Strategies to Make Big Money Using Social Media in 2023

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There’s a lot of social media posts about people making a ton of money using social media.  It is critical to recognize that these services have shifted from merely connecting people into financially rewarding ventures. With the right strategies and understanding, your social media accounts can become a significant revenue stream.

We’ll examine numerous techniques to monetize your presence on popular social media sites like Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram and TikTok. From leveraging in-stream advertisements and affiliate marketing to navigating sponsored ads partnerships – there is a myriad of methods for making money online.

In this comprehensive guide on how to make big money using social media, expect an enlightening journey through profitable tactics such as establishing an Instagram shop or becoming part of YouTube’s Partner Program. Prepare yourself for insightful revelations about turning followers into finances or even transforming entertainment into entrepreneurship with TikTok’s Creator Fund Initiative.

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Earning on Facebook in 2023

With its whopping 2.9 billion users, Facebook is a goldmine for making moolah. From reels to ads, collaborations to subscriptions, there are endless ways to cash in on this platform.

Monetizing Reels with High Views

Get those views rolling on your Facebook Reels and watch the money roll in. The more views, the more cha-ching.

Leveraging In-stream Advertisements

Make money while your audience watches videos on Facebook. Enable those in-stream ads and share the revenue with the big F.

Collaborating with Brands for Marketing Content

Got a loyal following? Brands want a piece of that action. Get paid for promoting products and services through sponsored posts and branded content.

Implementing Paid Subscription Models

Give your fans exclusive content and experiences in exchange for a monthly fee. It’s like a VIP club that brings in steady income and fan love.


  • Make your paid subscription worth it with perks like early access, behind-the-scenes footage, and live Q&As.
  • Combine this model with other money-making strategies like merchandise sales and crowdfunding campaigns.
  • Ensure adherence to the legalities of advertising, consumer safety, and privacy requirements.

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YouTube – Where Creativity Meets Profitability

Don’t overlook YouTube as a potential source of income for your creative endeavours. With a whopping 2.3 billion users worldwide, it’s a goldmine for creators to earn cash and boost their brand.

Become a YouTube Partner

To start making money on YouTube, join the YouTube Partner Program. This program lets you share in the ad revenue generated from your videos. Just hit 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours in the past year to qualify.

Sell Merchandise on YouTube

Another way to rake in the dough is by selling merchandise directly through your channel using the merch shelf feature. You can peddle t-shirts, mugs, or any other swag related to your brand right under your video content. Just make sure you meet YouTube’s eligibility requirements.

Crowdfunding & Fan Funding Fun

Platforms like Patreon let fans support their favorite creators with monthly donations and get exclusive perks in return. YouTube also has its own fan funding feature called Super Chat, where viewers can pay during live streams to have their comments highlighted.

Earn from Music Uploads

If music creation is your jam, earn royalties every time someone uses your song in their videos through the Content ID system. It’s a great way for musicians and artists to maintain control over their work while still making bank.

In a nutshell, whether it’s sharing ad revenue as a partner, selling branded merchandise, crowdfunding with loyal fans, or profiting from music uploads, YouTube offers countless ways to turn your passion into profit on this globally recognized platform.

Pinterest – The Visual Money-Maker

Looking to turn your creativity into cash? Look no further than Pinterest. This visually captivating platform is not just for DIY enthusiasts – it’s a goldmine for entrepreneurs.

Pinterest Creator Reward Program

Get rewarded for your awesome content. The Pinterest Creator Rewards program lets you earn money based on engagement metrics. The more people interact with your pins, the more cha-ching you make.

To join, you need a business account and meet eligibility criteria. Once approved, you’ll get insights about your audience and performance analytics to boost your reach and revenue.

Make money moves with product advertising links. Showcase products in your pins and drive traffic to online stores. You can become an affiliate marketer or promote your own eCommerce store.

  • Affiliate Marketing: Earn commission by promoting products through affiliate programs like Amazon Associates.
  • eCommerce Store Promotion: Use rich Pins to add direct purchase links and boost sales on platforms like Etsy or Shopify.

