I’m in full on kitchen cabinet painting mode.  It is all consuming, hectic, messy and taking forever.  And by forever I mean I’ve only just started working on the project a few days ago.  It’s a slow process and I am not a patient person.

Kitchen BeforeIt used to look like this, though usually messier.  Those darn oak cabinets.  I’ve disliked them since the day we moved in almost 10 years ago.  The only thing I did to update them during the last 10 years was switch out the brass pulls for sleeker brushed nickel ones.

I painted the walls grey in the late summer/early fall and switched out all the outlets from beige to white.

I started with the island.


I thought I was going to do the painting in sections to minimize the chaos, but then I realized all that would accomplish is dragging out the chaos.  There’s a lot of waiting.  Because of drying time and because I can really only work on this project when I have sleeping kids.

So after getting a coat of paint on the island, doors and drawer fronts I decided to unassemble the whole kitchen.  As of last (good photo taking) light yesterday the kitchen looked like this.

Kitchen under constructionThis is the mess I was working in when trying to bake a batch of brownies for hubby yesterday afternoon.  No wonder I goofed up the recipe!  It’s hard to work under these conditions.  I think we’ll be eating PB&J for every meal until I get this project done.  And we won’t be eating in the dining room.

Dining room mess

And it’s a good thing my car is at the body shop this week because I can’t park in the garage.

DSC_5094Yesterday afternoon I got a coat of primer on the back sides off all the cabinet doors while Pumpkin was napping.  And after the girls went to bed I got a coat of paint on the lower cabinet frames and the drawers.

So, if you don’t hear from me for a few days (or weeks) it’s because I can’t climb out from under this mess.  But when you do hear from me I’m going to have a fun reveal!


Anyone else start a big project this weekend?  Or have any encouraging words for me to get me through this one?

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7 comments on “That Time I Decided to Paint the Kitchen Cabinets”

  1. this is awesome! I would so love to do this in my kitchen but the previous owners re-did the whole kitchen in cherry wood cabinets and everyone tells me to leave it because they are sooo pretty. Yuck – I want one! lol So jealaous you are doing this, looks good so far, can’t wait to hear what you used & what it looks like.

    • See, now if I had cherry cabinets I wouldn’t have wanted to do this! But if I was starting fresh I wouldn’t pick cherry. But oak. Oh, man, do I despise these orange cabinets! I’m so glad they’re gone. Now after this I only have one more oak cabinet to paint (the hall bathroom).

  2. That’s quite a project you are undertaking! I’d love a new kitchen but mostly I want to gut it and start all over which is clearly not in the budget. I mean, what color would I even paint the cabinets to match the butter yellow countertops? I like charcoal cabinets with red kitchen accents for a more modern kitchen but if I could redo ours I’d probably pick stained wood cabinets in a softer color that doesn’t suck all the light out of the room.

    I have a playset to fix up as soon as the weather dries out. A few boards need replaced, I want to sand the whole thing lightly, stain it, and add a few painted touches to the inside (maybe a chalkboard wall) as well as the frames around the windows outside. Mike has agreed to give me baby free time in exchange for the work so I’m excited.
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    • I would have loved to gut it and start over (I drool over a certain kitchen every time I go into IKEA and I may have brought the kitchen book home just so I can thumb through the pages incessantly). But it’s definitely not in the budget so this will have to do for now.

      I can’t wait to see how the new playset looks when it’s all set up and freshened up with some stain!! P is going to love having that in his backyard!!

  3. When my family painted our kitchen cabinets, it definitely took a while, but we had done so many home improvement projects by that point I didn’t notice too much. Plus, at the same time, we were removing wallpaper in the kitchen and painting the walls. I think I did that while my mom painted the cabinets, and my dad helped both of us. It took a while even with all of us working, but it was worth it in the end! I can’t wait to see your results!

    • Oh, man what I wouldn’t give for some help on this one! Unfortunately help from a 4 year old would just result in more work and I think the same could be said for hubby. I love him, but painting is not his forte……………..

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