Top 10 Strategies for Making Money as an Artist Online

online artist making money

Do you aspire to become an artist and want to monetize your creativity in the digital world? This guide has it all covered! We have come up with 10 tactics that will assist you in getting a profitable career as an artist online. Making yourself visible on social media platforms, joining hands with other professionals from similar fields – we’ve collected some of the most practical strategies which can help showcase your skills, build relationships with buyers and earn money efficiently. Start this journey by unlocking wealth through what excites you & becomes financially successful at the same time!

Key Takeaways

  • Create an online presence and sell art on various platforms to reach a wider audience.
  • Diversify your art offerings with prints, wall decor, merchandise & digital downloads.
  • Leverage social media for promotion and collaborate with other artists to maximize earning potential.

1. Establishing Your Online Presence

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Building an online presence is essential for artists to exhibit their art, interact with prospective buyers and make a name for themselves. Here are the steps to follow.

  1. Research various content management systems (CMS) or website builders that will enable you construct your own store where customers can purchase pieces of artwork digitally.
  2. Design a visually attractive layout which reflects both who you are as an artist and provides visitors with fluid navigation when browsing through different sections on your site including exclusive shop sales & promotions etcetera .

3.. Secure hosting services coupled with domain name registration in order meet all requirements associated running an online marketplace dedicated towards selling products like limited-edition prints exclusively available via web transactions only! Follow the guidelines closely provided by chosen CMS/website builder throughout the setting up phase from start until completion, After everything has been successfully configured begin advertising goods plus more such as offering courses related teaching experience along side starting a blog aiming helping out readers any subject regarding artistic creation hobbies they may be interested in inside! Lastly perform search engine optimization campaigns activities while utilizing power social media industry growth.

2. Selling Art on Various Platforms

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Platforms such as Etsy, Society6 and Saatchi. Art makes it easier to sell art online, increasing potential income. Whether you’re a painter, sculptor or graphic designer who wants to showcase your artwork and start selling on the internet, there are lots of different platforms available for artists. These include: UGallery, Fine Art America, Amazon Handmade, ArtsPal, and more!

Selling across multiple webstores opens up opportunities for creative professionals around the world, exposing their work than ever before, which can lead to financial growth. For example, using Society6 gives access to an audience that appreciates both art decor and independent creatives to set-up their own store with Society taking care of traffic generation printing shipping etc., plus commissions coming in from each sale too. Start exploring these options if you want to become a successful artist online today!

3. Diversifying Your Art Offerings

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Expanding the range of art you offer can create new revenue streams and address a broader array of customers’ needs, which could help your financial prospects as an artist. Examples include prints, products made from artwork designs, digital downloads- it may be worthwhile to even exhibit at art fairs for greater visibility.

Using services like Printful or Printify will enable artists to put their work out there and start selling online immediately – so let’s look into what other options exist in terms of diversifying artistic offerings!

Prints and Wall Decor

The market for wall decor has been expanding steadily, reaching an estimated value of $60.7 billion in 2016 and is projected to reach even more – up to $78.5 billion by 2025! Artists can take advantage of this growth potential with various options including selling digital or traditional art prints. Partnering with print on demand companies who sell products featuring their designs (such as apparel or drinkware), creating dedicated wall art pieces specifically intended for home decoration customers, and teaching online classes based around the use of digital artwork. By collaborating with a reliable printing company, artists have access to physical versions of their creations that they would not otherwise be able to offer without such partnership arrangements.

Art Merchandise

Monetizing your art by selling it as merchandise, such as t-shirts and hoodies, is a great way to get the most out of your designs. With an all over print product like leggings or dresses, you can truly showcase artwork in its entirety, which will help generate money for artists. By utilizing services such as Printify that specialize in on demand printing, creatives are able to create fashion pieces with their custom patterns printed onto them so they’re ready to be sold online straight away. Not only apparel, but also mugs & phone cases adorned with illustrations plus fine art prints themselves can act like tickets into bringing extra income to creators this way too!

