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out of the box side hustles

Exploring out of the box side hustles is an innovative way to supplement your income. In this era of technology, there are many methods to gain extra income outside of a conventional 9-5 work arrangement. From renting out parking spaces and spare rooms, refurbishing antiques, or even running search campaigns on social media platforms – the possibilities are endless.

We will delve into each hustle’s intricacies like understanding legal considerations when renting out rooms or steps in setting up an Amazon seller account for successful search campaigns. For those with creative flair, we’ll explore options such as hosting trivia nights at local gyms and yoga studios or podcast hosting.

This guide aims to provide you with diverse and profitable side hustle ideas that align with your interests and skills. For those seeking to supplement their income, these unique side hustles could be an ideal solution.

Table of Contents:

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rent a room for income

Renting Out Your Parking Space

Living in a metropolitan area can be stimulating, yet it regularly accompanies the burden of locating parking. If you have the good fortune to possess a spare parking space, why not monetize it by offering daily, weekly or monthly rental options? Turn your extra parking space into a money-making opportunity by offering flexible rental options on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Flexible Rental Options

You decide how long to rent your space for. Whether it’s weekdays when office-goers are desperate for spots or weekends when people flock to the city center. Some homeowners even offer monthly rentals for steady income.

Advertise Online for Maximum Exposure

To get started, consider advertising your available space online. Websites like JustPark and SpotHero make it easy to list your spot and connect with drivers in need. These platforms handle logistics, so no worries about payments or no-shows.

This side hustle is especially lucrative if you live near popular attractions where parking is at a premium. Don’t let that empty driveway go unused when there are plenty of drivers willing to pay for its convenience.

Refurbishing Antique Items

If you’re the type who loves hunting for treasures at thrift stores or garage sales, refurbishing antique items could be a lucrative side hustle. With a bit of creativity, you can transform another’s discarded item into something truly valuable.

Finding antiques at garage sales or thrift stores

To get started with this venture, keep an eye out for items that have potential but need some TLC. Look beyond the dust and grime – can you see its beauty underneath? If so, snatch it up. You’d be surprised what a little elbow grease and creativity can do.

Selling refurbished items on Etsy or other online marketplaces

Once your item is restored to its former glory (or even better), take high-quality photos and list them on platforms like Etsy. Be sure to write detailed descriptions about each piece, including any historical information if available. Adding personal details to descriptions and emphasizing the value of each item can often result in higher sales.

This unique side hustle allows you to make money while indulging in your passion for antiques. Plus, there’s something incredibly satisfying about breathing new life into old objects.

resume writing gig

Resume Writing Services

In this ultra-competitive job landscape, having a top-notch resume is essential. Don’t settle for mediocrity – let the pros make your CV shine. Our resume writing services will give you the advantage needed to secure your desired position, with our expertise in top-notch writing and industry insight.

Utilizing Canva and Thumbtack for Stellar Service

No need for fancy software or pricey subscriptions. Canva’s free templates offer a professional foundation for your resume. And to find clients, Thumbtack is the go-to platform where job seekers are already searching for talented professionals like you.

Marketing Your Service with Social Media Savvy

Spread the word about your new side hustle using the power of social media. Craft engaging content on the importance of a well-crafted resume and share it on LinkedIn, Facebook, or Instagram. Connect directly with job seekers in relevant groups or forums, offering personalized messages that show how you can help them land their dream jobs.

Virtual Assistant Roles

If you’re obsessed with organization and love helping others stay on top of their tasks, becoming a virtual assistant could be your perfect side hustle. This gig offers flexible hours and lets you work from the comfort of your own home while providing essential support services.

What tasks might a virtual assistant handle?

A virtual assistant’s responsibilities can vary widely depending on the client’s needs. They could include managing emails, scheduling appointments, handling social media accounts, or even doing some data entry work. The key is being adaptable and willing to learn new skills as needed.

How to find clients as a virtual assistant?

Finding clients may seem daunting at first, but fear not. There are several platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, or even LinkedIn where you can advertise your services. Networking both online and offline can also help spread the word about your amazing skills.

