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Craft Room Update – Pegboard!!

A while back I told you about a trip to the hardware store where Cupcake and I picked up some stuff for a new project.  But then I left you hanging.  Because I had some hanging to do.  And well, I needed some extra hands to help with hanging.  At least I thought I did.

Weeks went by and spiders made their home in my new piece of pegboard and I finally got annoyed at seeing it every time I came down to the craft room and I got tired of having a mess of sewing notions everywhere.  And I was waiting for my KnitFix fabrics to arrive, so i got to work on my craft room organization.

Clean Craft RoomAnd like the slacker blogger I can sometimes be I didn’t take a true before and after picture.  But as you can see above I had a black bookcase in the middle of my wall of storage.  I moved that bookcase over to the right so I had this blank space in the middle.  This freed up a lot of wall space!  The perfect place for a pegboard!!!

Craft Room Pegboard installation #diyI started by attaching two furring strips to the wall.  One for the top and one for the bottom of the pegboard.  I attached them to the studs with really long countersink screws.

Craft Room Pegboard installation #diyThen with the assistance of my ironing board and some scrap wood I attached the pegboard to the furring strips.  I used washers to make sure the screws didn’t go all the way through the pegboard holes.

Craft room with pegboardAnd then I got to hang everything!  The magnet board, the magnetic strip and the rail are all from IKEA.  The spool holder is from Joann’s. 

Craft room organization with Thirty-One #thirtyone #ohsnapbins #organization #craftroomI love my Oh Snap! Bins for organizing my notions and tools!!!  I was so happy these were on special last month so I could get this place organized.  All these notions were just tossed in one big bin before and it was really hard to find things (hence the reason I have so much elastic!).  The only downside is my scissors were a little too heavy for the bin, so I had to hang my Ginghers on a hook. 

But I love having all these tools within my reach.  And everything has a place!  And everything goes back to it’s place!  There’s actually already a change since I took this picture.  I picked up another spool rack at Joann’s last week when they were 50% off (with an additional 20% off your purchase coupon).  It’s for my serger cones and it’s sitting above the other thread rack.

Craft room with pegboardAnd the whole space.  It’s not Pinterest perfect, but it works perfect for me right now!  Well, except the tables.  I’d like new tables.  And one more pink Your Way Cube for that upper left square of my Expedit.  And well, I suppose I’d like it to be this clean again.  I’ve been sewing a lot lately…………


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JOY Holiday Marquee

Hey!  How was your Thanksgiving/holiday weekend?  Do anything fun?  We had a very low key weekend.  The girls pretty much hung out in pajamas all weekend, I got some sewing done (and broke my serger), did a little Small Business Saturday shopping, and we put up the Christmas decorations.

We added a new decoration this year.  I went to the Do It Herself workshop at Home Depot a week and a half ago to make a holiday marquee.  I came home with this.

Joy Holiday Marquee #diy (more…)

A Light Update

Ever since I painted the kitchen cabinets I’ve been much happier with the kitchen.  I love that the orange oak is gone!  And the paint is holding up nicely thus far.  And I have PLENTY of paint left over if I need touch ups down the road.  I’m very happy I decided to tackle that project, knowing it’s just not in the budget to replace the cabinets.  And it seemed wasteful to toss out the old cabinets because they really are sturdy and in great shape.

Kitchen After - painted cabinets grey and white #DIYOne thing was still bothering me, though.  That light fixture!  (more…)

Dress Up Clothes Wardrobe

Pumpkin is my girly girl.  She loves everything princess and baby doll, bows all over her head, and playing dress up.  We have accumulated quite a collection of dress up clothes, so for her birthday I made her a Dress Up Wardrobe from an old TV stand.  This is a project I’ve been wanting to do for a while, but just hadn’t found the right piece of furniture.  Luckily one week before the big 2 I found exactly what I was looking for.

TV stand turned dress up clothes wardrobe #upcycle #diyWell, not exactly what I was looking for.  The size and shape were perfect! (more…)

I Love Lamp

When I gave that outdated end table new life with a colorful coat of paint I knew I needed to reevaluate the lighting situation in that corner.  The floor lamp just wasn’t going to work behind that table.  And besides, the lamp was a little blah anyway.  So I’ve been on the hunt for a lamp.  I didn’t care if I DIYed one or bought one.  I just wanted a lamp.  There was one I had my eye on at IKEA, but it was too small.  I kept striking out at the thrift store.

Last week I found a few contenders at Goodwill, but at $10 I thought the price was a bit high for a secondhand lamp that I wasn’t even sure worked. Luckily I still had some time before preschool pick up so Pumpkin and I headed over to Salvation Army and found “the lamp.”

Salvation Army Lamp

Ain’t she a beauty?  No?  OK, well, the shade is all wrong.  And the brass doesn’t work for me.  But I liked the shape and the two tone look.  And it cost me all of $2.62.

Upcycled Lamp #DIYI grabbed some Frog Tape and while watching some New Girl on Netflix I taped off the edges of the ceramic part of the lamp.  I then grabbed some plastic bags and taped them around the rest of the ceramic part, the cord and the top to protect them from overspray.

Upcycled Lamp #DIY I hit it with some metallic spray paint (and sprayed a wooden letter for the living room shelves while I was at it).   Man, hubby loves when I spray paint in the grass without putting anything down.  But, well, we don’t subscribe to the newspaper so I had nothing to put down.

Upcycled Lamp #DIYI couldn’t wait to get her back in the house and dress her up with the new shade I picked up from Target (that cost a wee bit more than the lamp itself!).  Even in poor lighting.  But here it is in better lighting.

Upcycled Lamp #DIYIgnore the fact that I still haven’t figured out what to put next to the shelves.  At least I wiped off the red “artwork” Pumpkin scribbled on the wall before taking the picture. 😉

OK, ready for the side by side?

Upcycled Thrift Store Lamp #DIYI love lamp.  I’m so glad I finally found something that works in the space!  And I got to have a little DIY fun with it (yay for spray painting weather!!!).

Anyone else squeezing in some last minute spray painting before the weather is no longer cooperative?