I know it’s technically not summer until tomorrow, but Cupcake has been on summer vacation from school for two weeks now and in that two weeks we’ve been going nonstop!  It hasn’t felt much like a vacation!

We jumped right in with some nature adventure.  We have so many great parks to choose from nearby, but we started off with the arboretum.  Cupcake lead the way and we went on a hike through the “deep dark woods” and climbed the big tower to see if we could spot our house from the top.

Looking for our house

We got to have a little impromptu beach time when we had to take a trip out of town for a funeral.  Cupcake liked the water.  Pumpkin liked the snuggles on grandpa’s lap.Beach with grandpa

We hiked some more.  This time daddy came with us since it was his Friday off work.  Cupcake is trying to earn a backpack through our local parks.  This hike was stamp #6 of the 8 needed to earn it.


We ate cake.

Cake face

We tried out a new playground.


And Cupcake earned stamp #7 on her passport at another park program where we learned about ants.  The girls even got to be ants for a while, antenna (on their foreheads) included!  After the program we stayed at the park to play and have a picnic lunch with friends.


On Mondays and Thursdays Cupcake gets dropped off at a park for a Summer Recreation program, while Pumpkin and I head over to Stroller Strength.  Cupcake loves Summer Rec.  They play games, read books, color, use sidewalk chalk, make crafts and have a bunch of fun!

Every day the girls crash hard!  Play hard. Sleep hard. That seems to be our motto thus far.

How has summer been treating you so far?



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