This weekend I had the opportunity and privilege of participating in the installation of a new chapter of my sorority.  It’s not something every member gets the chance to attend, so I’m very happy to have been in a position to attend.  It is a local chapter of collegiate women that I’m excited to get to know better!  In honor of the event I thought I would sew up something pretty to wear.  I had picked up a yard of a beautiful rose print knit fabric from Girl Charlee and it was exactly what I needed.  Roses are our flower.

Tutorial : Sew a Knit Infinity Scarf #sewing #knit #girlcharlee

You can sew a knit infinity scarf in no time!  Seriously, I think this took me 20 minutes. I started with 1 yard of (60″) washed jersey knit fabric.  This is Red Roses on Dusty Pink, but apparently it was popular because it’s all gone now!

Tutorial : Sew a Knit Infinity Scarf #sewing #knit #girlcharlee

I laid my fabric right side up, then folded it in half on the short side.  Then I stitched along the long side, leave the two short sides open.

Tutorial : Sew a Knit Infinity Scarf #sewing #knit #girlcharleeNext, I stuck my arm through the tube I had just made and pulled one short end in until I reached the other open end.

Tutorial : Sew a Knit Infinity Scarf #sewing #knit #girlcharleeYou don’t want to just fold one end over.  That won’t work.  You can see I still have a tube of fabric and the right sides are facing each other.

Tutorial : Sew a Knit Infinity Scarf #sewing #knit #girlcharleeLine up your seams and raw edges and stitch all the way around, leaving a 2-3 inch opening.

Tutorial : Sew a Knit Infinity Scarf #sewing #knit #girlcharleeYou can see how I serged all the way around, and between the lines is my opening for turning.  (I serged just because it’s quick, but you certainly don’t need one!  You can just use your regular sewing machine with a stretch needle.)

Tutorial : Sew a Knit Infinity Scarf #sewing #knit #girlcharleePull your fabric through the opening, flipping right side out.

Tutorial : Sew a Knit Infinity Scarf #sewing #knit #girlcharleeNow you have what looks like an infinity scarf! But it still has a hole in it.

Tutorial : Sew a Knit Infinity Scarf #sewing #knit #girlcharleeThread your needed and do a quick hand stitch to close it up and you are done!

I think the hand stitching took the longest of all the steps.  Or maybe photographing all the steps.

And then I had to model for the photograph above because despite taking over 200 pictures on my camera I didn’t actually get a picture of myself wearing my scarf on Saturday.  #photographerproblems  Though if you follow me on Instagram you got a sneak peek of my scarf.

So, now I want to buy ALL THE KNITS and sew more infinity scarves!

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