Get Paid To Watch TV: Exciting Ways to Earn Extra Cash

You Can Get Paid To Watch TV

Okay, this sounds like Clickbait and a scam right from the start.  But we decided to do some investigating to find out if you really can make money by watching TV. In this digital age where streaming services are in extremely high demand, opportunities to make money watching tv have become increasingly prevalent.

We’ll explore various ways through which you can earn money while indulging in your favorite pastime – from becoming a professional Netflix tagger and participating in online surveys, to joining the Nielsen family or even earning cash by watching video ads on platforms like Earnably.

In addition, we’ll delve into some unique opportunities such as writing captions for shows and reviewing pre-release content. Relax and begin to make some money while still having the ability to take pleasure in your favorite television programs.

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Become a Tagger for Netflix

Ever wondered how Netflix always knows what you’re in the mood for? Thank the taggers. They’re the ones who get paid to watch and categorize Netflix’s massive collection of content. Talk about a dream job.

Being a tagger may sound easy, but it takes a sharp eye and a deep knowledge of different genres. Your role as a tagger is crucial in making Netflix’s recommendation algorithm even better, which means happier viewers.

You can do this job without ever having to leave the house – no pants or commute necessary. No need to put on pants or commute to an office. It’s remote work at its finest.

But beware, competition for these positions is fierce. So make sure your application shines brighter than a supernova.

For more details on becoming a tagger, check out Netflix’s jobs page. It could be the perfect side hustle for you if getting paid to watch TV is your idea of living the dream.

Watch Videos on Swagbucks

Earn some cash for your enthusiasm in TV programs and films? Swagbucks is an online platform that pays you to watch short news clips. Earn points, called SBs, by answering questions about the content. It’s like getting paid to be a couch potato.

Swagbucks offers a variety of genres, from humorous to suspenseful. The more videos you watch and the more questions you answer correctly, the more SBs you earn. It’s a win-win situation.

Want to know your earning potential? By spending a few hours each day on Swagbucks, you could earn up to $225 monthly. That’s some serious cash for watching videos. Since 2008, Swagbucks has already paid out over $429 million to its users. Cha-ching.

Joining Swagbucks is a piece of cake. Simply sign up with your email or link your Facebook account, and you’re good to go. Start earning while enjoying your favorite video content. It’s that easy.

Note: Some people have turned watching videos on Swagbucks into a full-time gig, making a substantial monthly income. Don’t overlook the possibility here. It could be your ticket to financial freedom.

Join the Nielsen Family

Become a Nielsen family member and gain the opportunity to get compensated for watching your favorite TV shows while having an impact on what is broadcasted. Plus, you’ll have the power to influence what gets aired on TV. Nielsen is famous for tracking viewing habits through digital boxes and web activities.

Signing up is a breeze. They’ll send you a device that tracks what you watch, so you can just keep doing your thing – no need to change a thing.

As a Nielsen panelist, you can earn up to $50 a year. Sure, it may not sound like a fortune, but it’s passive income – money earned while doing what you love. And that’s not all, every month you’ll have a shot at winning $10k in sweepstakes as part of the Nielsen family.

But wait, there’s more. By simply watching TV and sharing your feedback, you’ll be shaping the future of programming decisions across networks worldwide. Talk about power.

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Caregiving Jobs – Binge-Watching TV with Seniors

Love old movies and vintage TV shows? Caregiving jobs let you get paid for watching your favorite programs. Elderly folks enjoy companionship and shared activities like TV time.

Platforms like ZipRecruiter list these caregiving roles. You’ll help with household tasks, provide emotional support, and yes – indulge in some good old-fashioned TV. Not only is this job financially rewarding, but it also allows you to enrich someone’s life by engaging in activities they enjoy.

The best part? This job isn’t a chore; it’s like an enjoyable pastime. You can catch up on classics or find new favorites while making someone feel less alone. Caregivers often form meaningful connections, adding an extra layer of fulfillment.

As for pay, caregiver wages vary by location and duties, but generally range from $10-$20 per hour according to PayScale data. So why not turn your TV obsession into a rewarding side gig?

Make Money with Earnably

If you’re looking to earn some extra cash, check out Earnably. It’s a reward site where you can make money by watching videos, completing tasks, or taking surveys.

Easy Sign-Up Process

Signing up is a breeze. Just provide your email and create a password. Once you’re all set, begin collecting points immediately. You can redeem them for instant cash via PayPal or gift cards from popular retailers like Amazon and Starbucks.

Watch a Variety of Videos

Earnably provides an extensive selection of video clips, from music videos to film trailers and mini-movies. Watch more videos, earn more points, and increase your earnings potential.

Referral Bonuses

Want to boost your income? Earnably also rewards you for referring others. When someone signs up using your referral link and starts earning points, you’ll receive 10% of their earnings. The more people you refer, the more you can earn.

With its user-friendly interface and diverse ways to earn rewards, Earnably is a great option for making money while enjoying interesting content. Start watching and earning today.

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Reviewing Pre-release Content

If you’re the type who loves being the first to know about new songs, fashion items, or commercials, then reviewing pre-release content is your ticket to fame. Websites like Slicethepie offer unique opportunities where you can review these items before they hit the masses.

Your feedback has the power to make or break artists, designers, and producers. Plus, the better your reviews, the fatter your wallet gets.

