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Making money as a line sitter

Have you ever thought about making money by just waiting in line?

Line sitting is a unique side hustle where people can get paid to wait in queue for someone else looking to save their time and energy. This blog post explores the concept of line sitting, how it works, tips on earning more through this business venture as well as ways entrepreneurs have turned queuing into an enterprise!

From finding out what events require sitters, getting started with standing by lines or becoming successful at turning your wait-time into cash – let’s learn all there is know about the art of being compensated while lining up!

Key Takeaways

  • Turn waiting into earnings with line-sitting, earning up to $35/hr
  • Register with apps or market yourself independently
  • Develop patience and endurance, time management & punctuality to maximize income

The Art of Line Sitting: Turning Waiting into Earnings

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Line sitting has become increasingly popular, in particular at product launches and events such as sample sales. Companies like Same Ole Line Dudes have set up their services for those who do not want to spend time waiting in a queue themselves. Allowing them instead to focus on other tasks while someone else holds the place for them. People interested can pursue it as a potential side job and potentially earn from $25-$35 an hour depending on how busy the event is that they are attending. It begs the question then of where did the line sitting originate? And what kind of crowds require line sitters?

The Birth of Line-Sitting Businesses

The idea for businesses centered around line sitting can be attributed to Robert Samuel and Jennifer Goff, who saw potential in people paying to avoid waiting a long time. Robert started Same Ole Line Dudes after he managed to get money by selling his place at the queue for an iPhone launch. Using popular events, item debuts, as well as taking advantage of emerging gig economies have transformed queueing into a successful venture nowadays. Consequently, there is now access to a wide range of services offering line sitters both within various locations and different occasions requiring lines such as Skip The Line, founded by Jennifer where you are able to pay someone else to wait on your behalf.

Popular Events and Launches for Line Sitters

Line sitting is a popular and successful business started by the founder of Same Ole Line Dudes, Robert Samuel. It has enabled people to earn money without much hassle by waiting in line for Broadway tickets or similar events such as Apple product launches, exclusive restaurant openings, etc. Being knowledgeable about upcoming happenings helps these line sitters seize on opportunities and bring in extra cash flow. While some may face long queues leading to substantial wait times at these occurrences, it makes it the perfect platform for those looking into making an income out of this occupation.

How to Get Started as a Line Sitter

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For those considering the line-sitting trade, there are two distinct routes to take: signing up with apps and platforms or going solo. It is critical that you contemplate both paths before selecting one because they each offer different advantages.

Registering for an app can bring a consistent flow of customers as well as manage payments, but independent promotion through websites and social media allows increased control over rates and hours worked. Let’s explore these options. In greater detail below!

Registering with Line-Sitting Apps and Platforms

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Sitters for lines can connect with people in need of their services through apps such as InLine4You, Spotblaze, and TaskRabbit. This makes it easier to focus solely on waiting as these platforms usually charge a fee or percentage from earnings. To get started using the app, download it onto your device and create an account that will display any relevant experience you have along with available slots, this may help boost visibility so clients are more likely to choose you over others. As positive reviews accumulate after jobs completed successfully, your reputation will improve thus opening up better earning potentials too!

Marketing Yourself as a Professional Line Sitter

If you would like to be your own boss, marketing yourself as a professional line sitter through websites, social networks or other online listings such as Craigslist can offer that independence. Not only does this give you more flexibility in terms of rates and timeframes, but also the range of services available. To do so effectively, here’s what is recommended: emphasize any skills and experience with positive feedback from past clients. Use all possible sources for connections, social media forums, etc.; establish yourself as someone dependable yet efficient which will result in increased work potential.

Skills and Qualities of Successful Line Sitters

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Line sitting is an occupation that requires professional line sitters to possess certain skills and traits in order to be successful. Patience, endurance, time management, punctuality – all of these qualities enable the linesitter not only survive long periods of waiting, but also gain customers’ trust for a repeat business.

It’s important to emphasize how much difference can one additional half hour make when it comes to professional line sitting job performance. With patience and endurance, as well as good use of hours spent on-site. Success will follow any disciplined Line Sitter on their journey in this profession.

Ultimately those very same features are what differentiate great performers from mediocre ones while giving clients a positive experience during each stage of the waiting process hence allowing for future collaboration with them by securing repeated orders down the road due sheer excellence exhibited every single day they take up such responsibility seriously enough!

Patience and Endurance

For line sitters, patience and endurance is a must in order to survive the long hours of waiting that come with this job. Building up these capabilities can assist you in keeping your composure during difficult moments as well as helping maintain an optimistic outlook throughout the entire process.

Various methods exist which help foster patient behavior and resilience such as participating in activities requiring determination, engaging stress management strategies or even setting achievable goals for yourself. Not only do these competencies benefit those who wait on lines, but they also allow individuals to grow their own personal strength when it comes to other areas of life too!

