It’s time again for Thrift Gift Facelift!

Thrift Gift Facelift












You know, when Joanna and I swap items, facelift them and then show you what we’ve done.

This month Joanna is probably thinking she knows what I spruced up, but I’m throwing a curve ball out there.  I was out in the garage working on one project when I remembered another project I had laying around and I switched gears.

Old Dining ChairJoanna gave me this dining chair over 2 years ago to spruce up and use as an office chair.  It needed some love.


See?  Beat up vinyl cover, no cushion for the tush, some scratches and a bit of a gap in the back.

Old Dining Chair

This gap.  Nothing a little wood glue and a rubber mallet couldn’t handle.

Old Dining ChairNot to mention the broken seat.  Yep, definitely needed a little love.

Shortly after I refinished my desk I set to work on the chair to go with it.  I fixed the gap, sanded it down and gave it a little spray of primer and paint.  And then it sat at the desk with no seat for a long time.  A really long time.

I wanted to do a little work out in the garage last weekend, so we moved 3 cars, dug out the sawhorses and set to work.  While I was out there I discovered the wood I had purchased forever ago to cut a new seat for the chair.  Old Dining Chair

And I finally cut the new seat!  A much needed new seat!  That wood split the instant I took the second layer of fabric off.  I simply traced the old seat onto a piece of plywood and cut it out with my jigsaw.

Old dining chairA perfect fit!  Oh, hey, the chair is white now!  Next up, fabric.

Old dining chairI had two choices.  The polka dot was what I originally planned on, the herringbone was an impulse purchase.  I stuck with the original plan.  It’s a satiny material and the polka dots are velvety.  Fun!

Old dining chairI cut it out to fit over the seat, leaving room around the edges.  I also cut a piece of batting to fit on the new seat and sandwiched it in between.  Then I got all excited because I discovered we had an electric stapler in the garage.  Then I got all disappointed because we had no staples to fit it.  I had to use the manual stapler instead.  I pulled the fabric tight around, folding neatly at the corners and stapled it down.

Old dining chairTa da!  Much more better, right?  I simply screwed the new seat in underneath using the old screws I took out and the chair is useable again!

Old dining chairAnd much sturdier.

Old dining chairAnd it looks much cuter with my desk now.

Old dining chairNow I can get some work done!

Cupcake was so excited the chair was finally fixed. She keeps wanting to go downstairs and sit in it.  She’s easily amused.

How about one more shot? A side by side before and after?

Dining chair turned office chair

So, now I have another Thrift Gift Facelift item waiting in the wings for next month.  I guess I should put the finishing touches on it and be ahead of the game!

So, whatcha think?  Better?  Want to see what Joanna did with what I gave her?  Head over and see!

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3 comments on “Thrift Gift Facelift: Have a Seat”

  1. Oh, I LOVE it! So much so I might steal a picture and send it to my grandmother, which is where this chair came from. I think she’d love to see the makeover. Incidentally I have two other chairs of hers that need a spruce so let me know when I can drop them off and pick them back up all new and pretty. This post also reminded me of how lucky I was at my old job! The last chair we had that needed a new seat I just brought to work and my friend Mark pulled it apart, cut a new seat for me from wood he already had and put the whole thing back together again. Probably not as fun for me, but it’s a chair for Mike’s Man Cave so I didn’t have the drive to do it myself. You make it look easy though.

    I’m excited to see next months project because . . . well, for a buck I bought myself one too and it’s been sitting in the closet of the guest room ever since. So I’m interested to see what you come up . . .
    Joanna @ Midwestern Bite recently posted…Thrift Gift Facelift – The Onesie PillowMy Profile

    • I figured it was about time I finally got this done and that you’d be happy to see it. I love how it turned out, too. And I’m glad I went with the polka dot fabric. Polka dots make me happy.

      Now that I have a little more time with the thing for next month’s project I think I’ll get a little fancier than I originally planned.

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