This strategy works wonders because people come to Pinterest for inspiration and ideas. They’re already in the mood to buy something new.

Remember, success takes time and effort. Create quality content, analyze your data, and keep optimizing. Start making those big bucks today.

Instagram – Turning Followers into Finances

With over a billion active users, Instagram has gone from cute pics to cash cows. Whether you’re a big shot influencer or a small biz owner, Instagram can help you make bank.

Establishing an Instagram Shop

If you’re selling stuff, set up an Instagram Shop to make moolah. Showcase your products on your profile and sell them directly through the app. No need for customers to leave the platform.

  • Make your product photos pop.
  • Add detailed descriptions and prices.
  • Promote new arrivals or special offers in posts or stories.

Leveraging Influencer Marketing Strategies

Influencer marketing is the bomb on Instagram. Partner up with influencers who have a massive following and get them to promote your brand or product. Pay them or give ’em freebies. Just make sure their audience matches yours.

Use platforms like to find the right influencers. Here are some tips:

  • Check their engagement rate – how many likes, comments, shares do they get per post?
  • Make sure their followers match your target market – age range, interests, etc.

Making money on Instagram is flexible. You can focus on e-commerce sales with an Instagram Shop or go all-in on influencer partnerships. Just remember, it takes time and effort, but the payoff can be huge.

TikTok – Where Entertainment Meets Entrepreneurship

Over the past few years, TikTok has exploded in popularity. It’s not just a fun app anymore; it’s a goldmine for making money. With its viral algorithm, even small creators can strike it rich on TikTok.

TikTok’s Creator Fund Initiative

Want to earn on TikTok? Join their Creator Fund initiative. The higher your followers and engagement, the greater potential to earn from TikTok’s Creator Fund. So keep creating engaging content and watch the cash flow in.

  • Create killer content to keep your followers hooked.
  • Spread positivity because negativity kills engagement.
  • Use trending hashtags to boost your visibility.

Global Business Marketing on TikTok

If you’re running a business, TikTok is your ticket to global success. Showcase your products or services with creative videos and watch the sales skyrocket. Collaborating with influencers who share your brand values can also boost your business and bring in the big bucks.

Once you’ve built a massive following on TikTok, brands will come knocking on your door. Sponsored ads partnerships are where the real money is. Get paid handsomely to promote brands through sponsored ad campaigns. Cha-ching.

In a nutshell, TikTok isn’t just for entertainment; it’s a money-making machine. With the right strategy and dedication, you can make a living off this little app. So next time you see someone scrolling through TikTok, remember the power it holds.

FAQs in Relation to Make Big Money Using Social Media

How do people make so much money on social media?

People earn big bucks on social media through methods like affiliate marketing, sponsored content, product sales, and creator funds from the platforms themselves.

Which social media is best for making money?

The most profitable platform depends on your skills and audience, but YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook are often the cash cows.

Is social media an effective way to make money online?

Definitely. With a smart strategy and consistent effort, you can rake in the dough using social media monetization strategies.

How can I make money on Facebook $500 a day?

To make $500 daily on Facebook, you need to tap into multiple revenue streams like in-stream ads, fan subscriptions, branded content partnerships, and by selling products through a Facebook Shop.

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Make Big Money Using Social Media

Social media platforms offer endless opportunities to turn your online presence into cold, hard cash – Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, and TikTok are just a few of the money-making playgrounds.

From in-stream ads to paid subscriptions, affiliate marketing to influencer collabs, there are plenty of ways for content creators to rake in the dough.

And don’t forget about platform-specific programs like the Pinterest Creator Reward Program or TikTok’s Creator Fund Initiative – they can give your bank account an extra boost.

So get creative, put in the work, and start cashing in on Facebook Reels views monetization, the YouTube partnership program, selling merch on YouTube, using product ads on Pinterest, setting up an Instagram shop, leveraging influencer marketing on Instagram, and scoring sponsored ad partnerships on TikTok.

With a little hustle and a lot of wit, you’ll be making big bucks using social media in no time.

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