Exploring Profitable Side Hustles for Finance Professionals

side hustles for finance professionals

If you’re coming here from the world of financial planning, or you are a professional in the financial space, this article is for you. The world is full of amazing opportunities for finance professionals. More than ever before there are a variety of lucrative side hustles exist that are in line with their skill set.

In this post we’ll explore several side hustle options tailored specifically for those in the financial industry. We’ll delve into the art of bookkeeping as a perfect side hustle, offering practical tips on how to kickstart your own business. We will also discuss tutoring as another lucrative option and provide useful advice on how to become successful in this field.

Beyond these, we will explore other unique avenues such as writing business plans for entrepreneurs and venturing into financial freelancing. Additionally, if you have a knack for writing, we’ll share insights on guest blogging in the finance niche.

So if you’re ready, buckle up for our journey into the world of side hustles for the modern financial professionals of the world!

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Exploring Side Hustles for Finance Professionals

Welcome, finance professionals. You’re in the right place if you’ve been considering a side hustle.

With the gig economy on the rise, now is a great time to explore the best side hustles for finance professionals. If you’re full-time and don’t want to give up your day job, no problem.  We’ll be looking at different side jobs that you can do in the evening and weekends too.

Those financial planners out there already know that diversifying income streams can be key to achieving financial goals, and it’s not just advice to give to your clients, it’s great advice to follow yourself.

Wait, What Exactly Do You Mean By Side Hustle?

Side hustles, or as I like to call them, “money-making side gigs,” offer an excellent opportunity to earn extra cash outside your day job.

Think of it as a chance to put your number-crunching skills to good use and generate some passive income. You can advertise services to small business owners, friends, professional contacts, or work on starting a side gig and evolving it into your new full-time business.

You’re already great at what you do, and changes are you have a few skills left untapped by your current job so why not make some additional funds in your free time?

Besides, for full-time accountants or other finance professionals, the perfect side hustle could just be around the corner.

Whether you’re reconciling financials for small businesses after hours or offering personal money advice over weekends, there are great side hustles out there waiting just for you.

But how do we start earning with these successful side gigs?

Well, let’s delve deeper into some specific opportunities tailored specifically towards those in the world of numbers next.

The Art of Bookkeeping as a Side Hustle

Let’s dive right in.

Bookkeeping is the perfect side hustle for finance professionals like you. It’s more than just reconciling financials; it’s about helping small businesses thrive.

Your knowledge about business finance is miles above the typical small business owner and it’s usually their least favorite part of the job.  You get to step in, doing what you already love, and earn money while you’re doing it.  Sounds like a perfect match!

Did you know that part-time bookkeepers typically make $19 – $23 per hour? Some can get even more!

How to Start Your Bookkeeping Side Business

Wondering how to get started? Here’s the scoop:

  • Step 1: Create your business plan and set clear financial goals.
  • Step 2: Determine the services you’ll offer – payroll, tax prep, accounts payable or receivable management? You’ve got options.
  • Step 3: Test your offering with a few key clients. Leverage your personal connections to trial out your offering and make some refinements to what you do and how you work with your clients.
  • Step 4: Market your services effectively. Build a professional website to demonstrate your capabilities and background. You’ll be reeling in clients in no time.

Check out Fiverr and other services as well.  They may not pay the best, but they’re a great way to get some business to start and some all important testimonials!

Now, balancing this new venture with your full-time accountant role may require some strategic time-management. But fear not – with commitment and organization, success is within reach.

So, are you ready to invest time into building a successful side hustle income from bookkeeping? Let’s make that money rain.

1690199810 pexels eugene lisyuk 6523149Makin’ It Rain. 

Tutoring: The Perfect Side Hustle for Finance Professionals

Looking for an excellent side hustle? Consider tutoring.

Share your financial expertise with high school and college students, and make some extra cash along the way. You can easily build a successful business by taking the occasional odd jobs through your own connections, then growing that through tutoring platforms.

Forget about reconciling financials all day – with tutoring, you can invest your time in helping others while earning money.

According to PayScale, tutors can make an average hourly wage between $18-$19.37. Cha-ching.

Tips for a Successful Tutoring Side Gig

Ready to start earning? Here are some tips to make your tutoring business thrive:

  • Focus on subjects like business, economics, or personal finance – your expertise will attract potential clients.
  • Join tutoring platforms like Tutor.com to find paying customers.
  • Be a patient and engaging teacher – make learning fun.
  • Offer flexible scheduling options to accommodate your students’ needs.
  • Spread the word and take advantage of your financial expertise.