Digital Downloads

With the availability of digital art downloads, customers can get their items immediately and artists don’t have to spend on production costs. Amazingly, they can find diverse products such as digital prints, wallpapers and more via online shops like Creative Market or Fine Art America. To support these creators, Other platforms specifically designed for them include Envato Elements, Design Cuts, Dealjumbo, Freepik, YouWorkForThem Adobe Stock; ArtStation Wix Weebly Yola RedBubble Society6 InPRNT. Etsy offers numerous possibilities where people can buy interesting pieces from great independent talents.

Selling artwork through this method gives mutual advantages. For buyers who are content with immediate results while artists benefit in terms of eliminating expenditures related to manufacturing physical copies, which would otherwise limit how far an artist’s work could be spread out!

Real Success Stories

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Artists that have been able to make a living selling their art online offer a great source of motivation and an inspiring example. En Iwamura, Zaria Forman, Nicholas Wilton, Lisa Congdon, Phillippe Halaburda, Jens Stark, Erik Minter and Gary Komarin are among the renowned artists who achieved success in this way via wall art or other forms of creative expression.

These successful people got started by carefully shaping their brands through digital media as well as marketing efforts on social networks – always with ambitious goals in mind. Engaging with fans all the while increasing exposure for themselves. Taking advantage of opportunities like teaching art online also helped them strengthen their presence even more effectively over time.

These artist’s stories serve both aspiring creators looking to sell artwork through virtual channels offering encouragement along with useful advice about how they should approach things such as audience growth strategies and building momentum around what they do best: creating stunning pieces of handcrafted beauty which can be sold seamlessly on any type of platform out there today!

4. Teaching Art Through Online Courses

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Online art courses provide a great way for artists to monetize their skills while sharing their knowledge and abilities. Through online platforms such as Teachable, Udemy, MasterClass and more, creatives can broaden the scope of selling artwork from all over the world in an effective manner. In order to craft an instructional course that fosters learning within students, there are several steps one must take: develop materials, include essential components, state compelling objectives through magnetic outcomes, and decide on efficient delivery approaches. With these actionable tips, anyone has potentials at launching a successful class promoting art online!

5. Leveraging Social Media for Promotion

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Exploiting social media outlets like Instagram, Facebook and TikTok provides artists with a great opportunity to promote their artwork, converse with fans and capture the attention of potential buyers. There are various approaches that can be taken when trying to make art prints accessible on Instagram such as developing a captivating aesthetic, taking advantage of Stories feature for promotion purposes and forming relationships with followers by sharing stories behind each creation. On top of this strategy, they could run ads or partner up with other creatives/communities via Facebook in order to join virtual fairs while boosting awareness about their work through content generation & contests/freebies available within these networks too.

6. Collaborating with Other Artists

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Teamwork with other creatives can provide increased recognition, inspire new projects and strengthen an artist’s network. Joining forces is a great way to increase earning potential as well as raise money through art sales. Iconic collaborations between Andy Warhol and Jean Michel Basquiat or Walt Disney and Salvador Dali are prime examples of what could be accomplished when two professionals join their skills at events like art fairs.

To make the most out of any collaboration, look into your ideal partner’s market niche, put together a strong offer outlining how it will benefit both sides involved and do not forget about promoting each other on respective channels. Bandsintown, Melboss & social media platforms have plenty of opportunities that enable artists to reach out for partnerships, make connections in order to create more marketing solutions such as making specialised prints available for sale online etc.

When you go ahead, look for someone else’s help in taking something. Think authenticity first – research who they are so you know exactly why you want them by your side then give value back without expecting anything from the beginning but professionalism, express yourself honestly yet remain professional throughout conversations!

