Get Paid to Play Video Games in 2023!

Get paid to play video games

Who says you can’t make money playing video games? In today’s gaming landscape, there are countless opportunities to turn your passion for gaming into cold, hard cash. Get ready to explore an exciting world of profitable gaming apps, online tournaments, and career opportunities that could potentially transform your gaming hobby into a lucrative endeavor – all through the concept of “get paid to play video games.”

Key Takeaways

  • Earn real money rewards by playing games on your smartphone and taking part in online tournaments.
  • Build a gaming career as a video game journalist, developer or QA tester for lucrative salaries.
  • Maximize income potential with strategic approaches such as choosing the right games and setting realistic goals while managing time wisely.

Top Gaming Apps That Pay Real Money

A person playing video games on a laptop and earning money

The gaming industry is continually growing and it has opened up the opportunity to start earning money playing video games through apps which offer real cash rewards. By leveraging these applications, players can now enjoy their favourite pastime as well as generate an income from doing so.

Discover some of the most popular gaming apps that reward gamers with actual cash for taking part in virtual play on their mobiles or other devices. With various incentives such as prizes offered throughout, this could be a great way to begin making money while still having fun!


By playing mobile games through the Mistplay app, users can earn gift cards to popular retailers such as Amazon, iTunes and Google Play. This loyalty platform offers an extensive range of titles including Super Mario Run, Pokemon Go and Fruit Ninja with ‘multipliers’ that will help you increase your reward potential faster. With this innovative program incentivizing gamers to discover new content while simultaneously being rewarded for their time spent gaming on phones, it is now possible to get extra money simply by enjoying mobile games!


At InboxDollars, they are an innovative company that enables you to gain financial rewards from providing valuable opinions about your virtual and purchasing habits. From card games to strategy and action games alike, play any of the diverse arcade game collection offered on this platform in order to take home a cash prize or even join in their tournaments for more chances at winning big. What’s more, when signing up with them, there is a welcoming bonus of $5 which kicks off your gaming experience!

Enjoying some favorite activities while getting compensated? That’s what InboxDollars offers – playing entertaining online titles along with acquiring real money prizes! Take advantage now and see if it would be possible for you to win additional earnings through these types of engaging pastimes!


Swagbucks is an exciting platform that rewards its users for their gaming habit, offering points known as SB in return. With Swagbucks you can not only enjoy a wide variety of games, but also make some money from your hobby! All you have to do is take part in activities like playing video games or watching videos. Answering daily trivia questions on the app such as those found within Swag Bucks Live will rack up even more earnings. Once collected, these earned points can be exchanged for gift cards and PayPal cash – giving you lots of freedom over how best to spend it all! Make sure not miss out on this fantastic chance to turn gaming into profits – check out what’s available at Swagbucks today!

Solitaire Cube

Solitaire Cube, a competitive solitaire app accessible on iOS Apple Store and Samsung Galaxy Store, is the perfect way to challenge yourself playing this classic game. Players of similar abilities can match up in tournaments with an equal set of cards for fair play and have the chance to take home cash prizes when they place among the top three contenders.

This interactive application offers people who enjoy Solitaire card games not only lots of fun but also great opportunities to earn real money: by participating in either head-to-head or multiplayer challenges you might just win some valuable rewards! With such potentially rewarding gameplay experience, there’s nothing that would stop you from testing your skills against other challengers while earning cool cash prizes if lucky enough.

Overall, Solitaire Cube combines entertainment value with ample chances for users taking part in its competitions successfully reaching higher places than others could – offering them attractive financial awards as well!

21 Blitz

If you’re an avid blackjack player looking to make money playing video games, then 21 Blitz is the perfect platform for your gaming needs. Through tournaments and interactive crossword puzzles, gamers can participate in lucrative head-to-head or multi-player competitions that may result in cash prizes being won. All withdrawal requests are processed swiftly so that users receive their winnings promptly within a week’s time. This opportunity allows players to take advantage of their skills by potentially making real money through gaming activities without ever leaving home!

Get Paid to Play Online Games

A person playing video games on a laptop and competing in tournaments

For people who love playing video games, there are various ways to make money while doing so. Websites and gaming apps offer opportunities like tournaments with cash prizes that can help gamers generate an income from their skill in the activity they enjoy. Many platforms provide these chances for players of online games to gain financially by putting their talents into action.

