The World Has Changed!

The world has changed
“Get a good job, work there for 40 years, get a gold watch and good pension when you hit 65”
That’s not the world we live in anymore.

I know quite a few recent college graduates who don’t have a full time job. Some are working 3-4 part-time jobs.

Others have carved out a work/hobby niche. Lots of choices in these times.
There are a lot of opportunities to make an income, and you have the choice to pick a side hustle to enhance your income.
I’m going to list every side hustle, money saving tips and related opportunities in this blog.

Here’s a partial list of what we’ll be talking about in much more detail.

– Create your own things (sell on Etsy, Ebay or Shopify)
– Print-on-demand (t-shirt, hats, mugs)
– Online dropshipping biz (Aliexpress or Oberlo)
– Create a paid newsletter or forum
– Become an outsourcer, or freelance
– Digitize your knowledge to create an online course (Udemy)
– Start a blog and make money with advertising
– Grow a youtube channel and get paid for eyeballs
– Social Media Manager (agency)
– Sponsored posts as a person with a large Instagram following
– Affiliate marketer
– Create and sell a course or calculator
– Get paid for your digital photography
– Become a freelance bookkeeper
– Participate in paid online surveys (beware of this one, more details coming soon)
– Become a rideshare driver (for people or food delivery)
– Become a dog walker (Rover)
– Become a freelance writer (always lots of work, rarely good pay)
– Become a reliable house sitter and/or pet sitter
– Manage social media accounts or just create content
– Translate content and audio/video into other languages
– Medical transcription service
– Websites and apps need QA (user testing)
– Find a manufacturer that needs sales and become the middle man

Almost 34% of the US population say they have a small side hustle.

And 50% of those who do, say eventual passive income they control is the number one reason for starting
Hang out with me and we’ll go into great detail of this different opportunities, the perils and pitfalls, and the ability to build and create your income in these uncertain times

Another important consideration for choosing your side hustle is YOU!
What are you good at?
What do you like?
What makes time pass very quickly?
What don’t you like to do?

Before you get committed to a side hustle, imagine what it will be like to actually do the work?
Does that excite you, or make you feel awful.
Don’t just start another job
Your side hustle should be an extension of you

Taking on a side hustle to make some money on the side is a great way to make more. Whether you need extra money to pay bills, saving up to buy that special something, or just want a side income, a side hustle can help you do just that.

Like anything, this journey is not easy. However, most digital nomads and people who’ve grown their side hustles into significant income report they wouldn’t have it any other way.
Let’s go.



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