How to Start a Mobile Spray Tan Business

mobile spray tanning business

Have you ever dreamed of starting your own business and escaping the 9-to-5 grind? A mobile spray tan business might be the perfect opportunity for you! With low startup costs, flexible scheduling, and convenience for your clients, this booming industry offers a lucrative and satisfying venture. Plus, you’ll be providing a safer alternative to traditional tanning beds by offering sunless tanning services. So, what are you waiting for? Dive into this ultimate guide and learn how to start a mobile spray tan business today!

Key Takeaways

  • Start a mobile spray tan business to enjoy low startup costs, flexible scheduling & convenience for clients.
  • Obtain certification and training for an edge in the market.
  • Leverage digital advertising, social media & local listings to promote your services and expand revenue!

The Perks of a Mobile Spray Tan Business

A woman getting a mobile spray tan in her home

A mobile spray tan business is the perfect choice for entrepreneurs who are on a budget as it requires lower startup costs than traditional stationary tans. Flexible scheduling makes this type of business easier to manage around one’s personal life, while clients can enjoy the comfort and convenience of having their spray tan done at home or any events they attend.

Say goodbye to expensive retail spaces in favor of increasingly successful businesses that provide sunless-tanning solutions with handy portable booths! Spray tanning businesses have become more popular over time due to being much healthier than using regular tanning beds. Providing customers a hassle-free way into beauty without exposing themselves to UV rays from prolonged exposure.

Low Startup Costs

Starting a mobile spray tan business has attractive appeal due to its low startup costs. Traditional salons require costly equipment and retail spaces, whereas it takes minimal investments in terms of essential items for this endeavor. The total cost could range from $5,600-$16,000 which makes it feasible as an entrepreneurial idea! When purchasing the necessary airbrush machine, tent and high-grade solution. One can expect to pay on average between $500 – $3k for the former item (machines), followed by prices ranging from approximately 80-100 dollars per professional tent required & quality solutions costing up to 100 dollar/quart or liter basis brand product. Hence with these fundamental tools at your disposal you are able to launch a prosperous mobile spray tanning business without draining bank accounts excessively!

Flexible Scheduling

When you operate a mobile spray tan business, you get to enjoy the advantage of flexible scheduling. As the owner of this kind of venture, your availability and that of your customers will dictate when appointments can be scheduled. This makes it easy for both parties involved to achieve work-life balance while providing optimal service at all times. For those with busy schedules in their jobs, nothing beats being able to have mobile appointments!

To stay on top of things, various apps are useful such as MySunless, Pocket PA Appointy GigaBook and Varo. These tools make it easier for owners and businesses alike to best arrangeavailable appointment slots, appropriately spread promotion materials through monthly party agenda, plus maintaining awareness of what competitors around you are upto as an extra effort to rise ahead in the field.

Convenience for Clients

A picture showing a person using a mobile spray tan machine to start a mobile spray tan business for the convenience of their clients.

Mobile spray tan businesses provide luxury services and unmatched convenience to clients who would rather get a flawless sun-kissed glow in the comfort of their own home or an event instead of going out to visit traditional salons. Not only is it possible to book these mobile tans for multiple people at once, perfect for weddings, gatherings, etc., but also word-of-mouth from content customers can help promote your business even further! Thus you will draw those who value time as well as retain loyal clientele through offering personalised touchups, making them choose mobile spray tanning over other options available.

Essential Equipment for Your Mobile Tanning Business

A woman setting up a mobile tanning tent in her backyard

For a successful mobile spray tan business, it is essential to have the right equipment. Professional airbrush machines are key for achieving perfect and long-lasting results. Coupled with quality tanning solutions in an appropriate tent – these three components give your clients the flawless finish they desire from their mobile spray tan service experience.

Airbrush Machine

For a successful mobile spray tan business, an airbrush machine is necessary to achieve that perfect sun-kissed finish. This portable tool provides uniform application of the chosen tanning solution over your customer’s body, for high quality and flawless results. When searching for an ideal airbrush unit, consider price range, trustworthiness of brand, as well as compatibility with suitable solutions such as MaxiMist SprayMate Pro HVLP System, Evolution Pro, Fascination FX Kit or Fuji soloTANTM alongside Norvell’s Professional Machine or Naked Sun Ion version. Investing in superior equipment can help you guarantee satisfaction from your clients while also solidifying a professional reputation within the industry when it comes to doing sprays tans.