World Winner

World Winner is an online and mobile gaming platform hosting tournaments with cash rewards up for grabs. To participate, players must pay a minimal fee of $0.25, which contributes to the grand prize pot. Varieties of games such as Spades, Super Plinko or Angry Birds can be found on their site allowing people from all sorts of backgrounds to get involved in this fun experience! With the bonus code “WELCOME” new users will gain access to an extra ten dollars credit upon signup, no strings attached!

Embarking on World Winner presents gamers with a unique opportunity that not only offers skill-based challenges but also potential lucrative outcomes too. Challenge yourself today and find out if you have what it takes to win big money against other competitors around the world wide web!


Do you wish to make money through gaming? Then look no than GamerSaloon, an online platform that provides gamers with the opportunity to take part in competitive tournaments and win cash prizes. All you have to do is create a profile, deposit your entrance fee – then join other participants for real-money prize competitions! After claiming victory in these exciting events, players can easily collect their earnings by utilizing PayPal or check systems provided by GamerSaloon.

So if monetizing your gaming skills interests you, why not test yourself against others on this thrilling platform of online tournaments for valuable rewards!

PCH+ Games

A person playing video games on a laptop and creating gaming guides and tutorials

Playing mini-games on PCH+. Games could lead to some interesting rewards, like tokens that can be used for entering sweepstakes with a chance of winning weekly prizes. With multiple genres available (from classic arcade titles to mobile hits), this free app is sure to provide an entertaining experience while possibly securing something extra in return. So why not try out the games and see if luck smiles upon you? You might just end up taking home one of those great gifts!

Turn Your Gaming Skills into Income

A person playing video games on a laptop and becoming a video game coach

If you are passionate about video games and possess the necessary gaming skills, there is potential to monetize your hobby. Gaming apps as well as other online platforms offer ways for gamers to make money while enjoying their favourite pastime. Here we will explore some of the most effective methods available today that enable individuals to turn their gaming proficiency into income streams.

From leveraging gameplay videos on popular streaming sites such as YouTube or Twitch, to creating blog posts/tutorials related directly to specific titles – these tactics allow players everywhere a chance at capitalizing off what they love doing! ESports tournaments can also provide another avenue through which skilled gamers may gain financial rewards by showcasing mastery in various video game genres.

Become a Video Game Coach

Video game coaching is a lucrative career path for those with an expert knowledge of the medium. It provides an opportunity to leverage gaming skills into income, typically ranging between $26-75k annually depending on qualifications and experience in particular titles. Coaching involves sharing your own advice and expertise alongside establishing competitive rates as well as creating a marketing strategy so that potential customers can be reached effectively. By providing individualised assistance to gamers looking to advance their ability, it’s possible to combine one’s enthusiasm for video games with helping others refine theirs too!

Create Gaming Guides and Tutorials

Making guides and tutorials to benefit the gaming community is another way of monetizing your gaming experience. You can earn money through advertising, sponsorships or charging a fee for special content. To make these instructions informative and interesting, you will need to capture screenshots, edit game footage along with incorporating text effects, music and animations into them.

Your hard work in creating such resources could be advantageous not only for those looking to improve their skills, but also lucrative on its own – so it’s definitely worth putting effort in! With creativity combined with dedication, there really are possibilities when it comes to leveraging knowledge within the gaming world.

Participate in Esports Tournaments

If you have exceptional gaming skills and a passion for playing video games, esports tournaments can be an excellent way to make some money. You don’t even need to leave your home. Just show up online with top-notch talent in popular titles like League of Legends, Dota 2 or CS:GO. By engaging in these digital competitions, successful professional gamers are rewarded handsomely through cash prizes as well as sponsorships and endorsements that boost their income.

So if you think competing is something you could excel at within the world of gaming, give it a go! With enough practice, dedication and being good at a particular game title, there may come an opportunity where this commitment will pay off financially.

Build a Gaming Career

An image of a person playing video games and earning money, representing how to get paid to play video games and build a gaming career.

If you have an intense love of video games and want to establish a long-term occupation in the gaming industry, there are various options available. Ranging from journalism to production and quality assurance, the video game industry provides career choices that can match different abilities and preferences.

When it comes to potential job pathways within these companies specifically dedicated to creating video games, numerous paths come into play.

