How to Get Cheap Plane Tickets

how to get cheap plane tickets

One of the reasons we wanted to start doing a side hustle was to have more money for the nicer things in life.  A better place to live, and the finer things like travel.

We all know those people who get amazing deals and take these great trips.  How do they do it without breaking the bank?  That’s what we decided to find out.  We hope you use the information below to save money on your next airline trip.

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Myths About Cheap Flights

We’ve all heard various theories about finding cheap flights. Some say booking on a specific day of the week will guarantee you lower fares. However, airlines adjust their prices constantly based on factors such as demand and competition, so there isn’t a universal “cheapest” day to book your flight tickets.

Though airfare may appear to be the most expensive aspect of any trip, it is possible for other costs such as accommodation, food and transportation to exceed this expense depending on your destination and length of stay. Hence, it’s crucial not to just focus solely on getting the cheapest flights but also plan for these additional costs in order to keep overall expenses under control.

Finding Flexibility with Travel Dates and Destinations

In the search for cheaper fares, flexibility becomes a key player. Being rigid with dates limits your chances of striking gold. Airline ticket pricing varies from one day to the next due to a multitude of variables, including seasonality and market dynamics. If you want to score a bargain, you must be willing to flexibly adjust your plans.

Pricing strategies employed by airlines are complex creatures. They use algorithms taking into account historical data, passenger demand, route profitability, among others, to set fares at any given moment. This debunks another common myth – “The earlier I book my flight ticket, the cheaper it’ll be”. Yes, early bird discounts exist; however, they aren’t guaranteed every single time. Hence, stressing out and missing out on buying six months ahead isn’t worth it. Keep monitoring price trends closely using reliable tools such as Google Flights’ Price Tracker feature to score the best deal possible. Remember, securing cheap flights is only the beginning of the journey towards affordable travel. Once that’s done, there are still ways you can further cut down costs, like avoiding foreign transaction fees, using international credit cards or debit cards without charges, ensuring savings even after booking tickets for an amazing deal.

Key Takeaway: 

Don’t buy into flight booking myths; there’s no universal “cheapest” day. Instead, keep an eye on fluctuating prices and be flexible with your travel dates for the best deals. Also, remember that cheap flights are just one part of budget-friendly travel—don’t overlook other potential savings.

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The Art of Flexibility in Booking Flights

When seeking out cheap flights, flexibility is more than a virtue €”it’s an art. It involves not just the dates you select for travel but also your departure and arrival points.

If there’s a specific region or country on your bucket list, why not consider less-known cities within that area? These hidden gems often have cheaper fares and offer unique experiences far from crowded tourist traps.

Identifying the Cheapest Days to Fly

Finding which days are cheapest for airfare requires patience and some investigative skills. While it isn’t set in stone, midweek departures usually come with lower price tags compared to weekend ones.

A tool like Google Flights, equipped with its flexible date calendar, can help identify fare patterns over time. By shifting your departure or return date by merely one day earlier or later, you could save hundreds of dollars on flight tickets €”proving how crucial flexibility really is when booking flights.

Bear in mind too that buying at least two months ahead generally yields better deals as airlines don’t yet know their seat occupancy rate; hence they start off prices low before gradually increasing them closer to takeoff time when business travelers tend to make last-minute bookings.

Your Home Airport: A Key Factor

Selecting where you fly from €”the home airport is another critical factor affecting ticket costs for both domestic and international flights alike. Larger airports typically boast numerous routes, potentially leading to lower fares due to increased competition among airlines. In contrast, smaller regional airports are served by fewer carriers, limiting price competition and resulting in higher overall ticket expenses.

You should therefore always check nearby airports to see if any of them offer significantly cheaper options worth considering, even after factoring in additional costs of getting there using public transportation or private vehicle hire services such as Uber or Lyft, depending on the distance involved, of course.

Key Takeaway: 


Flexibility is the golden ticket to cheap flights. Look beyond popular cities and consider midweek departures. Use tools like Google Flights for fare patterns, book two months ahead, and check fares from nearby airports. Remember, every dollar saved on tickets adds up.


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Finding Amazing Deals with Budget Airlines

Budget airlines can be a treasure trove of cheap fares if you know how to navigate their offerings. These carriers operate on lean business models, which often means cheaper flight tickets for passengers like us. Remember, not everything is as perfect as it seems; you may have to sacrifice things like in-flight meals or more legroom for a lower fare.

