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My name is Grace, and here’s the story about how an idea and some life circumstances turned into this blog.

I graduated a few years ago from college. And I got a job where I loved working with animals. I loved everything about this job, except the pay.

I have no idea how I used to make ends meet during high school and college.  Or, I didn’t realize how much I relied on my parents to “fill in the gaps”.


So I’m an independent young woman who wants to make my way in the world. But in 1999 I found out that most of my paycheck was going towards rent.

And my “dream” of owning my own lovely home required me to save for a down payment. Reality said that was easier said than done.

It was obvious I needed to spend less and make more money to have the life I wanted.

The whole “spend less” thing wasn’t working out. I didn’t spend a lot of money at Starbucks or fashion stores.  And I kind of realized it was more of an earning thing, than a saving thing.

need more money, exhausted

We’ve all seen those “make $1000 a day even if you’re lazy and broke” videos on TikTok.  As my situation got worse I started watching those damn Tik Tok videos.

What if these claims were true?

So, I thought I had nothing to lose, I’d try a few.


Most of the first ones seemed too good to be true. And yep, I didn’t make much money.

One of the paid survey sites I signed up for told me I could make a few hundred a week.  I would spend a few hours every night when I got home from work filling out surveys and signing up to email opt-ins.

paid survey scam


The results.  I received coupon codes and a few other non monetary rewards. No cash or any deposits. And, my email started filling up with spam.  And, I’m embarrassed to admit I paid for a program to show me how to do survey’s online.


I tried a few more, with little or no results.  It’s a little depressing.

Those “earn $10K even if you are broke and lazy Tik Tok videos” keep coming.

trying to keep up, side hustle

I had an idea.

Why don’t I try some of these hustles and then write reviews and publish them on a blog.  I had a little information about blogging as a good friend of mine started a fairly successful blog while in college.

So, I bought a domain name. WhatDoesSheDoAllday.com   I thought it was the perfect name for someone who was investigating and reviewing side hustles.


Surprise #1.

Apparently this was a thriving blog before I got the domain.  A woman named Heather had owned and ran Whatdoesshedoallday.com from about 2013 to late 2018. It was a stay at home mom blog that had diy projects, recipes, parenting advice, etc.,    And it looks like it was successful.  I don’t know why she decided to take the site down, but maybe someday I’ll find out.  For now, it’s my domain and I’m blogging on it. If you came here looking for Heather’s blog, I’m sorry, I don’t know what she’s doing now.


I got talking to some friends about how much time it actually takes to publish on a blog.  One friend suggested I talk to another girl who had been talking about blogging.  Her name was Trish and she was awesome.  You’ll see articles on side hustle reviews on this blog, authored by Trish.  We both put our heads down and kept testing and reviewing work at home, money making, and side hustle ideas we’d see online (mostly Tik Tok)

blogger for whatdoesshedoallday.com


After a few months Trish realized she loved writing, but felt a little disillusioned by all the scam and lies we were uncovering.  She decided to move on. We’re still the best of friends, and she’s doing great.


Surprise #2

About a week after Trish left I got an email from a girl named Steph.  She was a friend of Trish and wondered if I needed help.

do you need help blogging at what does she do allday
Um Yes! I could use some help

Her mom and dad are entrepreneurs and she wanted to get into the side hustle space.

We Facetimed later that evening for over 3 hours.

Steph is actually writing more than I am now. She loves it. I love working with her. And we’re growing our little blog.

blogging at whatdoesshedoallday


Thanks for reading


We’ve been posting about side hustles like paid surveysbecoming an influencer, starting a dog walking business, Uber and Lyft, becoming a virtual assistant, getting paid to take photos on your cell phone, Rover dog walking, starting a house cleaning business, avoiding scams, the vending businessworking with AI, start a lip gloss business, side hustle apps, crypto, side hustle to avoid, get paid to learn to code, make money singing, work at home with a baby, and so much more. And, we are adding new topics as we investigate, review and try new side hustles.

we'll keep reviewing and blogging about side hustles

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Thanks again for reading

And we hope everyone finds a way to put a little more money in your pocket



Grace and Stephanie

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