Video Game Journalist

If you are passionate about video gaming and possess excellent writing skills, becoming a professional video game journalist could be the right fit for you. This position allows people to express their love of all things related to gaming while earning an income that ranges from $26K, 100K per annum depending on qualifications and experience. By dedicating yourself to the job with commitment and perseverance, anyone can make a successful career out of reporting on events in the gaming industry as well as producing reviews or discussing relevant news topics regarding this space within the worldwide gamer community.

Video Game Developer

The gaming industry is a booming place for game developers who are looking to create their own video games. A successful career as a video game developer requires technical skills such as knowledge of mathematics, physics and programming languages like C++, JavaScript, etc., with an average salary ranging from $60K-$70K per year. If the idea of developing your own world through coding sounds exciting then this could be just the profession you’re searching for! With hard work and dedication, you can make valuable contributions to push forward our collective gaming experience – so give it some thought if that’s what interests you.

Quality Assurance (QA) Tester

The gaming industry relies on Quality Assurance (QA) testers to review the technical components of gameplay and fix any issues that might impact user experience. This role comes with an annual salary around $50,000 for those who possess strong problem-solving abilities along with exceptional attention to detail. It’s a great chance to take part in building the future of gaming, all it takes is commitment and dedication!

By being one of these QA testers, you’ll be behind the scenes making sure gamers have an enjoyable time playing their favorite games.

Tips for Maximizing Your Gaming Income

A person playing video games on a laptop and managing their time wisely

By playing the right video games and making money out of them, being smart about what you do with your time can help boost your gaming income. Set realistic objectives and don’t let gaming overshadow other responsibilities. This will maximize profits from all hours spent on these activities. When it comes to earning money through playing games, having a strategy in place is key, so take advantage of opportunities while ensuring that they are aligned with set goals!

Choose the Right Games

In order to maximize earning potential and improve your overall gaming experience, it is important to select the right video games. Find titles that offer monetary rewards as well as a large player base in order to generate income. To find these great options, look into online reviews of different games along with popular discussion forums within the industry for insider knowledge on high-quality titles you can benefit from financially.

Adopting an approach centred around strategy when selecting video games will help create success both monetarily and personally by finding activities that complement your interests and skills simultaneously. Remember: The key factor towards getting successful results comes down to choosing video game selections which not only provide rewarding payouts but also fit best according to personal preference.

Set Realistic Goals

It is important to be realistic when it comes to managing your expectations and sustaining enthusiasm while pursuing gaming income. There are some strategies for constructing productive objectives: set targets that you can realistically accomplish, make sure they’re measurable with a specific timeline, divide larger aspirations into achievable mini-goals, maintain focus and recognize even the smallest of successes on the way there. This will help avoid frustration as time passes without seeing results. Remember, progress takes time.

Manage Your Time Wisely

Finding a good equilibrium between gaming and other obligations is important to ensure successful money playing video games. These hints will help you in achieving it: formulate an agenda for allocating time for gaming, work or anything else, take regular intervals during your game sessions so as not to get drained out of energy, set limitations on the duration of each session if needed. Achieving balance among activities helps you have fun while gaining rewards from playing video games at the same time. Remember that well-managed routine means success when making money with video games!


For those passionate about gaming, there are numerous ways to turn your hobby into a money-making venture. Through online tournaments and apps for video games, as well as potential careers in the gaming industry, you can make profit with proper planning and management of time. To unlock this lucrative opportunity through playing video games, it is important to set realistic goals while selecting suitable titles that align best with them. Only then will one be able to maximize their rewards from all of these endeavors!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much can I get paid to play video games?

As of October 18, 2023, playing video games in the US can yield an average salary of $20.35 per hour.

Does PayPal games pay real money?

Playing games that pay through PayPal is easy and rewarding. Mistplay, Swagbucks and Blackout Bingo are just a few of the real money earning opportunities available to gamers looking for an effortless experience while still gaining cash rewards.

How do YouTube gamers make money?

Gamers who upload videos on YouTube can earn money through advertisements if they have achieved at least 10,000 views. Monetization is possible by allowing subscribers or offering virtual products and apparel related to the video content.

Can I earn real money by playing games?

You can earn real money by playing certain online games or entering tournaments. Games like bingo, solitaire and pool allow for competitive play that may offer rewards in the form of cash prizes. Additionally, platforms like Skillz Games have opportunities to compete against other gamers for real-money payouts, while streaming services like Twitch provide potential for earnings if you become a star.

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