about.  We’ve checked out several of the Elephant & Piggie books from the library and have just started to add them to our personal library.  We have 3 at the moment.

Watch Me Throw the Ball was our fist purchase.  I was so excited when I found it at Target one day.  I was itching for a new book or two to add to our collection and strolling through Target (looking for a present for someone else) I stumbled on a few Elephant & Piggie books, so I let Cupcake pick one out.  This was her pick.  It was an obvious choice as she’s a big fan of throwing the ball these days (and kicking and trying to see how many balls she can pick up at once).

We then picked up Today I Will Fly! which has since become her favorite Elephant & Piggie book.  I catch her yelling “Fly, fly, fly, fly, fly!” over and over.  She was supposed to be napping one afternoon and instead I heard her saying “You will not fly today!” over the monitor. (I got a bit of it on video on my phone, but I can’t figure out how to get it off my phone and on to here!!) So funny!  We get a few good giggles in the middle of the story as well.

Last month we went to visit my mom and did a little shopping which of course resulted in a trip to the bookstore.  Again, we needed a birthday present for a friend, but somehow Cupcake ended up with Should I Share My Ice Cream?  I think she was hungry when she picked this one out!  Because we were at Barnes & Noble they had a lot of Elephant & Piggie books to choose from.  It wouldn’t have been my first choice that day (I was leaning toward Can I Play Too? which we had previously bought for a gift for one of her friends), but it’s her book, so she got to pick!

These books are simple.  They’re not busy.  The pages are simple without a lot of drawings.  They’re just conversations between the characters.  They’re so darn cute, though!  They’re fun to read with enthusiasm.  They also make a good tag team read.  Hubby reads Elephant. I read Piggie.

So, what are you and your kids reading?  Link up below!  The link up will be open through the end of the month, so even if you didn’t get your post up today you can still link up.

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  1. Thanks for these suggestions! I always need new book ideas for my girlies. Every wednesday I post a kid book pick and often a coordinating craft- you should check them out. I’ll be adding a link soon and definitely will be following along. Thanks again!

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