So, why wait? Start tutoring and turn your financial knowledge into a profitable side hustle.

Helping Entrepreneurs Write Business Plans

If you’re a finance professional, here’s another excellent side hustle to consider.

You can use your financial expertise and business acumen to help entrepreneurs craft effective business plans.

Reports demonstrate that the normal hourly rate for this assistance is $32.

This means it’s not just an opportunity to make extra money, but also a chance to contribute meaningfully towards the success of small businesses.

business finance help ImageNow that’s what success feels like!

Steps to Starting Your Business Plan Writing Service

The first step in launching your side gig as a business plan writer involves identifying potential clients who need your services.

This could be startups looking for investors or established companies planning expansion.

Next, price your services competitively while ensuring they reflect the value provided. You can go hourly or offer a package deal.

Be careful on the pricing side: Small Businesses rarely justify hiring a high paid professional (even though they probably should) and try to do it themselves. Define a package based on the audience you’re trying to appeal to.

Marketing comes next; utilize social media platforms like LinkedIn or reddit where many entrepreneurs are actively seeking expert advice on various aspects of their businesses.

Lastly, deliver top-notch work consistently. This will keep paying customers coming back and referring others too.

Remember: This isn’t a “make money fast” play; it’s about building relationships with clients which might open doors for other opportunities down the line. It’s easier and better to “land and expand” your clients then constantly seek out new ones.

Venturing into Financial Freelancing

Ever thought about financial freelancing? It’s like a side hustle for finance pros, offering services like budgeting advice or tax consulting on a contract basis. Check out platforms like Paro for gig economy opportunities in the financial industry.

Tips for Being a Successful Financial Freelancer

To make extra cash and build your rep, network like a boss. Strong client relationships mean repeat business and referrals. Plus, manage projects efficiently to deliver quality work on time and score more gigs.

Strategies for success include continuous skill improvement, a killer portfolio, competitive rates, and staying up-to-date with market trends. You got this.

Ready for another exciting avenue? Stay tuned for how guest blogging can be the perfect side hustle for you.

Sharing Your Knowledge through Guest Blogging

Share your industry insights and personal finance advice while making extra cash. This is for those side hustlers out there with a passion for writing.  Writing a blog or acting as a freelance writer for someone else’s blog can be a great way to earn some extra cash.

The barrier to entry is really low, but making a good profit it takes some work. The more you do, the more your reputation will grow, and the more you can charge!

How To Get Started As A Guest Blogger

Step one: find relevant websites where your knowledge shines. A lot of blogs in the financial space are looking for recent content or experts in specific niches.  Check out the footers of these blogs to see if they offer paid guest posting.

Next, pitch your unique ideas. Fresh perspectives always catch the eye.

Need help? These tips on crafting compelling pitches got your back.

Got your pitch accepted? Time to write engaging content. Tailor your style to the audience.

Last but not least, promote your posts on social media. More views mean more moolah for you.

The Impact of Side Hustles on Personal Finance

Side hustle income is the perfect way to boost your bank account and have some fun along the way. Wether you need extra cash, or are looking to start your own successful business: side hustles are here to save the day.

Forget “get rich quick” schemes – side hustles are the real deal.

Don’t buy into the buzz, earning money requires patience and hard work, yet with a proper hustle you can be in clover. Tap into the gig economy and watch your bank account grow. You can always start small in this space leveraging your connections to get started, and then look at match making services like Fiverr, or build a website and start marketing your services.

With a side hustle, you can earn extra cash and while you grow your skills, or find your next career. Feels like a Win-Win to me.

What We Learned

Financial advisors, planners, and other financial professionals can engage in legal and ethical side hustles that do not conflict with their primary employment. You can leverage your existing skills, or get paid to grown your knowledge.

A Certified Public Accountant (CPA) can increase income by offering freelance services, starting a consulting business, or teaching accounting courses. You can support small businesses across the country while you grow your own!

Side hustles like bookkeeping, tutoring, and writing business plans are worth considering for extra income. They’re easy to start and there a lot of match making sites like Upwork, Fiverr, and Bark can easily help you find more customers.

Can you do financial planning on the side? Certainly. Financial planning is an excellent choice for a side gig, especially if you’re already working in the financial industry.

From reconciling financials to offering money advice, finance professionals have a range of excellent side hustles to choose from. With a side business, financial professionals can start making money outside of their day job and even generate passive income and support their local economy.

Whether it’s tutoring, freelance writing, or affiliate marketing, there are plenty of great side hustles for finance professionals to explore.

So why not invest time in a side gig and start earning that extra income you’ve been dreaming of?

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