Exploring Woman Owned Work From Home Jobs

woman owned work from home jobs

The surge in woman-owned work from home jobs is reshaping the business landscape. This shift not only gives women the opportunity to show off their managerial capabilities, but also offers adaptable working conditions that are in high demand nowadays.

As we delve deeper into this subject, we’ll explore how female leadership outperforms male-dominated companies and the impact of black female CEOs like Rosalind Brewer on workplace diversity. We’ll also highlight some recent remote jobs that have been pivotal in promoting gender equality and flexibility.

We will further discuss resources tailored towards supporting women in remote roles, such as Fairygodboss and Virtual Vocations. Let’s take a closer look at the perks offered by companies to support their female employees – maternity leave policies across different firms and childcare resources available through employers.

Whether you’re an executive woman looking for more flexible work options or a military spouse employment partner seeking opportunities to work remotely, this comprehensive guide about woman owned work from home jobs is sure to provide valuable insights.

Table of Contents:

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The Rise of Women-Owned Work-From-Home Jobs

As we navigate the post-pandemic world, one trend that’s making waves is the rise in women-owned businesses offering remote work opportunities. This shift towards flexible work arrangements has been driven by a number of factors, including an increased desire for better work-life balance and advancements in technology that make remote working more feasible.

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Understanding the Growth in Woman Owned Remote Jobs

A recent study by FlexJobs Top 100 Companies revealed that companies with female leadership outperform male-dominated companies when it comes to offering remote jobs. In fact, organizations like Belay, a subscription staffing company led by CEO Tricia Sciortino and recognized as a Military Spouse Employment Partner (MSEP), are leading the charge. Belay offers remote jobs across various fields such as virtual assistance and bookkeeping.

A surge in remote work opportunities is not only about comfort, but also developing inclusive environments where varied perspectives can flourish. A retail company specializing in personalized gifts called Thirty-One Gifts is another example of this trend. It was listed among Working Mother Magazine’s top direct-selling companies to work for due to its commitment to empowering women through flexible job options.

How Female Leadership Impacts Company Culture

Research shows that having female leaders at the helm not only leads to higher profitability but also fosters an environment where employees feel valued and engaged. For instance, org found female senior leadership teams were more likely than their male counterparts to prioritize employee development and wellbeing – two key factors associated with lower turnover rates.

In addition, Black woman CEOs like Ursula Burns have shattered glass ceilings while demonstrating how diversity fuels innovation within industries traditionally dominated by men. These inspiring stories serve as powerful reminders: When given equal opportunities for success – be they executive women or aspiring freelancers seeking freelance work options – everyone benefits from diverse perspectives shaping our future economy.

Key Takeaway: 


The rise of women-owned work-from-home jobs is a growing trend driven by the desire for better work-life balance and advancements in technology. Companies with female leadership, such as Belay and Thirty-One Gifts, are leading the charge in offering remote job opportunities that empower women. Having female leaders not only leads to higher profitability but also creates inclusive workplaces where employees feel valued and engaged.

Impactful Female Leaders in Remote Companies

In the world of remote work, there are several influential women who have made their mark. These trailblazing female leaders not only offer flexible work options, but also create an inclusive company culture that outperforms many male-dominated companies.

Trailblazer Rosalind Brewer’s Impact on Workplace Diversity

Rosalind Brewer is a shining example of black woman leadership in the corporate sector. As one of two Black female CEOs leading Fortune 500 companies, she has been instrumental in promoting diversity and inclusivity at Walgreens Boots Alliance, a retail company specializing in health and wellness products. Her efforts to encourage flexible work arrangements reflect her understanding of the challenges faced by working mothers and other employees juggling personal responsibilities alongside professional commitments.

Other Influential Female Executives in Remote-Friendly Firms

Besides Brewer, there are numerous other female executives making waves in remote-friendly firms. For instance, Tricia Griffith heads Progressive Insurance – a FlexJobs‘ top 100 company offering remote jobs – while Jessica Reeder leads Belay Solutions – a subscription staffing company that offers remote positions for executive assistants, bookkeepers, and more.

