Get Paid to Take Pictures On Your Phone

Get Paid to Take Pictures

Get Paid For Taking Photos With Your Phone

We had heard this distributed around the internet. We decided we take a look, and see if we could find someone that was really doing this.  And yes, we found some people making serious money from their photos.  One guy uploaded a picture of a brick wall. A customer used it for his background on a bunch of things, and he gets a good 4 figure check every month.

So, can it be done?  Yes

But as always, there’s a little more to the story!

get paid for your photos


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Making Money with EyeEm

Let’s get crackin’.

Before we dive into the nitty-gritty of how you can turn your smartphone photography hobby into a lucrative side hustle, allow me to introduce you to EyeEm, an innovative platform that allows photographers like yourself to sell their work. I mean all kinds of shutterbugs – pros and newbies alike.

Understanding the Functionality of EyeEm

Eyem is more than just another app on your phone; it’s essentially an online community made up of both amateur and seasoned photographers sharing and selling their creative captures. The interface? Clean as a whistle. You’ll find uploading images from either your computer or directly from your mobile device is as easy as pie.

Besides providing a marketplace for photos, what makes this platform stand out are its regular missions where users submit themed photographs for cash prizes. It adds another layer of income potential while encouraging creativity among its members.

How to Upload and Sell Photos on EyeEm

To start earning through EyeEM, all you need to do is create an account using either an email address or social media profile (yes, it’s that simple.). Once logged in, you’ll notice the ‘Upload’ button at the top right corner – click there and select files from various sources such as Facebook albums, Dropbox folders, etc.

Your priority should be high-quality images because these tend to attract more buyers. Also, consider including detailed descriptions along with relevant tags, as this will increase visibility when customers search the vast library of pictures available for sale. Prices vary depending upon size, but typically range between $20-$250 per photo sold via partner agencies like Getty Images. They share 50% of the revenue with the photographer, which means if one picture gets sold for $100, the photographer earns $50 out of it.

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In the next section, we’ll explore other platforms like Foap, Shutterstock, etc., allowing beginners to make money by selling pictures taken with smartphones while highlighting some effective strategies for maximizing profits. Stay tuned.

Key Takeaway: 

EyeEm offers a simple and lucrative platform for both amateur and professional photographers to sell their work. With an easy-to-use interface, regular cash prize missions, and a 50% revenue share on sold photos, it’s an excellent avenue to turn your photography hobby into a profitable side hustle.

Earning Through Foap App: A Comprehensive Guide

Let’s begin our exploration of Foap app and how it can help you make money.

Before we delve into the specifics of how you can start earning money through your smartphone photos using Foap app, it’s crucial to understand what this platform is all about and why it stands out among other photo selling apps.

Getting started with Foap

Foap isn’t just another stock photography website; it’s a community-based platform that allows photographers around the world to monetize their creativity by selling unique snapshots taken from their smartphones. Here are some steps on how you can begin:

  • Step #1: Download the Foap app either from Google Play or Apple Store and create an account following easy prompts provided within the application.
  • Step #2: Select the ‘Upload’ button in-app and choose which image(s) you want to submit for sale. Add tags & descriptions before submitting them for review as they help increase visibility when users search through thousands of images available on Foap’s marketplace.

Tips for meeting Foap’s photo acceptance criteria

  • – Focus: Your main subject should always be clear unless blur has been used intentionally as part of artistic expression.
  • – Lighting: Avoid overly dark/light areas; proper lighting plays a vital role in capturing high-quality images.
  • – No Watermarks: Foap does not accept watermarked images, so ensure none are present while submitting your work.

The key factor distinguishing successful sellers from others is uniqueness and creativity. So don’t be afraid to experiment with different angles, subjects, and compositions to capture shots that stand out amongst the competition.

Selling Photos on Stock Websites

Alright, let’s break it down.

The online world is brimming with opportunities for photographers to sell their work. Platforms like Adobe, Shutterstock, 500X, Envato Elements, and Dreamstime are some of the most popular ones where you can turn your smartphone photography into a steady stream of income.

Guide to selling photos on Adobe Stock

Adobe Stock, my friends, is not just another stock photo website. It’s an excellent marketplace that integrates seamlessly with various Adobe Creative Cloud applications – meaning more eyeballs from designers and creatives on your shots.

To get started here’s what you need: create an account (easy peasy), upload your best clicks (make sure they meet Adobe’s quality standards), and voila. You’re ready to make money every time someone purchases one of them. The earnings per download depend upon several factors but contributors usually earn between 20% – 60% commission rate from each sale made.


Photojobz  A Really Good Guide To Navigating This Opportunity (click here)


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Making money through other platforms

We’ve talked about Adobe; now let me tell you about other fantastic places where you can cash in by simply uploading those stunning pictures sitting idle in your phone gallery.

Before uploading any picture onto these platforms, ensure that each image goes through a review process; only high-quality images would be approved for sale.

The payout structure depends largely upon how many downloads your photographs receive; so aim at capturing unique moments or perspectives – remember folks love something different.

Besides selling individual photos, there’s also an opportunity to earn extra via referral programs. If someone signs up using the link provided by the platform, an additional percentage of the sales they make within the first two years gets added to your wallet.

So go ahead, give this side hustle a shot; who knows, it might end up being your main gig.

Key Takeaway: 

Turn your shutterbug hobby into a money-making venture by selling photos on platforms like Adobe Stock and Shutterstock. Ensure high-quality clicks, capture unique perspectives for more downloads, and leverage referral programs to boost earnings. Your smartphone could be the golden goose you never knew about.