Tanning Tent

Portability and ease of setup make a tanning tent an ideal part of mobile spray tan equipment. These tents allow clients to have privacy during the session while also creating a professional atmosphere, so you should look for one with waterproof and stain-resistant material, high quality construction materials, as well as good lighting/visibility at its top when purchasing them for your business. A couple popular models suitable for any size spray tan enterprise include Naked Sun Black Spray Tan Tent or HVLP Professional Spray Tanning Tent.

Tanning Solution

When starting a mobile spray tan business, it’s important to select the right spray tanning solution. This is achieved by using high-quality ingredients such as dihydroxyacetone (DHA), aqua (water), nut oils, and nourishing components like collagen or retinol for an ideal color result. Popular brands include Norvell, Artesian Blend, California Tan and Awaken Anti Aging, which offer customizable shades that are long lasting with quick drying times when used with compatible equipment.

By picking a quality provider, you’ll ensure your customers look amazing after each treatment!

Obtaining Certification and Training

A woman getting certified in spray tanning

To set your mobile spray tan business apart from competitors and ensure professional results, certifications and trainings are necessary. Obtaining certifications in spray tanning techniques is key to mastering the art of giving a quality sunless-tan, while continual education on industry trends will help you stay at the top of your game with best practices for running an efficient mobile spray tan business.

Certification Programs

Getting certification through programs like Norvell University, Spray Tan Class and Aviva Labs is the best way to demonstrate dedication in offering high quality tanning services. Those courses can be a great investment for mobile spray business owners as they provide insight into expanding their career while promoting safety amongst customers. Depending on your budget and objectives, there’s a wide range of options available that should fit any requirements you may have when looking into training opportunities specific to this industry.

Gaining certification will equip one with all the know-how needed to offer exceptional service while advertising expertise via marketing strategies tailored towards setting apart from other businesses within this sector such as mobile spray tans or tanning businesses etc.

Training Resources

It’s important to stay up-to-date on industry trends and best practices through various training resources. That is why obtaining certification as well as engaging in regular online courses, workshops or programs like Udemy, Spray Tan Class, Nuda Professional Launch Gateway Aviva Labs Norvell University Your Perfect Glow Happy! Tans can provide valuable insights for you to refine your skills while remaining knowledgeable about the latest tanning methods. This will ensure that when providing service to clients it’s of top quality thus giving a competitive edge within the growing mobile spray market not just with tan but also other related services such as waxing etc.

Legal Requirements and Insurance

A woman getting a business license for her mobile spray tanning business

Before engaging in mobile spray tanning, it is essential that you fulfill the legal needs and procure suitable insurance coverage. Having an acceptable level of protection as well as complying with local guidelines will safeguard your business against potential liabilities and claims which may come up during its lifespan, ultimately contributing towards its successful operation.

Business License

Getting a business permit is obligatory for anyone who runs a mobile spray tan enterprise in most places. Securing one will ensure that local ordinances and regulations are adhered to, as well as allowing the legality of your operations. The application process may vary from place to place, so consulting with your local State Secretary’s office and cosmetology board about their requirements would be prudent.

The average fee associated with obtaining a license for running this type of business is normally around $100 (varying according to location).

Insurance Coverage

When running a mobile spray tan business, insurance such as general liability and property coverage is essential for protecting your operations. General liability insurance will help guard against any claims that could result from accidents, injuries or destruction of somebody else’s assets caused by the services you provide. Property Insurance covers losses to possessions owned by your company, including tools and equipment, due to accidental damage or theft.

Insurance costs for mobile spray businesses can vary between $250-$500 annually depending on the provider chosen. It may be beneficial in terms of providing peace-of-mind while growing this type of enterprise if one considers investing in appropriate coverages like BBI Beauty Insurance Plus Elite Beauty Society Alternative Balance Insurtec Inc.

Setting Your Prices

A woman setting prices for her mobile spray tanning services

Establishing reasonable rates for your mobile spray tanning enterprise is imperative to ensure profitability and stay competitive. To determine an accurate pricing strategy, review other providers’ prices, calculate necessary expenses and time spent on each job as well as aiming at making a profit. Speaking airbrush sessions with qualified professionals range from $30 up to $80 depending on the technician’s qualifications plus location factors.

Making sure that you remain affordable within the industry is key, yet don’t underprice yourself either! Keep in mind customers are more than willing to pay higher fees for getting convenient mobile spray services – so by carefully setting correct price points your targeted audience will recognize great value thereby ensuring success of this business venture over long term basis.