  • Gail Boudreaux: The CEO of Anthem Inc., another firm listed among FlexJobs‘ top 100 companies for remote jobs; under her leadership, Anthem has become renowned for its commitment to diversity and inclusion as well as its provision of flexible job opportunities.
  • Mary Barra: As the head honcho at General Motors (GM), Barra has shown strong support towards flexible work arrangements within this automotive giant which ranks high among organizations found with female senior leadership roles according to Working Mother Magazine’s data.

Their contributions go beyond just providing recent remote jobs or freelance work options. They’ve helped shape policies that make it easier for military spouses employment partners to find meaningful careers while moving frequently due to service obligations. Moreover, they’ve championed benefits like maternity leave policies which cater specifically towards women workers’ needs.

Key Takeaway: 


In the world of remote work, influential female leaders are making their mark by offering flexible work options and creating inclusive company cultures. Rosalind Brewer, CEO of Walgreens Boots Alliance, promotes diversity and flexible work arrangements while other female executives like Tricia Griffith (Progressive Insurance) and Gail Boudreaux (Anthem Inc.) have also made significant contributions to remote-friendly firms with a focus on diversity, inclusion, and supporting women workers’ needs.

Benefits of Remote Work for Women

The rise of remote work has brought numerous benefits for women, offering them freedom, flexibility, and the ability to balance personal and professional responsibilities.

Freedom and Flexibility

Working remotely allows women to have more control over their schedules, with options like setting their own hours and taking breaks when needed. This flexibility leads to increased productivity, as shown by a Forbes study that found 77% of remote workers reported being more productive due to fewer interruptions.

remote work allows balanceFinding some balance through the day

Balance Between Career and Family

Remote work arrangements are particularly beneficial for executive women who strive to achieve a balance between their career ambitions and family life. These arrangements cater to various situations:

  • Military Spouse Employment Partner: Many companies are part of the Military Spouse Employment Partnership (MSEP), offering flexible employment opportunities for military spouses who frequently relocate due to their spouse’s service obligations. Learn more.
  • Frequent Travelers: Remote jobs allow individuals who love traveling to work from anywhere in the world while maintaining a steady income stream.
  • Caregivers: Flexible work arrangements enable caregivers to fulfill their responsibilities while pursuing their careers, whether they are caring for children or elderly parents.
  • Educational Pursuits: Remote work provides individuals pursuing higher education or other courses with the opportunity to balance their studies and earn money simultaneously.

This shift towards embracing freelance work options not only empowers women but also contributes positively to company growth. Research conducted by the Peterson Institute reveals that organizations with female leaders tend to outperform male-dominated companies significantly. Read more.

Companies Supporting Remote Work For Women

In the era of remote work, companies are embracing the change and supporting women in their quest for flexible employment. Industries across the board are offering recent remote jobs that cater to diverse skill sets and career paths.

Flexible Roles in Diverse Industries

The tech industry is leading the charge with giants like Hubspot and Adobe on FlexJobs’ top 100 companies list for remote work. These companies not only offer a wide range of roles but also foster an inclusive environment for female leadership to thrive.

Beyond tech, sectors like healthcare and insurance are also stepping up. CVS Health, a retail company specializing in healthcare services, promotes diversity while providing remote work opportunities. Similarly, Farmers Insurance embraces flexible work options.

LinkedIn: The Freelancer’s Playground

LinkedIn, a major professional network website, has become an essential tool for freelancers and the self-employed to discover potential employers with various job opportunities that allow flexible work arrangements. It’s the go-to platform for showcasing skills and finding part-time contracts or project-based assignments.

Smaller businesses are also making waves. Belay Solutions, a subscription staffing company, offers virtual assistant positions and is recognized by Working Mother Magazine as a Military Spouse Employment Partner (MSEP) organization, supporting military spouses’ need for remote jobs.

Resources Tailored Towards Supporting Women In Remote Roles

In the continuously developing world of remote work, there are many resources tailored to assisting women. These platforms offer not only job listings, but also provide mentorship, advice and a sense of community. Two notable organizations in this space are Fairygodboss and Virtual Vocations.

Services offered by Fairygodboss and Virtual Vocations

Fairygodboss is a career community that empowers women with valuable information about company culture, policies, benefits, and more. It’s a platform where professional women can connect, share experiences, and get honest insights about potential employers.

