Best Side Hustles Canada: Top Ways to Earn Extra Cash Now!

Best Side Hustles Canada

Canada: Land of The Free. Earn Some Extra Dollars

The USA and Canada are more alike than different in many ways. Here are some side hustles that work in Canada in 2023

Canadian side hustles

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Paid Survey Sites as a Side Hustle

Let’s get started on this money-making adventure

Before delving into the specifics of making extra income with paid survey sites, let us first understand their purpose and value. So here goes:

Top recommended paid survey sites in Canada

The First Step: Know that these platforms value Your Opinion. They want insights on various topics from real people like you.

Swagbucks, for instance, is one such platform known for its diverse range of surveys and reward options. It pays users who share their thoughts through simple online questionnaires.

You need to know where else besides Swagbucks you can make money by taking surveys.

Another top-notch site sends out regular surveys directly via email – no more constant website checking.

Bear in mind while these websites provide legitimate ways of earning money, variability exists due to availability work-wise.

They should be seen as an addition rather than main sources of income because consistency matters when completing tasks regularly.

But hey. With dedication towards this side hustle requiring minimal effort or time investment from your end…you might just find yourself making valuable additions to earnings.

Pet Sitting Services

Do you love animals?

If you’re an animal enthusiast and looking for a profitable side gig in Canada, pet sitting can be your go-to option. Be it with canines, felines, or even pocket pets – there are plenty of chances to make money.

How to Start Your Own Pet Sitting Service

You need experience first. Volunteer at local shelters or offer help to friends who have pets but little time. This is Your Step #1: Gain Experience.

Moving on from there, consider getting certified through credible organizations like Pet Sitters International. Not only does this add credibility but also provides valuable training on topics such as pet behavior and emergency procedures. This is Your Step #2: Get Certified.

Platforms Connecting Pet Owners with Sitters

Your step #1: Create a profile showcasing your skills and services offered – whether it’s daily walks, overnight stays, or drop-in visits. There are several platforms that match sitters with owners which do not require any upfront costs. (Your Content Differentiation Factor)

Now, Your step #2: Become familiarized with these online marketplaces catering specifically to Canadian users seeking reliable caregivers in their area. These platforms often come equipped with features like secure messaging systems and payment processing tools, making managing bookings easier than ever before. (Get To Know Your Audience)

BeMyEye – Earn Money Completing Missions

Alright, let’s get down to it.

The BeMyEye app is a nifty little tool that pays you for completing missions at local stores. These tasks are simple and often involve checking product placements or taking pictures – easy gigs you can do while doing your own shopping.

How does BeMyEye work?

To begin with, once you’ve downloaded the app and created an account, browse through available missions in your area. Each mission will have specific instructions on what needs to be done as well as how much it pays upon completion.

If a mission catches your eye (pun intended), accept it. Complete the task within the given timeframe and submit proof via photos or other means specified by the client. Once approved, payment goes straight into your bank account linked with BeMyEye. It’s that straightforward.

Tips for success on BeMyEye

Moving forward, consistency is key when using apps like this one; regular participation increases chances of earning more money over time. Also ensure accuracy when performing tasks since quality submissions lead to higher approval rates which ultimately mean more earnings.

Apart from monetary benefits, this platform also offers users opportunities to explore new products before they hit market shelves. So why wait? Start making some extra cash today while running errands around town.

Dropshipping Business Model

Let’s dive right into the dropshipping business model.

We’re talking about the dropshipping model here. It’s a fantastic way for you to earn passive income without having to make hefty upfront investments. You can sell products online and generate revenue through advertising and partnerships.

Be warned.  Most of these products dropship from China. Canada and China are not as friendly as they used to be. So shipping times can get messed up. And a strike at Canadian ports can delay the time it takes for your product to reach your customers.

Basics of Starting a Dropshipping Business in Canada

The first thing on your checklist should be finding reliable suppliers who are up for this venture with you – AliExpress, anyone?

Determining what goods to offer in your stock should be based on analyzing the market and recognizing what buyers want.

An effective e-commerce website is another essential part of running a successful dropship business. Shopify, a platform that helps create professional-looking online stores even if coding isn’t really your forte.

Effective Strategies for Successful Dropshipping Businesses

High-interest Savings Account

Consider opening a high-interest savings account if you’re searching for an approach to make your funds work more diligently without expending additional effort. This financial strategy can provide higher returns than traditional savings accounts and is particularly effective if you have idle cash lying around.

Vetting Potential Banks Offering High-Interest Rates

Banking institutions vary in the interest rates they offer, so it’s important to compare different banks before making a decision. Therefore, doing some research and comparing different banking institutions before making a decision is key., an online comparison site that provides information about Canadian banks along with their current interest rates, could be of great help here.

Don’t just look at numbers. Consider other factors such as customer service quality, ease of account management (online and mobile access), withdrawal restrictions or penalties, monthly fees associated with maintaining the account, etc.

Always check whether the bank offers CDIC protection. CDIC protects up to $100k per depositor against bank failure – providing peace-of-mind.

So there we go – A high-interest saving account might not sound like your typical side hustle, but trust me; once set up properly after careful consideration & vetting potential banks offering these services in Canada, it’s definitely worth considering.

Virtual Assistant Services

Let’s dive in and discuss the details of becoming a successful virtual assistant.

Before we delve into the specifics of how you can become a sought-after virtual assistant, it’s important to understand what this role entails. As a virtual assistant, your responsibility is to give remote administrative assistance for organizations or individuals who need help organizing their regular activities. This could involve anything from data entry and content creation to social media management and beyond.