Marketing Strategies for Your Mobile Spray Tan Business

A woman using social media to promote her mobile spray tanning business

Once your mobile spray tan business is up and running, it’s time to focus on marketing plans that will draw in customers and help the company grow. Utilizing social media channels as well as digital ads can be an effective way of doing this. Local listings should also be taken advantage of so you have a better online presence, thus reaching more potential clients for your mobile spray or tanning business.

Social Media

By leveraging the potential of social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to promote your mobile spray tan business, you can draw new clients in. By displaying artwork created by yourself or offering discounts via these platforms along with conversing regularly with followers, a loyal base will be formed around your spray tan operation.

To Enhance this reach, even more collaboration could occur between influencers along with conducting ads through various networks, which provide promotional benefits for any kind of mobile sunless-tan service provider. Customers who have been satisfied throughout their visit to the salon to post reviews on all communication mediums while including hashtags & images regarding what they experienced from said enterprise’s offerings would gain much deserved attention too!

Digital Advertising

A woman adding her business to local business listings

Creating ads for digital media such as Google Ads and social networks can aid in bringing more attention to your mobile spray tan business. Optimizing the ads with specific objectives will help you target clients who are interested in getting a spray tan within your locality.

Typically, Google searches for keywords. Ads would cost about one to three dollars per click when it comes to promoting this kind of service, so carefully monitoring results is key if you want an effective budget that yields good rewards from investing into advertising efforts related to running a successful mobile spray or sunless tanning services company.

Local Business Listings

A woman expanding her mobile spray tanning services to include other beauty treatments

Local business directories, such as Yelp and Google My Business, can help increase your visibility for mobile spray tan businesses. It gives clients the opportunity to more easily locate you, read customer reviews, and gain information on services provided by your tanning enterprise. To optimize these listings:

  1. Ensure that all of information is current & accurate when it comes to describing what type of mobile spray service you supply.
  2. Ask customers who have used your services if they would be willing leave a review or comment online concerning their experience with yourspraytanbusiness,
  3. Reply promptly & professionally in case any feedback appears which will make consumers feel respected while maintaining the reputation of your spray tan brand!

Expanding Your Services

As your mobile spray tanning business increases in success, consider expanding to reach a broader audience and enhance revenue. By introducing new services such as group parties for tanning, competition style tanning sessions, bridal packages specifically catered for weddings, regular events that are brought straight to the customer’s doortop via our mobile team of experts or selling pre-made items both through digital memberships and physical retail products we can appeal even more customers while growing sales.

Another route you could take is forming an alliance with local salons by having them host some of your spraytan treatments on their premises. This would allow us access to additional clientele opportunities due to increased visibility as well as being able to share marketing tactics with any upcoming offers or festivities we run together. Joining forces like these holds benefits which translate into double profits from two successful businesses at once!


Why wait to begin your entrepreneurial journey of a mobile spray tan business? This venture provides numerous rewards such as low initial costs, flexibility when it comes to scheduling and the convenience factor that is unmatched. You can achieve success by purchasing all the essential supplies, gaining certification and relevant training. Promoting with helpful marketing techniques. Bring beauty through sunless tans direct-to-clients today!

Frequently Asked Questions

How profitable is a spray tan business?

By offering two spray tans per day, five days a week and four weeks in a month, the potential revenue of running such a business can be expected to reach approximately $2000 monthly. If one were to up their game and serve three customers daily, then this number could easily shoot up to $3000!

Operating your own tanning salon is definitely profitable work worth considering.

What do you need for mobile spray tan?

Are you looking for that beautiful sun-kissed glow? Make sure to have all the necessary items on hand – such as a scrub glove, a towel, something loose and comfortable to wear and sandals.

This way you can get ready for your perfect spray tan!

How do I start my own tanning business?

If you’re looking to begin a successful tanning business, there are some key steps that need to be taken. Start by conducting market research and putting together an effective plan for your venture. Obtain the necessary funding, decide where it will be located, and secure any equipment required – don’t forget about hiring staff if needed! Finally, ensure that your salon is marketed properly in order for customers to become aware of its existence and services offered.

What is the average cost of starting a mobile spray tan business?

Starting a mobile spray tan business may require an investment of around $10,800 on average. This venture is definitely worth the financial commitment as it offers great potential for success with its exciting idea and offerings related to getting tanned away from traditional salons, all in the comfort of your own home!

How do I obtain certification for my mobile spray tan business?

If you’re looking to get certified for your mobile spray tan business, check out Norvell University, Spray Tan Class and Aviva Labs. Their certification programs are efficient ways of quickly receiving the knowledge needed in this field. Get ready to jump into a successful venture with your newly acquired tanning skills!

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