The organization offers various services, including company reviews from female employees, salary transparency tools, and lists of top-rated companies for executive women or working mothers – making it an invaluable resource for navigating the world of remote jobs.

On the other hand, Virtual Vocations is a subscription staffing company specializing in telecommuting jobs across multiple industries. The site provides recent remote job postings along with comprehensive company profiles that include details about flexible work options provided by each employer.

Besides these two giants in supporting female leadership outperforming male-dominated companies when it comes to providing resources for woman-owned businesses offering remote positions, there are many others worth mentioning:

  • PowerToFly: A platform connecting talented females with innovative companies committed to diversity and inclusion.
  • Hera Angels: An angel investment group focused on funding woman-led startups.
  • SheEO: A global initiative aimed at radically transforming how we finance and support female entrepreneurs.
  • Belay Solutions: A leading virtual assistant provider that offers remote jobs, matching clients with highly skilled professionals who can take over administrative tasks, allowing business owners to focus on growth.

These resources play an instrumental role in promoting gender equality within the workforce while ensuring that every black woman or military spouse employment partner has access to quality opportunities regardless of geographical constraints.

The rise of such supportive networks signifies progress towards creating inclusive workplaces where everyone feels valued – thereby contributing significantly to breaking down barriers faced by underrepresented groups within traditional office environments.

Key Takeaway: 


In the world of remote work, there are resources tailored towards supporting women in finding work-from-home jobs. Platforms like Fairygodboss and Virtual Vocations offer job listings, advice, mentorship, and a sense of community for professional women looking to navigate the remote job market. These organizations provide valuable information about company culture, salary transparency tools, flexible work options from employers, and connect talented females with innovative companies committed to diversity and inclusion.

They play an instrumental role in promoting gender equality within the workforce while breaking down barriers faced by underrepresented groups in traditional office environments.

Perks Offered By Companies To Support Female Employees

Female-headed businesses demonstrate better performance than those headed by men, so it is not surprising that they are the ones leading the charge in offering new benefits and advantages.

Maternity Leave Policies Across Different Firms

Companies like Adobe and H&M are setting the bar high with their generous maternity leave policies. Adobe offers an impressive 26 weeks of paid maternity leave, while H&M goes beyond just mothers.

These companies understand that supporting women through major life events leads to happier employees and lower turnover rates. It’s a win-win for everyone.

flexible work optionsFinding time for the little ones!

Childcare Resources Available Through Employers

Companies like Belay offer remote jobs with flexible schedules, making it easier for parents to balance work and family life. Farmers Insurance, a military spouse employment partner, has partnered with Bright Horizons to provide high-quality childcare services.

The Future Of Work Is Flexible And Inclusive

When women thrive at work, businesses thrive too. Female leaders drive innovation and boost financial performance. Employers who want to attract top talent must invest in flexibility and inclusivity.

It’s the key to building diverse teams and driving long-term success.

What We Learned

The rise of woman owned work from home jobs is a game-changer in today’s workforce, proving that women can lead and succeed from anywhere. The best remote jobs for women depends on your skillset, but some great options include roles in digital marketing, graphic design, freelance writing, virtual assistance, and online teaching.

To get started on your successful business at home, identify your skills and interests, create a solid business plan, establish an online presence, and network extensively. Check out resources from the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO) for additional support.

If you’re looking for an easier way to jump into the work from home world check out websites like Fairygodboss, Belay and Virtual Vocations offer legitimate remote job listings targeted towards women. Remember to tailor your resume to highlight relevant skills, using reputable job search platforms like LinkedIn, networking effectively, and researching companies thoroughly before applying.

Certain organizations like NAWBO provide resources including mentorship programs, webinars on entrepreneurship topics, and access to funding sources that support female entrepreneurs’ success in their ventures.

Work-life balance is no longer a myth for executive women, thanks to the flexibility of remote work. We can build careers, and still take the time we need for our kids and families. Companies that embrace remote work for women are reaping the benefits of diverse and inclusive leadership, outperforming their male-dominated counterparts.

Women leaders bring unique benefits to companies, and that’s why we support and celebrate female leadership!

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