10 Flexible Part-Time Jobs For 10 Hours A Week

jobs for 10 hours a week

In today’s economy, it’s often difficult to find full-time jobs that also offer flexible hours. Part-time work is one solution, but it can be hard to find a position that doesn’t require working long hours or nights.

Anyone who has ever juggled a full-time job with a family and other commitments know how difficult it can be to find the time and energy to do everything. For many people, the solution is to find a part-time job that fits around their other commitments. The following are ten flexible part-time jobs for 10 hours a week.

jobs for 10 hours a week


1. Freelance Writer

If you have a knack for writing and are interested in a variety of topics, then freelance writing could be the perfect job for you. As a freelance writer, you can work from any location and the schedule for tasks can be flexible. This job does require some self-discipline, as it can be easy to get distracted when working from home.

To launch your freelance writing career, build a portfolio of previous work and start applying for jobs. You can find writing gigs on freelancer websites, social media platforms Fiver and Upward, etc. Once you’ve landed a few clients, you’ll be on your way to a successful freelance writing career!

2. Data Entry

Data entry is another job that can be done remotely, and it’s a great option for those who are detail-oriented and have good keyboarding skills. While the work can be repetitive, it can also be relatively easy and doesn’t require a lot of experience.

All you need is a computer and high-speed internet. Then start applying for jobs online on freelancer websites like fiver and Upwork. Once you’ve found a position you’re interested in, the next step is to take a typing test to show that you have the necessary skills. After that, you can start working with the client and hunt for more jobs related to data entry.

3. Social Media Manager

If you enjoy spending time on social media and are good at engaging with others online, then this could be the perfect job for you. Social media managers help to promote brands and businesses on various platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

This job doesn’t require you to work overtime you are free to work whenever you want. To become a social media manager, one must have a strong understanding of various social media platforms and be able to create engaging content. After acquiring the necessary skills, one can look for jobs on freelancer websites or reach out to a business directly.

4. Customer Service Represent

Many customer service positions are available on a part-time basis, and some even offer the option to work from your own house. This can be a great job for someone who enjoys helping others and doesn’t mind dealing with the occasional difficult customer. Some companies also offer paid training.

There are a few things you need: a quiet place to work, access to high-speed internet, and a phone. Apply for a job and also turn on the job alert so are contract when there is a request for new hires. Once you are selected then you’ll be ready to talk with the customer and offer support.

5. Pet Sitter

If you love spending time with animals, this could be the perfect job. As a dog walker or pet sitter, you can do this job for the end of the week and work as little or as minimum as you want. So can be one of the 10 Hours Week Jobs that you do if you have nothing else to do because you are your own boss. This is a great option for those who want to earn some extra money without having to commit to a full-time job. To start working as a pet sitter, create a profile on Rover or Wag and apply for jobs. You can also babysit the neighbor’s pets.

6. Online Tutor

If you have good knowledge of certain subject areas and enjoy helping others learn, then tutoring could be the perfect job for you. Online tutors can work with students from all over the world during their spare time at the end of the week or on holidays. Not only is this an excellent way to make some additional money, but you get to do something you’re passionate about. Create a profile on Tutor.com or Chegg and start applying for jobs. Once a student has accepted you, you’ll be able to start tutoring right away!

7. Resell Items Online (Amazon FBA program)

If you enjoy shopping and finding good deals, this could be the perfect job. As an Amazon FBA reseller, you can purchase items at a lower price and then sell them on Amazon for a higher price. To start making money from Amazon, create a profile and search for discounted items. Add them to your cart and checkout, then list them for sale on Amazon.

8. Food Delivery Driver

If you have a car and are looking for a part-time job, then food delivery could be the perfect option for you. You can work whenever you want and make your own schedule. This is a great job for those who enjoy being on the road and don’t mind long work hours. To get started, create a profile on DoorDash or UberEats and start applying for jobs. Once you’ve been accepted, you’ll be able to start working right away and deliver food to the customers.

9.  E-Taxies

The best way to make money as an e-taxi driver is to drive during peak hours per week, such as during rush hour. You can also work on one-weekend work on another weekend. This is a great job for those who are looking for a flexible job and don’t mind working long hours.

All you need is a ride and create a profile on Lyft or Uber. Once set up you will be able to pick rides and earn money. Once you’ve been accepted, you’ll be able to start working right away!

10. Transcribe Audio Files

If you have good listening skills and a fast typing speed, then this could be the perfect job for you. Transcribing audio files is another easy way to earn some extra money from home, by working on other than the work days. The client will expect that you will convert an audio file into text from minute to minute accurately. Start by Creating a profile on freelancer websites and offer your services.

jobs for 10 hours a week

Why Do A Part-time Job?

Extra Money:

The most obvious benefit of having a part-time job is that you’ll have some extra money to spend. This can be used to cover unexpected expenses. Sometimes part-time jobs start offering more money than full-time positions over time.

Latest Job Alert:

in this modern find, a part-time job is much more accessible. Simply enable the Latest Job alert and you will know about the new part-time jobs in your city.

Varied Hours:

Most part-time jobs have varied hours, which can be a great benefit if you have other commitments. This means that you will have time for your favorite stuff and still, make some extra money.


There are many ways to make extra money through 10 flexible part-time jobs for 10 hours a week. Whether you want to start a new side hustle or find a part-time job, there are options for everyone. With a bit of research and effort, you can find the perfect way to make extra money that fits your lifestyle. You don’t have to choose between making ends meet and following your dreams — with a bit of extra work, you can do both.

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