I’m attempting to rejoin the land of the living after being knocked off onto my behind by a nasty stomach bug.  Slowly but surely I’m getting stronger, feeling better, and eating more.  I might have overdone it yesterday and been in bed before 9 pm.

It’s strange I’m on a laundry kick here on the ol’ blog these days considering I still have a broken washing machine.  It’s not so broken that I can’t use it, thank goodness.  Laundry, even small amounts of it, need to be done to survive around here.  It just keeps dumping in extra water when it’s not needed, making a lot of noise, causing the laundry to not rinse well and leaving it completely soaked after the cycle is done.  Good news!  My new washer is scheduled for delivery on Friday and I’ll be doing load after load after load of laundry then.

I’ve been a dryer ball user for more years that I can remember.  I started out using those “As Seen on TV” bumpy ones because that was all I knew.  It was better than the alternative of dryer sheets. I don’t like chemicals and fragrance in my life.  Turns out those plastic dryer balls are probably all chemically, too.  Heated plastic usually isn’t a good thing.  So, I’ve moved on.  I’m now using homemade wool dryer balls.  They were so easy to make and inexpensive, too!

Make your own wool dryer ballsYou ready to make your own?  Here’s how!  Snuggle up on the couch and put on an episode of New Girl.  Let’s go.

First pick up some wool yarn.  Not wool blend.  100% wool.  Not machine washable.  Otherwise it won’t felt up.

Wool Yarn

I picked up two skeins on sale for 50% off for $6 and got 5 dryer balls out of it.

Start your ball by wrapping the yarn around two or three fingers several times.

Make a yarn ball

Slide the yarn off and wind the yarn around the center.

Make yarn ball

And then get winding…..and winding…..and winding….

Make yarn ball

Keep going until you get it the size you want.  I went with the size of a tennis ball.

Yarn ball

Once you’re happy with the size take a yarn needle and thread the tail of your yarn through the ball to secure it.

Make wool dryer balls

Pull it nice and snug out the other end and snip off the excess.

Make wool dryer balls

I like having at least 4 dryer balls bouncing around, but I had enough yarn to make 5 so I made 5.

Wool dryer balls before felting

Now it’s time to felt them.  Gather up some old socks or pantyhose and start stuffing.  Put a ball in, secure it with a piece of string or yarn (NOT wool yarn!  You don’t want it to felt up in the wash), put another in, tie off, and repeat.

Make wool dryer balls

Run this through the wash on hot and then dry.  Your yarn should be nice and felted and ready to use in your next load of laundry.

Make your own wool dryer balls

Wool dryer balls will save you from exposure to chemicals (from dryer sheets or plastic dryer balls), save you money (they will last for years!), reduce drying time and save you trips to the store to buy new dryer sheets.  Sounds like a win win to me.

How was your holiday?  You stayed healthy right?  You keeping up on your laundry?  Talk to me!  I’ve barely left the house in days!!!!

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