Success in this domain necessitates dedication, adept verbal communication capabilities, and the aptitude to effectively administer one’s time. With these qualities in hand, along with a dash of persistence, you’ll soon see that this unconventional side hustle not only provides extra income but also brings immense job satisfaction.

sell on ebay, etsy, poshmark

Selling Unwanted Items Online

Got stuff you don’t want? Sell it online. Etsy, Poshmark, and Craigslist are the cool kids in town, attracting loads of buyers who want your unique treasures.

Tips for Successful Selling on These Platforms

  • Snap snazzy pics: Good photos = more sales. No blurry shots, please.
  • Spill the deets: Be honest about your item’s condition and give buyers all the info they need.
  • Price it right: Check out the competition and set a fair price that makes you some moolah.

Types of Products That Sell Well

What’s hot on each platform? Etsy loves handmade goodies and vintage finds, Poshmark is all about fashion, and Craigslist is a treasure trove for furniture, electronics, and cars.

Remember, my friend, patience is key in this side hustle. It may take a while before you’re swimming in cash.

Running Search Campaigns on Social Media Platforms

If you’re a social media whiz, making moolah from search campaigns on popular platforms is a no-brainer. Just create and manage ad campaigns for businesses or your own brand. You can even sell stuff under your brand on Amazon. Cha-ching.

Understanding How Search Campaigns Work

A successful campaign starts with grasping the ABCs of digital marketing. It’s all about promoting a product or service to an online audience using targeted keywords and demographic data. Get schooled for free on Google Digital Skills For Africa and learn how to set up killer search campaigns.

Steps to Set Up an Amazon Seller Account

  1. Create an Amazon Seller Account: Hop on over to the Amazon Services website and click ‘Start Selling.’
  2. Select Your Plan: Choose between Individual (for occasional sellers) or Professional (for regular sellers).
  3. Add Product Listings: Spice up your listings with photos, descriptions, prices, and all that jazz.

Successfully selling requires commitment and energy, but once you’ve mastered it, you’ll be able to make extra money every month.

Renting Out Spare Rooms

If you have a spare room in your home, why not consider renting it out? This side gig could supply a consistent flow of passive income that can assist with covering costs and saving funds concurrently. The demand for short-term rentals is high, especially in popular tourist destinations or cities with large universities.

Legal considerations when renting out rooms

Before you start listing your space on platforms like Airbnb, make sure to check local regulations regarding short-term rentals. Some cities require hosts to obtain permits or licenses, while others may limit how many days per year you can rent out your property. It’s also important to inform your homeowner’s insurance company about your plans as regular policies might not cover damages caused by tenants.

Managing bookings efficiently

To keep track of all incoming requests and manage bookings effectively, consider using a property management software such as Guesty. These tools help automate tasks like communication with guests, cleaning schedules, and financial reporting. Remember that providing excellent customer service will lead to positive reviews, which are crucial for attracting future renters.

Besides making extra cash each month from this side hustle idea, you’re also given an opportunity to meet interesting people from around the world. So why wait? Start exploring possibilities today.

1692106044 cat 3266675 1280(1)

Pet Sitting Business

Are you a creature aficionado seeking an extra income source that doesn’t feel like labor? Starting a pet sitting business could be the purrfect solution. Whether it’s cat sitting or dog sitting, this unconventional option is not only enjoyable but also profitable.

Setting up a Pet-Sitting Business Successfully

To launch your pet-sitting business, begin by recognizing who you’ll be catering to and picking what services you will provide. This could range from daily walks to overnight stays or even grooming services. Next, determine pricing based on local competition and costs involved. Finally, ensure you have necessary permits/licenses as per local regulations.

Promoting Your Pet-Sitting Service Locally and Online

Once your business is set up, it’s time to get the word out there. Start by creating profiles on pet service platforms such as Rover. Also consider setting up social media accounts dedicated to showcasing happy pets under your care – nothing beats adorable photos of cats and dogs for attracting potential clients.

Besides online promotion, don’t underestimate traditional methods: flyers in vet offices or pet stores can reach a targeted audience who are likely in need of your services.