Becoming a Sought-After Virtual Assistant

Step #1: Identify Your Skills. Understand your strengths and areas of expertise that can be offered as services – perhaps you’re adept at using project management software like Asana, or maybe writing/editing documents using Microsoft Office Suite or Google Workspace tools are more up your alley?

Step #2: Create an impressive online presence by setting up professional profiles on freelance platforms where potential clients can view examples of past work done by you along with reviews from previous employers. Remember, first impressions count.

Step #3: Excellent communication skills are non-negotiable in this line of work since most interactions will occur via email or video conferencing apps like Zoom. Respond promptly & professionally – always.

Step #4: Last but not least; deciding upon competitive rates for the services provided plays an integral part too. Do some research about what other VAs are charging before settling on yours. This ensures fair compensation without pricing yourself out of the market.

You can also setup a profile in Canada to sell your services on or

Self-Publishing Books

If you’ve got a talent for spinning tales or deep knowledge in a particular field, self-publishing books can be an incredible side hustle. It presents an opportunity to reveal your expertise to the globe and gain some supplemental income.

Becoming Successful as a Self-Published Author

Once you have published online, start generating interest in your work by creating content related to it and reaching out to bloggers for reviews. Start creating engaging content on social media related to your theme to help create buzz around the release date.

Apart from this, consider reaching out to bloggers for reviews that might spread the word about your new launch. Furthermore, you may also explore paid advertising options like Facebook Ads and Google AdWords, targeting interested readers in similar genres.

Last but not least, receiving positive reviews greatly influences potential buyers. So encourage early readers to leave feedback. Remember, the self-publishing journey requires patience and dedication, but the results are worth the effort.

Rent Out Your Musical Instruments Online

Alright, let’s set the stage.

If you’re a music enthusiast with instruments that are more dust collectors than sound makers, it’s time to turn them into your next income stream. Renting out musical equipment online is an untapped side hustle gold mine in Canada. It not only provides fellow musicians access to much-needed gear but also helps you generate extra cash without breaking a sweat.

Platforms Facilitating Instrument Rentals


Tips For Successful Instrument Rental Side Hustle

Moving onto making this venture work:

  1. Pricing Strategy: Before setting your price, research similar listings on the chosen platform, €”aim for competitive yet profitable pricing.
  2. Detailed Description: Be transparent about what renters can expect – include details like brand name, condition or age along with clear photos from different angles.
  3. Maintenance: Regular maintenance ensures longevity of our instruments, ”it attracts more renters due to its better quality too.

This side hustle isn’t just about earning some quick bucks; it’s also about contributing towards fostering art by helping others have access to musical tools they might otherwise find hard to afford. So why wait? Let those unused guitars, bass drums, keyboards, etc., strike up new melodies while filling up your bank account.

Sell Old Cell Phones

Let’s not waste any more time – let’s start making money from those old cell phones.

Your old cell phones don’t have to be useless paperweights. Instead of letting them gather dust in your drawer, why not turn them into cash? It’s a great way to declutter and make some extra money on the side – all while doing something good for our planet by reducing electronic waste.

Tips for Successfully Selling Used Electronics

Data Privacy Matters: Wipe off any personal data from your phone before putting it up for sale. You can use Android One, or follow Apple’s guide on how to reset an iPhone back to factory settings.

Pricing Right: The price point should neither be too high nor too low but just right. Researching current market prices will help set a fair price that attracts buyers yet maximizes profit at the same time.

Selling Platforms: Facebook Marketplace vs InkCanada

If you’re looking at reaching out directly to potential buyers, a globally recognized platform offers a vast audience base which could translate into quicker sales, especially when dealing with popular models like iPhones or Samsung Galaxies. On the other hand, InkCanada is a specialized tech-buyback company. They buy various types of electronics, including cellphones. Their easy-to-use platform allows users to list their devices conveniently and get paid swiftly upon successful transaction completion. Both platforms offer unique advantages depending on what suits the best individual sellers’ needs.

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FAQs in Relation to Best Side Hustles Canada

What is the best side hustle in Canada?

The best side hustle varies based on your skills and interests. However, popular options include paid surveys, pet sitting services, TaskRabbit gigs, virtual assistant roles, or starting a dropshipping business.

How can I make $2000 a month side hustle?

You could potentially earn $2000 per month by combining several hustles like online surveys, pet sitting, and offering freelance services. Alternatively, focus on higher paying options such as dropshipping or self-publishing books.

How can I make an extra $1000 a month in Canada?

Earning an extra $1000 monthly is feasible with tasks like completing missions via BeMyEye app, selling old cell phones, or renting out musical instruments. A high-interest savings account may also contribute to this goal over time.

How can I make $1000 a month side hustle?

To generate an additional $1000 each month, consider becoming a virtual assistant or start your own dropshipping business. Renting out unused items through peer-to-peer platforms could also be profitable.

Did you hear the story about the Canadian NHL hockey player who decided to start a small business with a few other guys??

It turned out pretty good

(His name was Tim Horton!)

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Looking at the Best Side Hustles Canada offers can be a game-changer.

Paid surveys, pet sitting, TaskRabbit gigs – all these opportunities are waiting for you to seize them.

The world of dropshipping is full of potential, and high-interest savings accounts could give your idle cash a purpose.

Becoming a virtual assistant or self-publishing books might ignite that entrepreneurial spark within you.

Renting out musical instruments online or selling old cell phones are innovative ways to monetize what’s already in your possession.

And let’s not forget about apps like BeMyEye, which turn everyday errands into money-making missions.

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