I have a quick and easy sewing project for you today!  It’s an old favorite and I’m not sure why I haven’t shared it sooner!  Back in the day my first reusable grocery bags were tee shirt totes.  They were great for lugging groceries home and easy to clean.  Just throw them in the wash! 

Sew a Tee Shirt Tote #sewing #tutorial

When a friend of mine was looking for an activity to teach her Girl Scout troop I suggested tee shirt totes, so on Monday evening that is just what we did.  I taught a group of young girls to make them! And now it’s your turn!  Let’s get started!  Grab a tee shirt.

Sew a Tee Shirt Tote #sewing #tutorialLay the shirt out flat and cut off the sleeves, just inside the seam line.  Repeat for the other sleeve.

Sew a Tee Shirt Tote #sewing #tutorialNext up you’ll need a super fancy tool called a bowl.  Use it as a guide to either trace and cut or use a rotary cutter to cut around the bowl. 

Sew a Tee Shirt Tote #sewing #tutorialFlip your shirt inside out and line up the bottom edges of your shirt.  Pin if you’d like.

Sew a Tee Shirt Tote #sewing #tutorialSew down the length of the shirt, just above the original hem.  Be sure to use a ballpoint needle since you are working with knit.  I also used a walking foot.  A straight stitch is fine since we won’t be stretching our fabric.

Sew a Tee Shirt Tote #sewing #tutorialFlip it back right side out and you’ve got yourself a tee shirt tote.  Now toss in some library books and get going!  Or pack for a slumber party!  Or groceries!  Or just give me a sassy pose.

Sew a Tee Shirt Tote #sewing #tutorial

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