7. Participating in Art Contests and Grants

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By searching for art contests and grants with keywords such as “grants for artists” or “artist contests,” focusing on your location, you can give yourself the chance to take advantage of great opportunities that could open doors to increased visibility, credibility and financial help. Staying up-to-date on what’s going around by using art blogs and online courses is a plus. There are also other methods like affiliate marketing paid ads, commissioned reviews where money comes in extra income from which one can promote their work via blogging.

8. Creating Engaging Content on YouTube

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To develop a successful YouTube presence, artists should create content that viewers find captivating and enjoyable. This can include tutorials or behind-the-scenes videos to give audiences an inside look into their creative process and help foster appreciation for the artwork being presented. Doing so will garner more views on these clips, ultimately resulting in higher ad revenue streams for those producing them. Compelling videos are likely to hook viewers’ attention even after finishing watching one video. Hence continuously providing value is essential when pursuing success through YouTube as an artist.

9. Networking at Art Events and Fairs

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Attending art events, conventions and fairs can provide numerous networking opportunities for artists. This could include having conversations with potential buyers or established industry professionals such as curators and enthusiasts while showcasing their work. All of which may lead to future exhibitions or increased sales. A few popular international gatherings where one might find these connections are Art Basel, Frieze’s The European Fine Art Fair (TEFAF), The Armory Show, and FIAC – Foire Internationale d’Art Contemporain. To make the most out of it, an artist should be sure to introduce themselves confidently to other creatives, potentially interested customers, and be open-minded about gaining feedback on their pieces from fellow artists who specialize in the same field too!

10. Offering Custom Commissions

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In order to effectively provide custom commissions and earn higher earnings, devise an elaborate plan including pricing information, turnaround time frames, and client contact. Showcase a vast selection of your artwork on social media or through other artists in order to market yourself and prove your abilities. Explain the type of style you produce as well as any constraints associated with it. This will make expectations clear for customers so issues don’t occur later down the road. Present different price options dependent on size or difficulty level that are suitable for each customer’s budget while also giving them permission to add their own alterations such as various colors schemes or backgrounds elements if desired too. Remain transparent by providing payment methods upfront along with conditions concerning refunds/cancellations should they be necessary – Stay up-to-date throughout commission stages from start until finish – offer samples before hand etc. Advertise these services either socially within online art circles, influencer settings (etc). Make sure not only are goals met but exceeded when producing work since no one is ever happy about second bests, especially when money’s involved!


If you’re looking to make money as an artist online, it’s essential to establish yourself on the web and collaborate with other artists. Participating in art contests or applying for grants can help give your career a boost. Leveraging social media platforms is key too, while custom commissions are another option that should be explored. As long as dedication and passion remain consistent along with some willingness to learn new skills along the way, success could become reality!

Frequently Asked Questions

How can an artist make passive income online?

Artists can generate an income without spending much effort by selling instructional videos, ebooks featuring artwork, merchandise and subscription services. With the right attitude and creativity involved it is possible to establish a steady flow of passive income.

Is it realistic to make money as an artist?

As an artist, it is possible to make money and enjoy the benefits of being one’s own boss. You can have a career where you spend your days creating what inspires you while having full control over how far that talent takes you. With proper diversification in sources of income, financial success will be within reach as well!

Which platforms are best for selling art online?

Finding the perfect platform to sell art online can be a daunting task. Luckily, there are well-known platforms like Etsy, Society6, Saatchi Art, Artfinder, Fine America’s Artspace UGallery Amazon Handmade and RedBubble which make it easier for you to determine what’s right.

How can I create engaging content on YouTube?

Produce videos that are both engaging and entertaining such as tutorials, behind-the-scenes footage, etc. with a motivating voice to capture viewers’ attention. Making sure the content is structured well for Enticement.

What are some ways to diversify my art offerings?

Try selling prints and wall decor, designing art-related merchandise or offering digital downloads to diversify your range of artistic products. Expand the ways you show off your artwork so that more people can enjoy it!

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