So I’m kind of obsessed with the West Elm catalog when it comes in the mail.  I love everything in it.  I’ve done a little online shopping there, but over the weekend I went into a West Elm store for the first time ever. And I thought I died and went to heaven.  I wanted it all!  Seriously, if I didn’t have little destroyers living in my house (Oscar included) I would have way more West Elm and probably a little less IKEA.  Not that there is anything wrong with IKEA…..

Anywho.  The last time I got my West Elm catalog I fell in love with some textured abstract wall art.  It was just the colors I wanted, but it was too big, both in size and price.

West Elm Textured ArtWhat’s a DIYer to do?  Make something that wasn’t too big.

I scored a 24″ x 36″ canvas 50% off on sale at Michael’s and added a 25% off your total purchase coupon making it less than $10.  I also picked up some gesso from Hobby Lobby with a 40% off coupon and set to work.

Textured Art

I also borrowed a pan scraper from the kitchen for the job.  I have 3 of them so I could do without one.  And then I simply poured on some gesso and smeared it around with the scraper, creating the texture on the canvas.

Creating texture on a canvas I know, it’s kind of hard to see the white on white.  I repeated this in random patterns all over the canvas and let it dry.  It was my first attempt at using gesso and it dried with less texture than I hoped it would so I added a second, thicker coat.

Creating texture on canvas with gessoOnce it had dried I marked on the side of the canvas where I wanted my white line and painted a coat of white extending past the the line.

Once that had dried I taped off the line and painted over the edges of the tape so I would end up with a clean line once I peeled the tape back.

Painting textured canvasThen I grabbed my sample of yellow paint leftover from painting the key box and a can of black paint leftover from painting the vanity in the master bath.  I painted one coat of each color, purposely leaving brush strokes to add to the overall texture.

West Elm Inspired Textured Art #DIY #art #homedecorThen I peeled back the tape to reveal a crisp line!

West Elm Inspired Textured Art #DIY #art #homedecorWhile Cupcake and I were at Lowe’s for her workshop I picked up two 2x4s to make a frame.  No mitered corners.  I just cut the top and bottom longer and the sides to size.  Put a screw in each end and called it a day.  No one is going to see the ends, so I didn’t bother covering up the screws.  I gave the frame a quick coat of dark stain and plopped my canvas into it (once it dried of course).

West Elm Inspired Textured Art #DIY #art #homedecorIt’s now resting on my mantel with my finds from West Elm and IKEA.  And I really, really like it!

West Elm Inspired Textured Art #DIY #art #homedecorNow to style the rest of the mantel.  And maybe paint it or stain it or do something to get rid of the oak.  I still haven’t sold hubby on that, yet.  This project rang it at less than $20.  $10 for the canvas.  $6 for the gesso.  $2 for the 2x4s.  The rest I had on hand.

West Elm Inspired Textured Art #DIY #art #homedecorYep, I really, really like it.  I hope you do to!


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