To make your search easier, platforms like Going (formerly Scott’s Cheap Flights) compile deals from various budget airlines, allowing you to find amazing deals without breaking a sweat.

Exploring Domestic and International Budget Airlines

The world of budget airlines is vast indeed. On home turf, we have domestic options including Spirit Airlines, Frontier Airlines, and Southwest Airlines among others – each having its own baggage policies and onboard services, so do read up before making any bookings.

If international flights are what you’re after, then look no further than Ryanair in Europe or AirAsia in Asia – both offer affordable travel across continents while maintaining commendable safety standards.
Note: Always review terms and conditions thoroughly when dealing with low-cost carriers since they may charge extras for checked luggage or seat selection, thereby potentially negating initial savings made through cheap fares.
You should also check whether these airlines fly into major airports directly or use secondary ones located away from city centers as this could incur unexpected transportation costs upon arrival at your destination.

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Leveraging Flight Search Engines

Alright, let’s talk about flight search engines. Knowing the ins and outs of flight search engines can be a major help when looking for low-cost flights.

Mastering Hidden City Ticketing

The first thing on the agenda is hidden city ticketing. This clever strategy involves booking a flight that has a layover at your actual destination and then simply skipping out on the connecting flight. For example, if you’re flying from New York to Chicago but discover that it’s cheaper to book a journey from New York to Denver with a stop in Chicago, go ahead and do just that – disembark at Chicago.

Skiplagged, an ingenious tool specializing in finding such opportunities, can help here. But remember, there could be potential risks like airlines banning frequent offenders or checked luggage being sent through to the final destination instead of the layover point.

Moving forward: Google Flights and Skyscanner. These robust platforms allow comparison of fares across various airlines simultaneously while also providing features enabling users to track price drops specific to routes or travel dates – quite handy when planning budget trips.

To make these tools work best for you, try using their flexible date options where possible because prices often vary significantly based on departure day or time, so playing around might reveal some unexpected deals.

Last piece of advice: don’t forget airline websites themselves. While third-party sites offer great resources for comparing costs, sometimes going directly through an airline website may lead to exclusive offers unavailable elsewhere, so always cross-check before making any final bookings.

Maximizing Airline Rewards Programs

Let’s get to the heart of the matter.

To really save money on your flights and make the most of those amazing deals you’ve secured, it’s essential to tap into airline rewards programs. These programs are designed for travelers like you who want more value for their money every time they fly.

Smart Strategies for Booking Flights

Finding cheap flights involves more than just searching and booking. It requires a strategic approach that can significantly save money on your flight tickets.

The first strategy is to book tickets individually rather than as a group. When you’re purchasing multiple seats, airlines tend to price them all at the highest rate due to demand-based pricing models.

A second technique worth considering is looking for fares in other currencies. If the currency of an airline’s home country is weaker compared to yours, this could result in cheaper prices when converted back into your own currency. However, remember it’s crucial to use credit cards without foreign transaction fees while employing this method.

Making Last-Minute Bookings Work For You

Last-minute bookings often carry with them a reputation for being costly since airlines aim to capitalize on urgent travel needs. Look for opportunities to get around the expensive last-minute booking stigma.

Airlines prefer selling remaining seats at discounted rates over leaving them empty – after all, every unsold seat represents lost revenue. So keep an eye out, especially now that many airlines offer last-minute deals and flash sales to fill up their planes.

Early Bird Catches the Worm – Timing Your Flight Bookings Right

The trick to securing cheap flights often lies in when you book. The prime booking window, typically 2-3 months before departure, is generally your best bet for snagging a great deal.

Airlines tend to adjust their prices based on seat occupancy during this period. If there are many seats left unbooked, they may lower fares to encourage more travelers.

Dodging Peak Business Traveler Seasons

Ticket prices can surge during peak seasons when business travelers are frequently flying. This increased demand can cause airfares to rise significantly.

To sidestep these price hikes and find cheaper fares, consider planning your trips outside of traditional vacation times like summer holidays or major festive periods—these off-peak or shoulder seasons could be your ticket to savings.

Last-Minute Deals: A Double-edged Sword?

Sometimes last-minute bookings can result in fantastic deals if airlines need to quickly fill empty seats; however, it’s not always reliable as flight tickets might also skyrocket at the eleventh hour due to unpredictability in market dynamics.

