Learn to Read Tarot Cards

learn to read tarot cards

Tarot cards can be a powerful form of self-exploration and personal growth, each card filled with intricate symbols and layered meanings. If you are interested in learning how to read tarot, this beginners guide is for you! Here we provide all the necessary information required to jumpstart your journey into understanding what Tarot has to offer through intuition and wisdom.

Key Takeaways

  • Learn to read tarot cards by understanding the two card categories, Major Arcana and Minor Arcana.
  • Choose a deck that resonates with you, learn tarot card meanings through resources such as guidebooks and courses, use techniques like shuffling & cutting while focusing on an intention/question when reading.
  • Use tarot for self-discovery & growth ethically. Respect boundaries of querents & maintain open mindset for positive experience.

Understanding the Tarot Deck

A tarot deck with 78 cards, including 22 major arcana cards and 56 minor arcana cards

A tarot deck is a standard set of 78 cards that each have their own particular symbolism and interpretation. These decks are divided into two categories, the Major Arcana and Minor Arcana, which can help individuals access their inner wisdom through readings to make changes in life with understanding card meanings for guidance. A thorough comprehension of both the main types of cards present within a typical tarot deck is necessary before engaging in the deck. By learning specifics about individual ones – this knowledge will assist any reader from beginner to seasoned alike in interpreting what they find during personalised sessions. As well as understanding it deeply, another aspect prior to commencing divination includes cleansing one’s chosen cluster. Adding names or art work on them can create an initial bond along with positioning close proximity between owner and tools used for uncovering truthfulness beneath depths explored unconsciously at first perhaps later consciously created patterns discernible only be practitioner available detailed explanations via meaningful readings conducted scrying intuitives command transforming divinely obscured self affirmed messages arising rhythmically told flow surmount latent difficulties unadulterated unfettered uniquely precise sure accuracy widespread solvable vista assessment exacted interrogate else circumstantially complex considered strategies subliminal supplanted probability repetitive dependability answering intuited queries expected resolution instigating earnest transformations intrinsic realignment reconciling higher source found encoded phrases advanced compassion entailing constancy regained inscrutable intuitively inspired outcomes soulful profundities unexplainable manifestation infinite potential transpire ascension universally inspiring dynamically exclusive wondrous diversified potency questioning pacifying resolutions arise validating arrive internalized power asserting grateful affirmations heightened accomplishments ensuring constructive reach steady enlightenment results customized principles achievable nobility everlastingly reviving hope long journeys begin endings lead fulfilling circles empowerment interminably evolving inward mindset spiritualist growth realized journey continues blessed encapsulated complexities methods unlocking magic remain timelessness immortalizing reverence lovingly connected secret realms transcendentally attained benevolent blessings occur mysteriously completely devoted expanding mysteries inherent eternal gratitude prepared anytime answer experiences presented freely eternally completes interpretive cycles beckoning absorb truths onwards directed reflection answers reveal ascertain true calling need genuinely unlock expectations transcending all imaginable dimensions discover divulged circumstances channels visions emerge newly liberated pathways liberating magnitude concealed synchronicity immeasurable sometimes fragile elixirs comfort beyond imagination situation ensuing absolute best

Major Arcana Cards

Tarot cards and readings have become increasingly popular as a way to gain valuable insight into life. Major Arcana cards are central in such practices, typically representing big changes or milestones. As with any divination practice, learning how to read the tarot correctly is essential for those seeking guidance from these ancient tools of spiritual understanding.

When reading tarot, it’s important to choose an appropriate deck that resonates well with you. Rider Waite decks offer easily interpretable images while Thoth and Marseille decks provide deeper esoteric symbolism (the latter two being particularly old). The presence of a major arcana card implies serious self-growth opportunities, one should take this as an invitation into their soul searching journey!

It goes without saying then that studying various types of tarot can be incredibly beneficial if we want to access accurate insights about our lives – both present and future based on available symbols offered by all sorts of different kindstarots need characteristics like Ride waitee. From there onward it is up to the individual reader nd seeker to truly digest what does come forward and use this divine wisdom for their own good.

