Yesterday I showed you my freshened up and organized craft space.  I love working in there now!  I’ve been so productive!  And now that the weather is somewhat cooperative I can finally get around to taking pictures of what I’ve made!  Let’s start with these dresses.

Knit Dresses with neckbandThis is the dress I made for myself after showing you why and how to trace a pattern. It’s so super comfy!  This Girl Charlee fabric is so soft and stretchy!  

Knit dressesThen I used the leftover fabric to make a “twirly dress” for Pumpkin.  It might be my favorite dress ever!  It’s a Pippa Peplum with circle skirt add on.  I love this pattern!  I’ve made so many shirts and dresses with this pattern.  The only thing I don’t like about it is the neckline. It calls for a facing.  I much prefer a neckband.  So I typically make a neckband instead of the facing when I make this pattern (or when I make a Penelope Peplum for myself).

So, if your pattern doesn’t have a pattern piece and instructions for making here is a tutorial for how to sew a knit neckband.

Cupcake was sad that she didn’t have a dress made out of this fabric, too, but I didn’t have enough left to make her a dress.  I did have enough to use it as sleeves on a raglan shirt, though!

How to sew a knit neckband #sewing #tutorial #sewingwithknitsSo I used a tee shirt of hers to draft a pattern for a raglan tee.  I attached the sleeves to the front and back of the shirt, then stitched down the sides.  Then I was ready to finish the neckband (and hem the sleeves and bottom).  To determine what size neckband I needed I measured around the neck opening.

How to sew a knit neckband #sewing #tutorial #sewingwithknitsJust follow along the edge around the front and to the back.  The opening measured 12″.  You want to cut your neckband slightly smaller (80-90% depending on the stretch of your fabric) than the opening so it won’t sag once the shirt is on, so I cut my neckband strip at 11″ (with the stretch) and I cut it 1.75″ wide.  You can make it wider than that if you want a wider neckband.

How to sew a knit neckband #sewing #tutorial #sewingwithknitsWith right sides together stitch along the short ends to create a tube.  Then iron it in half with wrong sides together.

How to sew a knit neckband #sewing #tutorial #sewingwithknitsNow we need to find our “4 corners” of our neckband piece.  So first fold on the seam and pin on the opposite fold.

How to sew a knit neckband #sewing #tutorial #sewingwithknitsThen line up the two pin marks and pin on the new folds you created.  This gives you 4 equal sections.

How to sew a knit neckband #sewing #tutorial #sewingwithknitsRepeat with the shirt.  Fold it in half and mark the center front and center back.

How to sew a knit neckband #sewing #tutorial #sewingwithknitsThen line those two pins up to find your side “corners.”  This may or may not be on the top of the shoulder depending on your pattern.  (usually it isn’t)

How to sew a knit neckband #sewing #tutorial #sewingwithknitsWith right sides together line up your pins.  You’ll have 3 layers of fabric.  And now it’s time to sew.

How to sew a knit neckband #sewing #tutorial #sewingwithknitsI’m serging, but you can do this on your sewing machine, too, just make sure you use a stretch stitch.  You’ll see that there is more tee shirt fabric than neckband fabric.

How to sew a knit neckband #sewing #tutorial #sewingwithknitsYou’ll need to stretch your neckband fabric to fit the neck hole, without stretching the shirt fabric.  Stitch all the way around and your neckband is done!

How to sew a knit neckband #sewing #tutorial #sewingwithknitsThen get your 5 year old to pose for you so she can make ridiculous faces.

How to sew a knit neckband #sewing #tutorial #sewingwithknitsAnd strike poses. 

But can I just say that now I’m jealous of her because that yellow baby rib knit is so soft!  Luckily I still have plenty more left to make something for me! 

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