You guys!  Thanks to a long nap from Pumpkin I got to do some sewing this week!  It was much needed therapy after the stress of post vacation busyness.  This is a project that’s been sitting on my table since before Cupcake’s birthday party so I’m glad to have gotten to work on it.

My girlies love wearing dresses, but they also love playing hard.  And sometimes it’s hard to play in a dress.  And, really she doesn’t need to be flashing her panties to the whole playground.  Girl needed some modesty shorts.

Tutorial: Modesty Shorts #sewing #tutorialThey’re just simple, snug knit shorts that lay nicely under dresses and don’t add bulk.  I’ve bought her some little knit shorts like these before, but apparently they’re a bit hard to find this summer.  And well, sometimes you want them in a color that’s not available in stores.  Luckily a half yard of fabric will get you two pairs of these!

First up, grab a pair of well fitting leggings.

Tutorial: Modesty Shorts #sewing #tutorialI like to tuck one leg into the other, then lay them flat on my paper to make a pattern.  Trace around the pants adding 1″ to the bottom for your hem, 1/4″ on the inseam and 1 1/4″ along the waistband.  Now, you’re probably thinking, why am I tracing pants and adding a hem if we’re making shorts?  Well, that way your pattern is ready if you decide to make pants eventually!

Tutorial: Modesty Shorts #sewing #tutorialPlace your pattern  on your fabric with the outer edge on the fold.  Make sure your stretch runs across the shorts!!!! Determine the length you’d like the shorts to be and mark that on your pattern.  I went with a 4″ inseam for Cupcake’s shorts.

Tutorial: Modesty Shorts #sewing #tutorialCut out two of these.

Now we’re going to hem the pant legs.  If you have a twin needle for your machine it’s time to bust it out!  Don’t have a twin needle?  They’re pretty inexpensive, so go pick one up!  Seriously, it’ll give you a professional looking finish.  But, if you don’t want to buy a twin needle, make sure you use the stretch stitch on your machine.

Tutorial: Modesty Shorts #sewing #tutorialFold your hem up half an inch and pin in place.  The great thing about knit is it doesn’t fray, so you don’t need to double fold.  If you’re using a twin needle be sure to place your fabric with the right side up.  Stitch as close to the edge as you can.

Tutorial: Modesty Shorts #sewing #tutorialRepeat for both short legs.

Tutorial: Modesty Shorts #sewing #tutorialOnce your hem is done, stitch the legs (along dashed line).  If you have a serger, now is a good time to use it.  If you don’t, that’s OK, too.  Just stitch, still using your twin needle.  Repeat for both pant legs.

Flip one of your pant legs right side out.  Then tuck it into the other leg with right sides together.

Tutorial: Modesty Shorts #sewing #tutorialLine up your pant legs along the waist and the crotch and serge (or stitch) the entire length.

Tutorial: Modesty Shorts #sewing #tutorialTa da!  How do you like my white thread?  Eh, I don’t have brown serger thread and the machine was already threaded with white, so I just went with it.  Cupcake’s not too picky.

All that is left is to make a casing for the waistband.

Fold your fabric down 1 1/4″ and pin in place.

Tutorial: Modesty Shorts #sewing #tutorialStitch around the waistband, again, close the raw edge of the fabric, leaving a 2″ opening.

Tutorial: Modesty Shorts #sewing #tutorialThread your elastic through (the elastic should measure the same as the waistband of the shorts.  Stitch the ends of the elastic together and sew your waistband shut.

You are done!

Tutorial: Modesty Shorts #sewing #tutorialNow your girl can go play on the slide!  No peeking panties and no wedgie on the way down!

Tutorial: Modesty Shorts #sewing #tutorialAnd I need to go buy more elastic because I have one more pair of modesty shorts to make!



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7 comments on “Tutorial: Modesty Shorts”

  1. Great idea! I guess it’s ok I can’t sew with a machine since I’m not having a girl. 🙂 No modesty shorts needed! But that would have been nice growing up and not having to worry about being ladylike all of the time–haha.
    Aly recently posted…Green Mango ChutneyMy Profile

  2. Great tutorial! I found some similar shorts last year at Target but haven’t been able to find anything this year. My daughter wants to wear a dress EVERY day but is so active, she really needs some shorts under. Thank you for sharing!!

    Ps…The white thread totally works for the tutorial. Makes it a lot easier to see where you sewed 🙂
    Alicia @ Felt With Love Designs recently posted…Links With Love: The Ultimate Round-up of Summer Sewing ProjectsMy Profile

    • I thought I was going crazy because I couldn’t find them in stores this year! Glad to know it’s not just me. Shorts are definitely essential under dresses for summer play!!

  3. Hi! Great post. I could find shorts like these at Justice for about $5 for the people, like me, who aren’t very handy with a sewing machine. Question- where did you get your fabric? Thanks in advance!

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