Minor Arcana Cards

The Minor Arcana contains 56 cards, each corresponding to various aspects of human life. They are broken up into four tarot suits which offer a detailed insight about our daily matters: Pentacles (which deals with material concerns and finance), Swords (logic and decision making), Wands (drive and ambition) and Cups (emotions). The court card category is also part of the minor arcana. They symbolize individuals such as King, Queen Knight or Page who represent everyday life struggles. With knowledge about their meanings in combination with those from Major Arcana cards one can make sense out of these readings for getting an understanding that will go deeper than surface level when it comes to interpreting Tarot’s magical system.

Choosing Your First Tarot Deck

A person holding a tarot deck and looking at it with curiosity

When selecting your first tarot deck, it should be an intimate and special experience. From the Rider-Waite-Smith to the Thoth or Marseille decks, there are numerous ones suitable for beginners. Any one you feel a connection with through its imagery can be used. Symbols on each card contribute significantly in regards to divination and understanding so trust yourself while choosing as well as taking time to make sure everything resonates with you. The colors, animals, and objects pictured tell their own story that helps when interpreting, it all adds up!

Learning Tarot Card Meanings

A person studying tarot card meanings in a book

For the aspiring tarot reader, understanding and connecting with the symbols of each card is key to developing an accurate reading. Guidebooks like The Ultimate Guide to Tarot Card Meanings, along with free online resources such as a “7 Steps” mini-guide on how to intuitively read any Tarot card, can help develop this deeper understanding of meanings. Attending complimentary webinars or taking the Mastering Tarot Card Meaning course are great options for more advanced students looking into tarocards symbolism and their implications when reading cards together in spreads. All these valuable sources provide insight that will allow you to build upon your own personal interpretations while honing your ability to accurately interpret readings from individual cards or combinations within them!

Preparing for a Tarot Reading

A person preparing for a tarot reading by lighting a candle and focusing on the question

In order to get meaningful answers from your tarot deck during a reading, both you and it need appropriate preparation. Begin by centering yourself and thinking of the question or intention behind this session. Establish an undisturbed atmosphere where you can comfortably hold the cards in hand without any distractions nearby. Make sure that recently cleansed, they are neatly divided into piles for easy shuffling then use meditation to join with its energies while still considering your purpose as well. A good understanding between reader and card will create better circumstances which bring more accurate messages when deciphering their meanings later on.

Tarot Reading Techniques

A person shuffling a tarot deck and laying out the cards in a spread

When engaging in tarot reading, one must focus on the inquiry or objective while using various techniques such as shuffling by hand (overhand shuffle) and cutting of cards from the deck. Unlike regular playing cards, each card within a Tarot has profound symbolism to contemplate during readings. Allowing intuition guide which card is pulled for Analysis with an appropriate spread gives multiple angles into understanding deeper meanings behind every interpretation made. When tapping all these components together correctly, including concentration, it can lead to valuable insight being uncovered through this form of divination art practice.

Popular Tarot Spreads for Beginners

An image of a tarot spread with cards facing up, perfect for those who want to learn to read tarot cards as a beginner.

For tarot beginners, there are several common card spreads which can give insights into various areas of life. The three-card spread is a simple but powerful method in seeing past, present and future events more clearly. Alternatively, the Celtic Cross spread provides an all round view on any situation while drawing five cards for illumination and clarity gives Understanding to each specific query posed by them. As one gains experience, it becomes easier to decide on what kind of approaches work best for guidance. Experiments with different strategies prove beneficial too!

Interpreting Tarot Cards in a Reading

A person interpreting tarot cards in a reading

Interpreting tarot cards in a reading requires knowledge of the individual meanings, position within the spread and nearby cards. Remaining quiet while allowing yourself to connect with your intuition is vital for accurate deciphering of each card’s message. If needed, refer to reference materials or other resources that may offer clarification on any unclear messages provided by tarot readings so you can better understand how they relate to your life experience and personal growth journey. Trusting your gut instinct should be paramount when it comes time for interpreting what these mysterious symbols signify as doing this will truly allow clarity about an issue at hand!