How To Write Killer Reviews On Slicethepie

The secret to raking in the dough on Slicethepie is simple: write epic reviews. Here are some tips:

  • Get Specific: Instead of saying “I liked it” or “I didn’t like it,” spill the tea on why.
  • Keep It Real: Honesty is the best policy. If something doesn’t float your boat in a song or product, say it constructively.
  • Break It Down: Analyze every nook and cranny – lyrics, melody, design, usability – you name it.

You can easily sign up on Slicethepie using your email or Facebook account and start making moolah while enjoying exclusive access to fresh content. Remember: Your opinion matters and can shape future trends.

Paid Writing Captions/Subtitles For Shows

If you’re a language whiz or a super listener, writing captions and subtitles for shows could be your next big gig. It’s like transcribing audio into text, but with a twist of translation for bilingual folks.

Requirements For Captioning Job Roles

To rock this role, you’ll need sharp ears, speedy fingers, and an eagle eye for accuracy. Some companies want experience, while others offer training. Check out Rev and Scribie for captioning freelancing opportunities. Pay rates vary from around $15 to $25 per hour, contingent on the intricacy.

Captioning jobs aren’t just about the cash. They make content accessible to the hearing-impaired and subtitle-loving peeps. So, you’re earning and promoting inclusivity in media consumption.

This side hustle is flexible, perfect for multitaskers or homebodies looking to boost their income. Just remember, time management is key. Deadlines are no joke.

Part of Focus Groups

If you love watching TV and sharing your opinions, participating in focus groups is a great way to earn some extra cash. These groups are organized by market research companies that want your feedback on new shows or movies before they’re released. It’s like being a TV critic, but with money.

You can find these opportunities on sites like and Focus Groups USA. Sign up and get notified about upcoming sessions that match your interests. And the best part? Score some serious dough for your time – we’re talking hundreds of dollars an hour. Cha-ching.

The process is simple: watch the show or movie, then share your thoughts during a discussion session. Your input could shape everything from plot developments to character arcs. So not only is this a lucrative side hustle, but it’s also a chance to be a TV influencer. Move over, Kardashians.

But remember, these gigs fill up fast because of the sweet payouts. So don’t dilly-dally when opportunities arise. Start getting paid today for doing what you already love – watching TV. It’s a win-win situation.

Unique Opportunities

If you’re a television fan, there are some remarkable chances to gain cash while enjoying your preferred hobby. One such platform is, where they pay you to watch specific shows or movies. How cool is that?’s Previous Campaigns And Their Rewards

In the past, CableTV has offered attractive payouts on a weekly basis for viewers willing to binge-watch selected series. During the Christmas season of 2023, they ran an exciting campaign where one lucky winner got a whopping $2500 just for watching holiday-themed films. Talk about getting paid to spread some holiday cheer.

But wait, there’s more. CableTV also hosts seasonal events around holidays. These events involve watching popular festive flicks and sharing your thoughts about them online. It’s like getting paid to be a movie critic, but without the fancy job title.

The process is usually straightforward: sign up for their program, watch the assigned content within a given timeframe, and share your experiences on social media using designated hashtags. It’s as easy as binge-watching and tweeting. #DreamJob

So if you’re someone who loves spending time in front of the screen and wouldn’t mind getting paid for it too, keep an eye out for these unique opportunities from CableTV and similar platforms. Score some extra money while having a blast watching TV – it’s a double bonus. It’s a beneficial arrangement for all parties involved.

A Pet Sitter While Binge-Watching Your Favorite Shows

Combine your love for animals with your passion for binge-watching by becoming a pet sitter. It’s like having a Netflix marathon with adorable companions.

Pet sitting involves taking care of someone else’s furry friend while they’re away. Care for the animal, provide sustenance and ensure their safety. And when they’re busy being cute, catch up on “Stranger Things” or “The Crown”.

The best part? Earn between twenty and thirty bucks hourly, contingent on the number of animals and amount of attention needed. Check out Rover and for pet sitting opportunities.

Turn this side hustle into a booming business over time. Start today and make money while enjoying your favorite shows.

FAQs in Relation to Get Paid to Watch Tv

How can I get paid for watching TV?

You can earn money by becoming a Netflix ‘tagger’, joining the Nielsen family, participating in focus groups, writing captions/subtitles for shows, reviewing pre-release content on platforms like Slicethepie, or pet sitting while binge-watching.

How do you get paid $2000 to watch TV? previously ran campaigns offering $2000 to people who would binge-watch specific series or movies within a certain timeframe.

Does Netflix pay people to watch?

Yes. Netflix hires ‘taggers’ who are responsible for viewing and categorizing their vast library of content. It’s essentially getting paid to watch TV.

Can you get paid for watching movies and TV shows?

Absolutely. Platforms such as Earnably and Swagbucks offer opportunities where users can make money by watching videos, including movies and TV shows.

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Get Paid To Watch TV:

Make money watching TV by becoming a Netflix tagger, earning cash or gift cards on Swagbucks, joining the Nielsen Family, or finding caregiving jobs where you can watch TV with elderly people.

Watch videos online and earn money through platforms like Earnably, or get paid for writing reviews, captions, or subtitles for shows.

Participate in focus groups related to TV shows and provide valuable feedback, or keep an eye out for campaigns from that offer rewards.

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