If flexibility in travel dates and destinations is possible, exploring such options is worth considering but solely relying on them for budget-friendly airfare would not be advisable. Utilizing airfare predictive tools, which alert users about potential changes based on historical data and trends, can be a useful tool to save money and plan ahead without having to constantly check rates yourself.

Utilizing Airfare Predictive Tools For Savings

In today’s digital age, predictive tools have become a handy resource for savvy travelers looking to score affordable flight tickets. One example is Google Flights’ Price Tracker function, which notifies you of impending fare fluctuations derived from past patterns, allowing you to strategize accordingly and ensure maximum savings on your next trip.

In essence, understanding the nuances of airline pricing is crucial to nabbing the cheapest flights. Remember, the early bird gets the worm, so aim to book well in advance, avoid high-demand periods, and keep an eye out for sudden drops in costs. Happy travels.

Key Takeaway: 


Snagging cheap flights boils down to smart timing and strategic planning. Aim for the prime booking window, dodge peak travel seasons, and cautiously consider last-minute deals. Leverage digital predictive tools like Google Flights’ Price Tracker for alerts on fare changes. Remember, as in life, the early bird catches the worm.


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Ensuring Savings After Booking Your Flight Tickets

You’ve managed to snag those cheap fares, but the savings don’t stop there. There are more strategies you can employ post-booking that will stretch your travel budget even further.

Avoiding Foreign Transaction Fees on International Flights

When flying internationally, foreign transaction fees might sneak up on you and chip away at your hard-earned savings. These pesky charges apply when purchases are made overseas or with international merchants using certain credit cards.

The good news is these costs can be avoided by opting for credit cards without foreign transaction fees. Many of these also come packed with additional benefits such as rewards points and travel insurance – bonus.

Saving Money With Airline Extras: It’s All in The Details

Beyond booking flights, being strategic about airline extras can help save money too. For instance, packing light to dodge checked baggage fees could result in substantial savings, especially if you’re dealing with budget airlines known for their strict luggage policies.

In-flight snacks and entertainment? Bring them from home instead of purchasing onboard – every penny counts. Plus, some airlines offer discounted rates during check-in for seat selection rather than prebooking.

Leveraging Airport Lounges Without Breaking the Bank

No longer a luxury exclusive to business travelers only, airport lounges have become accessible cost-effective havens before boarding your flight, offering amenities like free food and drinks (including alcohol), WiFi access, showers, and comfortable seating areas where one may relax prior to departure.

Gaining entry doesn’t necessarily require first-class tickets or elite status anymore – many travel credit cards now include complimentary lounge access among their perks, making it possible even for savvy everyday travelers.

To find out whether this option makes sense financially based on how often you fly, consider comparing the annual fee of an eligible travel credit card against what it would cost to pay per visit directly at each airport lounge.

Key Takeaway: 


Don’t let your savings stop at the ticket purchase. Dodge foreign transaction fees with certain credit cards, pack light to avoid baggage charges, bring snacks for in-flight munching and consider travel credit cards that offer airport lounge access. Every penny counts.


FAQs in Relation to How to Get Cheap Plane Tickets

How to Get Cheap Flights When Prices Are High?

You can still find affordable fares by being flexible with your travel dates and destinations, using flight search engines, or leveraging airline rewards programs.

How to Get a Cheap Flight?

Cheap flights can be secured through strategies like booking during off-peak times, utilizing budget airlines, taking advantage of last-minute deals, and maximizing reward points from travel credit cards.

Is It Possible for Flights to Get Cheaper?

Absolutely. Flight prices fluctuate based on demand and supply. They often drop closer to the departure date if seats remain unsold.

Do Flight Prices Go Down Closer to the Date?

Sometimes they do. If an airline hasn’t filled all its seats as the departure date nears, it may lower ticket prices in an attempt to sell out the flight.


Unlocking the secrets of How to get cheap plane tickets is no longer a mystery.

You’ve debunked common myths and understood that flexibility in travel dates and destinations can lead to cheaper flights.

You now know about budget airlines, their amazing deals, and how they are your allies in finding affordable fares.

Mastering flight search engines like Google Flights or Skyscanner has become second nature for you. You even learned about hidden city ticketing!

Airline rewards programs aren’t just jargon anymore; they’re tools for free flights and upgrades.

Your booking strategies have evolved – from considering indirect flights over direct ones to making last-minute bookings work for you.

The early bird indeed catches the worm when it comes to timing your flight bookings right. And once booked, savings don’t stop there with tips on avoiding foreign transaction fees!

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