So, the tutorial I’ve been talking about for weeks is finally here!  My model spilled cherry yogurt down her brand new dress, which meant an immediate wardrobe change was necessary, so I used that to my advantage to snap a few pictures of her in the tiered boho skirt I made her!

Tutorial: Sew a Tiered Boho Skirt #sewing #tutorial #skirtThis whole project came about because my mom bought me a sewing book at the used book store for super cheap.  It had an adorable tiered skirt in a chambray fabric.  I set out to make one for Cupcake and one for my niece.  Turns out the patterns from the book are horrible.  They don’t print out right.  Amazon reviews confirmed what I experienced.  So I scrapped the idea.  But a few weeks later I just couldn’t get the cute skirt out of my head, so I whipped one up my own way.

Shown above is a 3-tiered skirt, but below you’ll see a 5-tiered skirt which I made for my niece.  For this project I bought 2 yards of lightweight denim and used it to make both skirts.

Start by taking the waist measurement of your skirt wearer.  Also, determine the length you want your skirt to be.  And let’s do some math.

To get the width of your tiers you’ll take your waist measurement and add 6-10″ for ease. That is your first tier.  Now, depending on how full you want your skirt to be you’ll either multiply that number by 1.5 or 2 to determine the width of your next tier.  (I used 1.5 for the 5-tier skirt, but used 2 for the 3-tiered skirt)  The bigger the number, the fuller the skirt.  Repeat for the remaining tiers.

To determine the length of your tier, take your length measurement and divide by the number of tiers.  Add 1″ to your middle tiers for seam allowance.  Add 2″ to your top and bottom tiers for seam and hem allowance.

You still with me?  Good.  You’ll have a pile of fabric that looks a little something like this.

Tutorial: Sew a Tiered Boho Skirt #sewing #tutorial #skirtOn my 5-tiered skirt I actually divided my tier widths in half and cut two pieces because I didn’t have enough fabric for the bottom tier.  So I started by sewing the ends of my tier pieces together to make tubes of fabric.

Tutorial: Sew a Tiered Boho Skirt #sewing #tutorial #skirtThen I started with my top tier.  I pressed my seams open, then created the casing for the elastic waistband.

Tutorial: Sew a Tiered Boho Skirt #sewing #tutorial #skirt

On the top of the piece you want to fold down 1 1/4″ and press.

Tutorial: Sew a Tiered Boho Skirt #sewing #tutorial #skirtOpen that fold, then fold down 1/4″ and press again.

Tutorial: Sew a Tiered Boho Skirt #sewing #tutorial #skirtHead over to your machine and stitch all along the elastic casing, leaving a 2″ section open for inserting the elastic (which we’ll do at the end).

Now find your next tier and sew two rows of gathering stitches along the top.  Do not back stitch at either end.

Tutorial: Sew a Tiered Boho Skirt #sewing #tutorial #skirtGrab your bobbin threads and pull your stitches to gather up your fabric until it is the same diameter as your first tier.

Tutorial: Sew a Tiered Boho Skirt #sewing #tutorial #skirt

Line up your side seams and pin the top of your second tier (the gathered edge) with the bottom of your upper tier (the raw edge) right sides together.  Stitch all the way around.

Tutorial: Sew a Tiered Boho Skirt #sewing #tutorial #skirt I also serged my edges as this fabric frays A LOT.

Tutorial: Sew a Tiered Boho Skirt #sewing #tutorial #skirtSo after attaching your two tiers your skirt should look like this.

Tutorial: Sew a Tiered Boho Skirt #sewing #tutorial #skirtRepeat those steps for the remaining tiers.

Tutorial: Sew a Tiered Boho Skirt #sewing #tutorial #skirtOnce you’ve attached your bottom tier you’ll need to hem you skirt.  Go ahead and hem it the same way you created your casing, except stitch all the way around.

Insert your elastic and stitch the opening closed and your skirt is done!

Tutorial: Sew a Tiered Boho Skirt #sewing #tutorial #skirtDue to it’s light weight this skirt has lots of twirlability.  It’s very girly and full without too much weight.

Tutorial: Sew a Tiered Boho Skirt #sewing #tutorial #skirtCupcake loves her tiered boho skirt and I hope her cousin does, too (it’s going in the mail today!!).  It really is easy to make! No pattern necessary!

Is it still skirt weather where you are?  It’s been chilly overnight here, but the afternoons are perfect!

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