Time Management and Punctuality

Line sitters should plan well and be prompt in order to secure a good spot and fulfill customer expectations. Early arrival, especially during the first hour of an event, could make all the difference when it comes to lining up successfully. Time management is important for this task – set achievable objectives, arrange regular rest periods, understand how prioritize efficiently tasks are essential steps. Punctuality conveys professionalism which can strengthen business ties with customers by developing confidence between them both sides.

Maximizing Your Line-Sitting Income

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To help maximize your line-sitting income, consider the following strategies: focusing on high demand times and events. Utilizing any skills or services you can offer to enhance a client’s experience. Diversifying the type of lines sitting services available.

By taking advantage of these approaches, you should be able to take full advantage of this side hustle opportunity for earning money.

Look into ways in which you can capitalize on busy seasons and occasions so that customers will benefit from your presence even more than usual—think special packages or perks based off their needs! Also leverage whatever skill set is at your disposal like providing items needed while they wait, such as snacks or magazines. Diversify by branching out beyond just one kind of line service—try different locations too if possible since those may require separate training/licenses etc. Utilize all methods within reason for increased success with gaining new clients thereby increasing earnings potential overall via long term relationships built along the way.

Capitalizing on High-Demand Seasons and Events

During times of increased demand, like popular holidays and product launches, line sitters are able to earn more from their odd jobs. When there is a surge in need for these services, the price rates can be raised meaning even greater profits! To make sure you do not miss out on any lucrative moments, it’s wise to keep up with upcoming events which could provide additional income opportunities through your line-sitting sideline hustle.

Offering Additional Services

The line-sitting industry can be profitable in more ways than one, as offering additional services such as purchasing event tickets or booking tables at restaurants provides the opportunity to make extra cash. Not only this, but these add-ons also ensure an improved customer experience which could lead to potential referrals and repeat business from satisfied customers. It is important that you take into consideration any legalities and ethical duties when providing these supplemental services so your conduct remains trustworthy – being mindful of details like venue policies will help build a strong reputation whilst maximizing earnings through line sitting activities.

Legal and Ethical Considerations for Line Sitters

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Line-sitters should be familiar with any relevant venue regulations and abide by them for their services to remain reputable and problem free. To have a successful side hustle as a line stander, here are some tips:

Firstly, comply with the rules of whatever location you will operate in while also making sure fairness is upheld in your service delivery. Clients must know exactly what your offering entails. Provide clear communication on both ends so everyone understands exactly what it involves. It’s important that top customer service always takes precedence – clients need to feel taken care of! Lastly, optimize your processes continuously or else efficiency may suffer which could put customers at an unfair disadvantage. By keeping these tips close at heart, you can become known as the go-to reliable line sitter around town!

Navigating Venue Policies

It is important to understand the regulations and policies of any venue when it comes to line sitting, in order for you or your clients not get into trouble. For instance, some venues enforce that one person can only have one line sitter – a rule which cannot be broken with pre-bookings as well.

By following these rules loyally, we ensure smooth proceedings for everyone involved while keeping on top of set guidelines by the location.

Ensuring Fairness and Equity

Line sitters/standers need to ensure that their services are equitable and just when they offer line waiting. This way, people in the queue can trust them better and maintain a good business reputation as well as stay away from any legal troubles. To uphold these principles one must follow venue guidelines without unfairly disadvantaging anyone who is standing in line or being disrespectful of other’s rights while queuing up for something.


To sum up, line sitting is an appealing and lucrative way to make extra money. It consists of taking the place in a queue on behalf of other people for exclusive products releases or events. To be successful at this job, you must comprehend how the market works, hone necessary abilities and traits and also target high-demand times during special occasions. With that said, if one has patience, perseverance coupled with sharp skills in managing time, waiting might actually become profitable! Why not give line sitting a try? It may well turn out to be your favourite side gig yet!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you get paid to wait in line?

It is possible to get paid for standing in a line. Those who hire these services typically cover all the related costs, such as providing food and drinks for their ‘line standers’. Hiring one could be beneficial if you don’t want to spend your time waiting anymore. The people that offer this service can also be hired through person-to-person hiring practices, so it may well worth checking into!

How much do you pay someone to wait in line?

Samuel from Same Ole Line Dudes offers services of line-waiting for $25 in the first hour and an extra cost of $10 per additional half hour.

What is the app that pays people to stand in line for you?

The InLine4You® app connects users to a team of professional line-sitters known as Spotters, who take care of the waiting for them in exchange for remuneration. Standing in line is no longer an issue with this innovative solution that allows people to outsource their standing tasks!

What is wait in line?

Standing in line one behind the other, waiting for their turn to do something, is what’s known as “waiting in line” here in the United States. In Britain, they refer to it as a ‘queue.’

What events typically require line sitters?

If you want to purchase tickets or items for certain events that are hard to come by, then it may be worth considering hiring a line sitter. Line sitting is typically used when there’s high demand (i.e., product launches, Broadway performances, concerts and massive sales). This way you can save yourself the trouble of queuing in long lines!

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