In this digital age where remote jobs are increasingly popular among millennials seeking flexible working hours, starting a pet-sitting business stands out as an exciting yet practical way to earn extra income while doing something truly rewarding.

Hosting Trivia Nights at Local Gyms and Yoga Studios

If you want a side hustle that’s fun, fitness-focused, and fosters community, try hosting trivia nights at local gyms and yoga studios. It’s a great opportunity to earn some extra money while connecting individuals.

Organizing Engaging Trivia Events

To host successful trivia nights, plan engaging events. Choose themes that appeal to your audience, like pop culture, sports, or history. Use platforms like TriviaMaker to create interactive quizzes.

Partnering with Local Businesses for Sponsorship

Boost your income by partnering with local businesses for sponsorships. Offer them visibility in exchange for financial support or prizes. It’s a win-win that strengthens community relationships.

Hosting trivia nights not only brings joy but also promotes health and wellness by encouraging people to visit their local gym or yoga studio more often. Turn your love of trivia into a profitable side hustle. Start planning your first event today.

start a podcast as a side hustle

Podcast Hosting

If you’re a chatterbox with a passion, podcast hosting is the perfect side hustle. Podcasts are all the rage these days – they’re like the cool kids at the content party.

Choosing Interesting Podcast Themes

To kickstart your podcasting journey, pick themes that make your target audience go “Ooh, tell me more.” Whether it’s health, lifestyle, or entrepreneurship, be consistent and true to yourself. Need help choosing a podcast topic? Check out this guide.

Effective Ways To Promote Podcasts

Want more listeners? Promote your podcasts like a boss. Share them everywhere – email newsletters, Facebook, Instagram, you name it. And don’t forget to sprinkle some SEO magic on those episode descriptions. Need tips on promoting podcasts? Read this article.

Podcast hosting isn’t just a creative outlet, it can also make you some moolah through sponsorships and ads. Moreover, you can build relationships with amazing people from all over the world. So why not give it a shot? You’ve got nothing to lose.

Trash Collection Service

Yes, you read that right. Picking up trash in certain areas can actually earn you between $1k-$3k each month. Though it may not be the most glamorous job, picking up trash in certain areas can pay off with serious earning potential.

This isn’t your typical neighborhood garbage collection service; think more along the lines of Turning Trash into Cash. Many businesses and property management companies are willing to pay for someone to keep their outdoor spaces clean and presentable. This could involve picking up litter from parking lots or landscaping areas around commercial properties.

  • Finding Clients: Reach out to local businesses or property managers who may need this service. Offer a free trial period so they can see the value in what you’re offering.
  • Pricing Your Services: Consider charging per hour or per job depending on the size and scope of work involved. Remember, your goal is to make a profit while providing an essential service.
  • Gearing Up: Invest in some basic tools like a grabber tool, gloves, high visibility vest, and sturdy trash bags.

If you don’t mind getting your hands grubby, this could be the ideal offbeat side job for you.

FAQs in Relation to Out of the Box Side Hustles


Are there any side hustles that actually work?

Yes, many side hustles do work – it all depends on your skills, effort, and the market demand for the service or product.

How to make $100 a day side hustle?

You can achieve this by combining multiple side hustles, offering high-demand services, or selling popular products online.

How to make money Think outside the box?

To think outside the box in making money involves identifying unique opportunities like renting out parking spaces, refurbishing antiques, or hosting trivia nights.

Can you live off side hustles?

Absolutely. Many people successfully generate full-time income from their side gigs – it requires dedication and strategic planning though.

thinking outside the box



Thinking outside the box can lead to unconventional side hustles like renting out your parking space, refurbishing antiques, offering resume writing services, becoming a virtual assistant, selling unwanted items online, running social media search campaigns, renting out spare rooms, starting a pet sitting business, hosting trivia nights at local gyms and yoga studios, podcast hosting, and even providing trash collection services.

Get creative with your money-making ventures by utilizing online platforms for advertising and promoting your services effectively through social media channels like Canva or Thumbtack, and explore the endless possibilities waiting for you in the world of side hustles.

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