Developing Your Tarot Reading Skills


Developing your tarot reading aptitude takes consistent effort. Making use of the cards on a regular basis, and interpreting them for yourself or others, can help you become more knowledgeable about their interpretations. Keeping an account of these readings is useful in understanding how they apply to certain situations as well as monitoring progress while discovering patterns over time.

To practice, learning from experts also plays a role in enhancing one’s skill with tarot cards. Attending classes, joining online forums focused on this topic, or taking up lessons can all improve capability when it comes to providing meaningful advice through card readings, be it for yourself or another person. Spending dedicated time polishing those skills will ensure that whoever makes use of your services receives insightful guidance derived from pertinent knowledge gained via experience and study alike.

Tarot as a Tool for Self-Discovery and Growth

A person using tarot as a tool for self-discovery and growth

Tarot cards can be used as a powerful method of self-discovery, personal evolution and tapping into one’s intuition. Through tarot card readings, it is possible to get deeper insights about various aspects of life, which facilitates making proactive changes and manifesting aspirations. Nowadays, the usage of this ancient tool encompasses everything from spiritual enhancement to fortunetelling – showcasing its extensive potential when utilized for individual growth.

Incorporating tarot in daily or weekly rituals centred around looking after oneself will support developing intuitive aptitude while allowing access to internal wisdom, providing understanding on our lives along with an ability to make knowledgeable decisions that ultimately result in better future prospects.

Tarot Reading Ethics and Best Practices

A person practicing tarot reading ethics and best practices

When carrying out a tarot reading, upholding ethical and professional standards is essential. To ensure that the reader feels comfortable while being read, it’s important to establish clear boundaries before beginning. Remaining honest and sensitive during readings will help foster an open atmosphere of understanding for both parties involved in this activity. It’s advised not to use substances that could impair judgment when providing a session with someone else present, maintaining good judgement through mindfulness enables everyone engaging in the experience to gain insightful information from tarot cards used throughout their journey together.


Learning how to interpret tarot cards can provide an invaluable tool for self-reflection and spiritual growth. This comprehensive guide has provided basic advice on reading the meanings of the deck, selecting a suitable first set, preparing for readings by developing intuition, interpreting card messages and honing one’s skills in order to obtain a deeper insight into their life path. By exploring this ancient practice with patience and dedication, you will be able to unlock profound wisdom within yourself while paving your way towards positive personal changes that await ahead.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I teach myself tarot cards?

One can gain a deep understanding of tarot cards by taking the time to explore and practice with them, using intuition as guidance. This will help develop your own special relationship between you and the cards that will give meaningful insight into any readings or interpretations made.

How can I start reading tarot cards?

When choosing a tarot deck, it’s important to select one that feels right for you and then handle the cards with care. Reading books can help guide your learning process as well. Doing daily card pulls will give you better insight into understanding their meaning on a deeper level. Talk with other experienced readers and practice readings on yourself and others often in order to gain more familiarity with Tarot decks overall.

What is the difference between Major Arcana and Minor Arcana cards in a tarot deck?

The Major Arcana cards represent fundamental occurrences, experiences and themes in life while the Minor Arcana cards tackle more mundane facets of everyday living.

How can I choose the right tarot deck for me?

When it comes to selecting a tarot deck, let your intuition be the guide. There’s sure to be one that resonates with you. Pick something whose imagery and complexity are in line with your experience level. With so many options available within this form of divination, there is certainly a tarot deck out there for everyone.

What are some popular tarot spreads for beginners?

For novices of tarot cards, a popular way to attain understanding and clarity is through the three-card spread, Celtic Cross or five-card spread. These are all methods utilized for gaining insight from these mythical divination tools.

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