Bias tape is essential in sewing for finished edges and it comes in a multitude of solid colors.  Well, sometimes you want something more fun than a solid color.  Luckily it’s pretty easy to make your own bias tape!  I’m getting pretty good at sewing, but I am by no means and expert, but I am constantly trying to learn new techniques ways to become a better seamstress.  Thankfully I was given The Sewing Bible for my birthday and it’s come in handy!  It has great tips for making your own bias tape!

You’ll need your fabric and bias tape makers (ignore the denim needles for now).  The smaller the print on your fabric the better.  Depending on how wide you are making your bias tape you may not see the print if it’s too large.  I picked out this purple polka dot for my project.

One edge of your fat quarter will have a selvedge.  Cut it off.

Fat quarters are not square, so when you fold on the bias you’ll have a little extra fabric hanging out on the side.  Line up the edges of your fabric. The fold is your cut line.  You can either iron a crease and cut down it, draw a line and cut it, whatever is easiest for you.

Move your piece over and line up the edges, right sides together.  Stitch down the side with a 1/4″ seam.  Press the seam open.

Cut your fabric into strips on the bias.  How wide you cut your strips will be determined by what size bias tape maker you are using. I used a 1″ bias tape maker and measuring around the edges of it I determined I needed to cut my strips at 2.5″.  I folded my fabric in half to make the cutting easier.

Overlap the ends of your strips, right sides together.  You want a little overlap on the edges, otherwise the strips won’t line up straight when you open it up.  Stitch with a 1/4″ seam. Stitch them all together in one long strip.

Fold your strips open and you’ll see that they are lined up!  You’ll have little tails sticking out.  Snip them.  Press your seams open.

Insert the end into your bias tape maker.  If you’re having trouble getting it through use the end of your seam ripper to help guide it along.  The angled edge makes it a little easier.

As you pull the bias tape maker iron the fabric.  When you’re finished you’ll have single fold bias tape!  In this case it measures 1″.  But let’s keep going…..

Fold it in half with the cut edges in the middle and iron to make double fold bias tape!  Now my bias tape is 1/2″ and perfect for my project.  What project is that you ask?  You’ll just have to come back on Friday to see!!!!

Here’s what’s left of my bias tape after I finished my project.

And I used the piece of cardboard from the fat quarter, cut in half to store it!

How often do you use bias tape?  Have you ever made your own or do you buy the solid colors available at the craft store?

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