I’m declaring October “Use What You’ve Got (and Get Rid of What You Don’t Need)” month.  Partly because my non-essential government employee sole provider was furloughed last week, but also because I’m the queen of unfinished projects I decided I’m only going to finish what I’ve already started or work with what I already have.

I think this means I might actually get the last two doors on the armoire!

Corner armoire in progress

I’ll sew up some Halloween costumes for the girls.

I can work more comfortably in my craft room since I cleared out some scrapbooking/crafting stuff I can live without, making  more room for my overflow of fabric.  A better organized craft space = a more productive crafter.

Cleaning out craft supplies

While I was in purge mode we went ahead and did some work in the unfinished/storage are of the basement.  We can walk through there now without feeling like you’re navigating a maze! (but there’s still a mountain of baby stuff to deal with)

The first of two loads headed off to be donated……

Donation pile

After I drop the second load off this morning I’ll be able to park my car in the garage again!  I don’t want to have to scrape my windows off in the morning once it starts getting cold!

I’m really excited about this use what you’ve got plan.  I used what I had for my Thrift Gift Facelift project that I’m going to show you on Friday.  🙂   That’s right, no scouring every craft store and hardware store for a certain paint this month.

Cupcake is even getting in on the action!

Fun in a box

Anyone want to join me on this adventure?

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4 comments on “Use What You’ve Got”

  1. Please tell me you did NOT donate the Stampin’ Up stuff!! Unless you donate it to me that is.

    I have several boxes I am working on for donation as well. Kitchen items that haven’t been unwrapped since our wedding aka ever? Probably can go. Maybe we should blog giveaways and just mail our unused crap, er I mean treasures out to blog readers 😉

    I didn’t spend any money on this months TGF project either! Hopefully it turns out. I need the Husband to spray paint it for me tonight though. Then we’ll see.
    Joanna @ Midwestern Bite recently posted…Black Walnuts Part OneMy Profile

    • Of course I didn’t donate the Stampin’ Up! stuff! There’s value in the box! I’m going to get me some cash money for it to put into either the new camera lens fund or the new couch fund.

  2. I LOVE the feeling of getting rid of clutter! I just recently purged my kids’ toys. Unfortunately for me, clutter usually just ends up in the garage for months before it ends up at Goodwill… I desperately need an entire day to clean out and organize my garage NOW!!

    Love the site and all the cute smiles!!
    Jamie recently posted…Day Eleven: Something BlueMy Profile

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