Turning Art into Merchandise

Let’s discuss how to monetize your art.

If you’ve got a keen eye for capturing captivating images with your smartphone, there are platforms that allow you to transform those photos into merchandise. By leveraging the right platform, your art can reach a much wider audience and create additional revenue streams.

Using Merch by Amazon Effectively

Merch by Amazon, an on-demand service, lets artists create and sell their designs on various products without any upfront costs or inventory hassles. You simply upload your design, choose the product type and color, set a price point – then sit back as Amazon takes care of production logistics along with shipping and customer service duties.

To turn this platform into a money-making machine requires understanding its ins-and-outs:

Ensure relevant keywords are peppered throughout titles & descriptions in order to enhance visibility within search results. Keep adding new designs based around trending themes or seasons – this keeps customers engaged.

Making Profits from MiPic & Instaprints

A platform similar to Merch by Amazon allows photographers like yourself to sell work either as prints or printed onto items such as phone cases/pillows, etc. Here too, it’s important to optimize description text using apt keywords which helps improve discoverability.

Freelancing Your Photography Skills

All right, here’s the scoop.

No experience is necessary to monetize your photography skills – even novice photographers can find success through freelance platforms. Freelance platforms are brimming with opportunities for photographers at all levels of expertise.

Setting up an Appealing Profile on Fiverr

To kick things off, let me explain how you can set up an appealing profile that draws potential clients in like bees to honey. Start by selecting a professional-looking profile picture and crafting a compelling bio that showcases your photography skills and experience.

The next step? Fill out the portfolio section with examples of your work. This gives possible customers a chance to sample your work before making the decision to employ you for their venture. Make sure you include different types of photographs – diversity is key.

Advertising Photographic Services Effectively

Moving forward, it’s time we talk about advertising photographic services effectively on freelance sites such as Fiverr (or any other platform). One way is through offering packages or bundles instead of just individual services – think photo shooting plus editing together at one price point.

Apart from pricing strategy, the description plays a crucial role too. It should clearly outline what exactly the client will receive if they choose this service – number of revisions allowed? turnaround time?

Promoting yourself outside these platforms also helps bring more business; sharing links on social media networks with catchy captions makes you stand out as a photographer. Selling Photos Online: A Beginner’s Guide Shutterstock Blog Post On Selling Stock Photography Tips & Tricks provides great insights into how beginners can start making money online through their photography.

Remember though – success won’t happen overnight, but persistence pays off eventually.

Do keep learning new techniques and trends related to smartphone photography or whichever niche interests you because staying updated is vital in the digital world today.

Key Takeaway: 

Even as a novice, you can monetize your photography skills through freelancing platforms. Create an enticing profile on sites like Fiverr, showcase diverse work samples and offer bundled services at attractive prices. Effective self-promotion coupled with continuous learning of new techniques and trends will eventually yield success.

Learning Resources For Better Photography

Let’s dive in and see what we can discover.

If you’re aiming to take your mobile photography proficiency and earning potential up a notch, there’s an abundance of resources at your disposal. From online courses that cover the basics and beyond to books filled with expert advice – everything is at your fingertips.

Recommended Online Courses For Smartphone Photography

The first step? Finding an excellent online course tailored for smartphone photographers like yourself.

Photography Basics and Beyond: From Smartphone to DSLR Specialization on Coursera, taught by Michigan State University faculty covers all aspects from composition basics to advanced photographic techniques. It’s a comprehensive guide designed specifically for those using their smartphones as their primary camera tool.

And don’t worry if you’re more into iPhone-specific training; there are plenty of options out there too. Just make sure the one you choose offers detailed modules on how best utilize iPhone cameras’ unique features.

Must-read Books On Mobile Phone Photography

Moving onto print media…

Mobile Photography: How To Make Your Pictures Great by Jo Bradford provides practical tips about creating beautiful images using just our handy dandy smartphones. This book covers various topics such as working under different lighting conditions, editing apps usage, effectively sharing pictures etc., making it a must-have resource.

Remember this though – no matter what resources we use or how much knowledge we gain through them; without practice nothing works.

So grab these opportunities now. Learn new skills today so tomorrow can be even brighter (and better photographed.).

FAQs in Relation to Get Paid to Take Pictures

How do I get paid for taking pictures?

You can earn money by selling your photos on stock websites, apps like Foap and EyeEm, or turning them into merchandise. Freelancing your photography skills is another lucrative option.

What is the app where you post pictures and get paid?

Foap and EyeEm are popular apps where you can upload your photos for sale. They offer a user-friendly platform to monetize your smartphone photography.

How much can you get paid for photos?

The earnings vary based on the platform, quality of photo, demand in the market, etc. However, some photographers make hundreds to thousands per image sold online.

Which website pays for photos?

Websites such as Adobe Stock, Shutterstock, 500px Prime, and Dreamstime pay contributors when their images are downloaded or licensed by customers.

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Getting paid to take pictures is no longer a distant dream, but an achievable reality.

You’ve learned about various platforms like EyeEm and Foap that let you sell your smartphone photos.

We dove into the world of stock websites such as Adobe Stock and Shutterstock where your creativity can earn you money.

The potential of turning art into merchandise with Merch by Amazon, MiPic, and InstaPrints was also explored.

Fiverr emerged as a great platform for freelancing your photography skills without needing professional experience.

And remember those online courses and books we recommended? They’re there to help enhance your photography techniques for better earning potential.

So grab that phone, start clicking away, because it’s time to turn passion into profit!

And don’t forget to look at the guide we recommend.  Photojobz (click here)

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